Thursday, April 5, 2012

Michael Jackson and Jesus Christ: The Similarities Are Uncanny! (Part 2 of 2)

A light did seem to shine through
Michael Jackson.
In the previous blog entry, I went into how some have compared Michael Jackson to Jesus Christ.  In this entry I want to delve into why this comparison could have been made. Although, I don't under any circumstance agree with this theory, I do have to admit there is some reasons why this comparison could have been made and why some want to believe it to be true.

The first thing that leaps to mind is the fact that both Michael Jackson and Jesus Christ tried to bring about messages of peace and harmony. Christ did this by traveling the countryside, talking to crowds, and becoming a great philosopher. Michael did this through his music, most of which had strong messages about living in harmony with one another.  He also did this by giving more money to charity than anyone else living on the planet. In fact, he was written up in the "Guinness Book of World Records" for doing this.

Then secondly, there is the fact that both men were crucified in their own way. Christ was crucified on the cross; Michael was crucified in the media. Both situations happened after people they trusted betrayed them. Both men also loved and cherished children, were loved by many, but also were highly misunderstood by many as well.
Part of Michael's cruci-fixion was because he was accused of being a child molester, and from what I have witnessed, this all came about because of an innocent comment he made about loving children. Then of course, there was the whole, "he liked to have slumber parties in his room with kids". This somehow led to many people, especially in the new media having their minds go to the gutter. There had to be something wrong with someone who wanted to share his bed with kids, (they were saying) not stopping to think that this person was a kid at heart themselves.
Michael Jackson loved children of
all nationalities.

There was something else these two shared in common and that was being able to draw huge crowds to them. (To have people be taken in by their every word to the point of being pulled in). An example of Christ doing this was his documented Sermon on the Mount, in which thousands came from all around to witness. An example of this moment is depicted in the 1961 Movie by MGM Studios "King of Kings" in which Jeremy Hunter is playing the role of Jesus Christ. This scene is over twelve minutes long but it is worth viewing if you are interested in doing so. (CLICK HERE to view this scene)

Now here is a performance by Michael Jackson at the "1996 World Music Awards", and you can see the similarities again. Through his words, Christ could stir a crowd; though his music Michael could do the same. (CLICK HERE to view the "1996 World Music Awards").

There was also an interesting comment made with this video by someone who said that they didn't view Michael as the Messiah but as the Arch Angel Michael, their comment was interesting, and once again I couldn't say this person was off their rocker, what they said actually made some sense.

So what do I believe?  Well I do believe that both Michael Jackson and Jesus Christ were good individuals who in their own way wanted to deliver a message of love and peace. They were also two people who were punished in some way for their efforts. But, do I think Michael is the Second Coming of Jesus? In my opinion…no he wasn't, but if anyone could truly understand what Jesus may have gone through in his lifetime it very well could have been Michael Jackson.

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