Monday, March 12, 2012

"Why Wasn't Marlon Jackson Ever At Conrad Murray's Trial?"

Marlon Jackson wearing FBI
cap.  Many think this is a clue
that Michael may be working
undercover for the F.B.I., and this
is Marlon's way of telling us.
Looking back at the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial something has puzzled me. Why wasn't Michael's brother Marlon ever in attendance? Now I didn't expect him to appear at the trial every day, after all he doesn't live in Los Angeles so that would be asking a lot of him. But, why wasn't he at least there for the reading of the verdict. I know from personal experience that Prosecutors and Defense Lawyer's want family members of defendants and victims in attendance in court to show a united front to the jury.
I remember back in 2005' when Michael Jackson was up on Child Molestation charges, the entire Jackson family showed up on the day of the verdict showing a united front, even if not all of them could be there throughout the entire trial, even Marlon was there for the verdict, but not during the Murray trial. Why not? Where was he? As I said before I know he doesn't live in L.A. but he seems to be able to travel to Africa at the drop of a hat for his humanitarian projects. But, yet he couldn't attend the trial of the man accused of killing his brother once, not even to hear the verdict. He couldn't show up to support his mother during this time? I'm sure such a thing would be difficult to face, to be honest, I'm not quite sure I could face it myself. However, Marlon couldn't even bring himself to go and stand outside the courtroom waiting for the verdict to come in, and yet he did it during the 2005' Child Molestation trial.  So why couldn't he do it for the death of his brother Michael.  Is this telling us something here?

So what do I think of all of this? Well, I find it extremely odd, and another thing about this trial that doesn't seem to add up. Regardless of how difficult it may be any family member would want to at least appear in court once, especially for a verdict as important as this one was you would think.  After all, you would want to see that justice is served, wouldn't you? So why wasn't Marlon there at least one day during this trial? This just seems like one more thing during the Manslaughter trial that just didn't make sense.

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