Friday, March 9, 2012

Why did Michael Jackson Unmask his Children Shortly Before His Supposed Death?

During the course of their lives, Michael Jackson kept his children masked or veiled, even from an early age. There were a few times when his kids were young that he allowed his kids to be photographed without a mask, but it was usually done under strict constraints in his own home.

Michael Jackson with his kids in earlier times.

His reasons for doing this was simple, he wanted his kids to have as normal a life as possible without being hounded by the press, or being stalked by those whom may do them harm. Yes, Michael took a whole lot of criticism for this, but when you think about his reasons, you can understand that this wasn’t the act of a totally eccentric man, but those of a caring protective father. Which brings me to a question that has puzzled me for awhile now and I wonder if it’s another clue to the death hoax? Why is it that after years of masking and veiling his kids did Michael actually unmasks them shortly before his supposed death? That’s right, contrary to popular opinion that the kids were seen for the first time in public at the Memorial Service at the Compact Center, this isn’t true. (See photo below)

Michael Jackson shortly before his supposed death.
Michael was actually with them when they first appeared in public for the very first time with nothing covering their faces. Which leaves me to wonder why did he do this? Was it a clue to the fact that he was indeed going to stage his death? The reason I ask this is that it does seem odd that after all this time his kids are seen without masks or veils out in public with him, as if he were trying to say here are my kids for all the world to see. It was as if he knew that once he went through with his plan to stage his supposed death his kids would suddenly become public figures whether he wanted it that way or not. So, I think he might have decided to let them make their public debut with him by their side instead of after he made his disappearance.

Now, maybe this is all speculation on my part, but again, if this isn’t the case then what was up with him allowing his kids to show up in public for the first time without a mask or veil? This just didn’t seem like something Michael would ordinarily do unless he had a reason for it.

I know there has been speculation that these aren’t Michael’s real kid’s, and by saying this I am not referring to the ridiculous speculation that went on in the press after his death that he used a sperm donor (it’s the 21st century who cares). But, more the fact that there are those who think that Michael’s real kids is with him now and these are just actors hired to pretend to be them. Well, I have to admit that this is a good argument, but no one is going to tell me that these three kid’s I have seen all over the media aren’t related to MichaelJackson.  Despite what some may choose to believe I look at the eyes of Prince I, as well as his sister, Paris and those are the eyes of Michael Jackson. As for Prince II, a.k.a. Blanket, please Michael could of named this kid (mini me), and it would suite him.  I firmly believe he is his father’s son no doubt about it. So these are Michael’s kids I don’t doubt that, I just question why he chose after so long to unmask them in public, and that it would happen shortly before his supposed death.

Something more to think about…

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