Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Did Michael Jackson Want To Break Free From Conrad Murray Just Days Before His Supposed Death? ………(Part 3 of 3)

In my last two blog entries I gave a few reasons why I believe that Michael Jackson was trying to break free from Conrad Murray, but for some reason he didn't feel he could.  I also talked about the fact that Murray had some incriminating material on him with the recording of him in a drug induced state.  Let's face it this one recording could have made Michael feel he had to keep Murray around.  I know I'm speculating again here but let's face it why else did Murray feel the need to hang onto that recording?

Dr. Drew Pinski
Well known TV personality, author and psychiatrist Dr. Drew Pinski talked about this in depth on his program on HLN cable network. He stated that having worked with countless individuals in rehab Dr. Pinski said that at times he too would tape a patient while they were under the influence. He said that he did this only to play the tape back for the individual to show them what they sounded like and to get them to see that they did have a problem. He then said that once he did this he would erase the tape immediately, he wouldn't hang onto it. He went on to state that there would be no reason to do so. So like many of us he wanted to know why Conrad Murray chose to hang onto this recording of Michael Jackson out of it. Murray obviously couldn't use the excuse that he did it to show Michael how he sounded. If that had been the case then he would have deleted the recording and it never would have been brought into evidence during his involuntary manslaughter trial. But, we all learned during this trial that he had this recording which was several months old. So this leaves me to wonder whether he was blackmailing Michael with the fact that if he got rid of him he would use it by taking it to the news media.

Now some of you could say that Michael could have easily denied that this was him, right?  I mean, after all I know some of you believe it isn't him because the voice is distorted. So this brings us to the biggest thing that Murray probably might have hung over Michael's head, and that was if Michael wanted his Propofol then he needed to keep Murray around because it was Murray who was the only one  supplying him with it, which actually does make some sense.   It would especially make sense to why Michael was trying to get someone else to give it to him, don't you all think?  I truly believe he was trying to find someone else to give him Propofol so he could send Conrad Murray packing. 

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