Friday, March 23, 2012

"Who Told Dr. Tohme Tohme About Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009?

Dr. Tohme Tohme at hospital
 press conference on the day
 Michael Jackson supposedly died
If you've been reading this blog you know I just finished a three part blog series titled:  "Is Dr. Tohme Tohme the Reason Why Michael Jackson Might Have Faked His Death?" During that three part series something crossed my mind and I have been thinking a lot about it.  The thing that I've been thinking about is who is the person that alerted Dr. Tohme Tohme about what was happening to Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009?  I mean, after all, this man had been dismissed a little over a month before all of this, so how did he find out?

When you look at the time line you just know someone had to tip him off.  There is a video that show him walking with Randy Phillips in the parking lot outside the hospital where Michael Jackson was supposedly taken.

(CLICK HERE to watch video showing them walking together in the parking lot).

Randy Phillips of AEG

There was even the situation that Michael's chef, Kai Chase alluded to when she said he dismissed all of the house staff shortly after Michael Jackson was taken to the hospital.  Gee, I wonder a lot about that.  My understanding is he dismissed all the house staff even before the staff knew whether Michael was alive or dead.  So how did Dr. Tohme Tohme know about all of this when it happened, and that Michael Jackson was supposedly dead when the ambulance left the Carolwood house on that day?

You have to wonder about an inside informant at Michael's Carolwood home.  You have to wonder if they called Dr. Tohme Tohme and told him about Michael's condition.  I can't help but go back to thinking of Tohme having someone take Michael Jackson out.  (I know…I know I'm probably seeing conspiracies again here, but I can't help it).

Some of you might be thinking that maybe Randy Phillips of (AEG) called him and told him since they were both walking together in the parking lot.  Yes, this might have happened, but then again, they may have just met each other in the hospital parking lot and just decided to walk together.  It could be something as simple as that.  I mean, I would like to think that Randy Phillips would have known that Michael had dismissed this man from employment with him, so I wouldn't think that Randy Phillips would have any reason to call him.  So whether Randy Phillips contacted Tohme, I'm still out to lunch on that one.  Although, it has been rumored that at one time Tohme had been married to Randy Phillips sister, but this has never really been substantiated.  Randy Phillips did say in an interview that when he got the call about Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009 that he was with one of his associates.  So was that associate Tohme?  I'm not 100% sure about that one either.
Randy Phillps, Michael Jackson, and Dr. Tohme Tohme
So my other thoughts were who was the person who hired Michael Jackson's bodyguards?  Were they hired by Dr. Tohme Tohme, and did one of them tip him off.  I'm not too sure about this one either.  Then there is the other scenario I talked about in my three part series when I discussed Dr. Conrad Murray possibly being on the take and working for Tohme.  Maybe he's the one that ended up alerting him to what was going on… and then maybe not.

Then there is also the other scenario I discussed that if Michael Jackson did in fact fake his own death, that there is a possibility that he told someone under his employ to contact Tohme, so as to throw him off.  You never know, this could very well have happened.

I don't think the news media could have done it because it was just too early in the day before that information was given out.  So my question still remains who told Dr. Tohme Tohme about Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009, and most importantly why did he feel the need to go to the hospital, and basically take over the press conference that Michael's brother Jermaine gave on that day?

Just some more things to ponder…


  1. ummmm you talk about faking his death, what if tohme tohme had him killed and that's why he knew???just a thought, to be like an investigator you got to think of both sides not just one side.

  2. you haven't even thought about the court case, the two body gaurds the assistant. all lied had events that happened almost identicle but why take 2 months to go the police? because they faound their fall guy? the police were already investigating murray so why not make a story up to collaberate the thoughts of the police and evidence???what about the Chef? Kai Chase? She went back to preparing after she got prince isn't that heartless to do when your employer might be having medical problems? why did she not go to the security cabin after geting prince? What about the twio paramedics having two different stories? Alverez said that they lowered the body as they were on the phone, the first paramedic to enter the room said MJ has half off the bed being moved, legs off and head on bed and the last paramedic to go in said that MJ was fully on the bed still. Alverez said all viles was packed in bag paramedic one said he saw murray picking them up after they left the room and 2nd one said that he saw viles of lidacane however you spell it on the floor near him and he saw him pick them up. You have the independent lawyer claim that conrad asked for the heart machine but it was infact in the first contract draft before she spoke to conrad by someone from AEG requesting it put in.What about the finger print that belongs to none of those that were there? and missing security tape? The fact is, you can look at it that he faked his death and you will see that, but you can also think that he was murdered and all the evidence also points to that. Conrad Murray could be innocent of it all, he might have been negligent on some aspects but he may not have given the dose that killed Michael. The question is. Do you like Michael Jackson? Do you think he has a kind heart? do you think he would watch how 12 people commited suicide and still stay hiding and not come out saying they had the wrong person by accident since he could claim a double he had used as a decoy was staying in that spare room in stead which would prevent all hate towards him? do you think he would allow people to cry about him, kill themselves due to him and be satisfied to sit back? is that how you see him? a heartless self serving monster? what about the money being made due to his fake death? do you think michael jackson would keep all that money under false pretense of him being thought of as dead? I would think that he would donate it to the charities that's how he wanted to show himself to the world. I think there needs to be some more thought about the actual man and who he was and what he said before looking into death hoax. Do you know the same kind of things were said baout elvis and yet he never came out of "hiding" he would be close to 80 now he was born in 1935. Do you think you could be just not wanting to think of the man being dead to prevent emotions that would not feel nice? honestly, you need to think about what you're accusing him of, he was a sweet, gentle soul, almost angelic in his nature, i do not think he would do this to his fans. how much power do you think he has to have the whole LA state on his pay roll doing what he wants? if that was the case he could have had the tabloids shushed, his court case disappear in 2003. No, the poor beautiful man passed away 25th June 2009 and no amount of hope will ever bring that angel back to us :( people are using his death and this death hoax as a way to sell their products, people buy books to find the clues, people watch the shows to look for clues. Think about the publicity it's bringing, why would they want to clarify anything when it's bringing them money?

    1. Hi Deepthinker 81,
      I wanted to thank you for your comments. First, let me just say I can see you have done a lot of research into this. When I started this I thought Michael Jackson was dead-(end of story), but just like you I could see the problems with all of this and that is why I started this blog and it is called: DEATH HOAX or NOT! Don't think for one minute that I think Michael Jackson just faked his death. I'm smart enough to know that there is probably more going on here than meets the eyes and believe me when I tell you that trial definitely showed me there is a coverup of some kind. I hope you keep reading my blog because I am about to get into not just writing about the conflicting testimony from the trial but I'm going to be creating some videos to show it.

      Thanks, for your comments, and let's keep searching for the truth together.