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Did Michael Jackson Want To Break Free From Conrad Murray Just Days Before His Supposed Death?...............(Part 2 of 3)

When I last left Part 1, I stated I would continue to tell you why I feel Michael Jackson wanted to break free from Conrad Murray.  I already explained how he had contacted Nutritionist Nurse, Cherilyn Lee just a day after a critical meeting Michael had with concert promoters from AEG and his manager, along with Conrad Murray, who basically told them not to worry and that Michael was fine and would not be missing anymore rehearsals.

Well, the second reason why I think Michael wanted to get away from Murray was  because he seemed to be shopping around for someone to give him Propofol, and from where I am sitting it wasn't Conrad Murray.  Let me explain in more detail, Michael asked Cherilyn Lee during his time with her about Propofol on April 19, 2009.  She stated this during her testimony in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Case.  But, what was interesting here is that another witness who had been a doctor of Michael's for many years, (Dr. Allan Metzger) stated under oath that Michael had asked him for an anesthetic sleep aide on April 18, 2009.
Cherilyn Lee

Dr. Allan Metzger

Now here the clincher for me in deciding this, Conrad Murray's girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez testified that she was receiving packages for Murray at her residence and it was later determined in the trial that they were Propofol shipments.  What's interesting here is the first package came to her residence by Fed Ex on April 8, 2009
Nicole Alvarez
If you look at the dates I underlined I'm sure you can see that Dr. Murray was obviously already supplying Michael Jackson with Propofol when Jackson was trying to obtain it from Cherilyn Lee and Dr. Allan Metzger.  So why was he doing this if Murray was already giving it to him?

I believe that all wasn't fine and dandy between Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson as he was trying to paint it in his documentary, "Michael Jackson and the Doctor".  I stated in Part 1, which Murray had recorded Michael in a drug induced state in early May of 2009', but I have to wonder what else did Murray have on Jackson?  I have to ask this question because Murray's girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez stated in her testimony that Murray had been treating Michael since 2008'.  She also said Murray asked her in March 2009' to go to London with him for the "This Is It" tour.  (Gee, I thought Murray wasn't hired until the beginning of May 2009'.  He must have been awfully sure that he was going to London back in March of 2009' to ask his girlfriend to go with him, don't you all think)?  There was another thing she said that I thought was quite interesting, she said on the day Michael Jackson supposedly died that Murray had called her when he was on his way to the hospital with Michael Jackson in an ambulance to tell her not to worry if she heard anything about it from the new media because everything was okay. (Say what)?!

If you haven't watched Nicole Alvarez testimony it is an eye opener.  It is well worth watching, believe me.  CLICK HERE to watch it now.  Her testimony starts at the time of 22:38.

So does this sound like Michael Jackson was trying to break free from Conrad Murray?  It does to me.  I mean, why else would he be looking for someone else, as he apparently was when he approached Cherilyn Lee and Dr. Allan Metzger to give him Propofol if he had Conrad Murray already giving it to him.  Why would he do this?  Another thing you might want to keep in mind here is that if Murray was treating Michael back in 2008' how does all of this fit in with Dr. Tohme, his financial advisor at the time, who was hired by Jackson in the Summer of 2008'? Then let's not forget my other blog entry I wrote on March 8, 2012' titled:  "Is Donny Osmond Giving Us a Clue or is this Wishful Thinking", where Donny Osmond stated there was a time that Michael was hiding out in 2008' in an RV with his kids in Phoenix, Arizona because he had told Osmond that the stress had become just too much.  It sounds like 2008' was just as eventful for Michael as 2009', doesn't it?
Dr. Conrad Murray & Dr. Tohme Tohme
So as you can see trying to connect all the dots here is becoming quite the task in trying to find the truth in all of this mess.  So stay tune for Part 3, where I'll discuss some more reasons why I think Michael was trying to break away from Conrad Murray.

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