Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why Wasn't Singer, Diana Ross at Michael Jackson's Private Funeral, and is this Some Kind of Clue?

As I'm sure many of you know that the Jackson family had a private funeral for Michael at Forest Lawn Cemetery on September 5, 2009.  It came a little less than two months after his very public Memorial Service that was televised for the world to see from the Los Angeles Staple Center.  The reason the family gave for the delay in having Michael put to rest was that they couldn't decide where his final resting place should be.  My understanding is it was Michael's sister, Latoya who finally decided on Forest Lawn Cemetery.  (I'm still not sure why she was the one in the family that got to make this decision).

Anyway, let's go back in time.  When Michael started his very long and illustrious career the one person who was there throughout a good portion of it was singer, Diana Ross. 
Diana Ross and Michael Jackson from earlier times.
She basically helped Michael Jackson and his brothers when they were known as the Jackson 5.  In fact, Diana Ross at one time even had Michael and his brothers live with her when they were young and in the height of their career as a singing group.  Michael often times stated that during those times she was very much like a mother figure in his life and that he trusted her like no other. 
Diana Ross and Michael Jackson throughout the years.

In fact, as many of us found out in Michael Jackson's Last Will and Testament he asked that custody of his three children be given to Diana Ross if his mother was unable to take care of them.  (Interesting, right?  I mean, he could have chosen any of his other siblings but he chose Ms. Ross).

As I was thinking about this something came to mind and it was about Michael's Private Funeral at Forest Lawn Cemetery.  What I was wondering is why wasn't Diane Ross there?  I could understand why she wasn't at Michael's very public Memorial Service.  I mean, after all, even Elizabeth Taylor, who was a very close friend, also wasn't at his Memorial Service, although, she did show up for his Private Funeral. 
Actress, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson
So I ask again, why didn't Diana Ross show up?  I know funerals are hard on people, and I know they are especially hard on family and friends who are close to the decedent, but you would think that since this funeral was Private (yes, I know we got to see a small amount of this funeral on television before they cut us off), you would still think that Ms. Ross would have showed up, after all, this was supposed to be Michael's final resting place, right?  Especially, since she was considered like a second mother to him.

There has been some speculation that the reason she didn't show up is because she supposedly knows that Michael Jackson isn't dead, and that he faked his death.  (At least, that's what I've heard).  In fact, I even heard that some people think she might be the one hiding him out.  Now whether I believe this, I'm not really sure.  I do, although, have to admit that I find it strange that she didn't show up to this funeral, so it has made me wonder.  Maybe I'm making more out of this then there is, but you have to admit if you really think about it, it does seem rather strange, don't you think?

One last thing, don't you think it was rather strange that she never added her opinion or feelings in regards to the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial? (I do). 

So could there be a clue here? You'll have to decide this for yourself.

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  1. Just like the JFK assassination, was it a conspiracy or not. I guess we will never know why Diana Ross didn't show up at Michael's funeral. There is always a reason. Come judgement day is when we'll know.