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Did Michael Jackson Want To Break Free From Conrad Murray Just Days Before His Supposed Death?........ (Part 1 of 3)

Yes, we're back to the subject of Conrad Murray again. As I pointed out before, we will no doubt be going into the subject of this so called wonderful doctor many times in this blog, because if Michael Jackson is indeed dead this is the man who is responsible in some way whether he will admit it or not.

Anyway, getting back to the subject of this blog entry, which is was Michael Jackson trying to break free from Conrad Murray? Some of you might be wondering why I am even thinking that this might have been the case when he had AEG hire the guy in the first place? Some of you might be thinking Murray was just an employee, and if Michael had wanted to get rid of him all he would have had to do is fire him, right?  How hard could this have been if this is in fact something he wanted to do?  Why would I even suspect that Michael actually wanted to do this in the first place?  Believe me I have my reasons and I will be getting to that in a moment so keep reading.   

Pictured from left to right:
Kenny Ortega, Frank Dileo, and Randy Phillips
The reason I believe that Michael might have wanted to break free from Conrad Murray because during testimony in the doctors involuntary manslaughter case, AEG producer/director, Kenny Ortega spoke about a meeting that he had with Michael, Conrad Murray, AEG Owner, Randy Phillips, and manager, Frank Dileo on June 20, 2009' at Jackson's home.  Mr. Ortega stated that Conrad Murray got in his face and told him he needed to stop playing doctor when Ortega told him that Michael had showed up with what were flu-like symptoms and that he had advised Jackson to sit out rehearsal.  Ortega went on to testify that Murray told him that he had no right not allowing Michael to practice the day before. I briefly spoke about this in a previous blog entry titled: "Michael Jackson was Weak, Sickly and Frail! Really? Where At?"  In Mr. Ortega's testimony he stated that he had to coax Michael into telling Murray that it wasn't how it went down.  Ortega said that Michael finally spoke up and told Murray that it was his idea to sit out rehearsal and to just watch.  My understanding is at this meeting Murray reassured Phillips and Ortega that Michael was fine and that he would not be missing any more rehearsals. (Too bad this blogger wasn't at this meeting because I would have told Murray to buzz off!  I mean what business is this of his in deciding whether Michael can rehearse or not.  I thought Michael only had one father who was a dictator and not two)!

Cherilyn Lee testifying in court during
the "Conrad Murray Involuntary
Manslaughter case.
Some of you might be wondering what all this has to do with me thinking that Michael might have wanted to break free from this man.  Well, it's what transpired after this meeting just a day later on June 21, 2009' that makes me think this.  You see it was only a day later that Michael had one of his bodyguards call the nutritional nurse that he had met months earlier to ask for help.  Cherilyn Lee said in her court testimony that she had received the call on June 21, 2009' and she herself was in the Emergency Room, but yet she was surprised to hear from Jackson after not hearing anything from him for almost a couple of months and finding out that he was not well.  She said she could hear him in the background of the call that the bodyguard made with him yelling, "Tell her one side of my body is hot and one side of my body is cold."  She went on to state in her testimony that she wasn't currently in town and that she told the bodyguard that Michael should go to the hospital.  She said after she hung up she never heard anything more from Michael until June 25, 2009' when the news media was reporting him as being supposedly dead.

So my question here is why did Michael call Cherilyn Lee just one day after the notorious meeting where Murray stated to Phillips and Ortega that all was fine and that Michael would not be missing any more rehearsals?  Why didn't Michael just call Conrad Murray with his ailments the following day?  After all, Conrad Murray was hired as his doctor at the time, so what was up here?  This makes me think that Michael didn't call him because he didn't trust him.  Yes, I'm speculating here, but think about this.  He didn't call his personal doctor he called a nurse practitioner that he hadn't spoken to in months.  This to me is a RED flag!

So if Michael Jackson didn't trust Conrad Murray why didn't he just get rid of him?  Why did he act like he was appeasing the man?  What was up with this? 

There are two reasons that I think that Michael didn't get rid of Murray and the first one was because shortly after he had hired the good old doctor in early May 2009', the doctor was able to get some incriminating material on him.  If you watch the involuntary manslaughter case you must know that Murray had recorded Michael in what was a drug induced state. 

(CLICK HERE to listen to recording that was presented during the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter case)

So was Murray using this recording to control Michael Jackson?  Was he threatening to go to the news media with this recording if Michael didn't do what he asked him to?  Was he using this recording as a way of keeping his very high paying job?  This is a lot to think about here, right?  But, think about it I feel we must if we are ever going to get to the truth in this case.

So stay tune for Part 2, where I'll continue to discuss why I believe Michael Jackson was trying to break away from Dr. Conrad Murray, and the second reason why I truly believe this.

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