Friday, March 30, 2012

Was Michael Jackson's Supposed Death Based on a Comic Book Story?

Michael Jackson
Gotham Chopra
I came upon something recently which made me stop and pause.  I found out that Michael Jackson was working on a comic book with a long time friend of his, Gotham Chopra called "Fated".  My understanding of this joint effort was that it was supposedly finished in early spring of 2009'.  Now if the timing of this wasn't ironic enough, let me tell you what this comic that they had been writing was about.
Sample Page from "Fated"
Comic Book
The story from what I was able to gather is about a pop star (sound familiar)?  Anyway, this character tries to kill himself but he fails.  In the story people think he is dead when in fact he is alive.  This character gains more popularity in his supposed dead and at the same time he starts to gain super natural powers. 

Does some of this sound familiar to any of you?  I mean, I find it rather strange that he would write a story about a pop star trying to kill himself but fails.  I also find it interesting that he and Gotham Chopra finished this earlier in 2009'.  The article I was reading in regards to this stated that it would be published in June of 2010', but I could not find anything on the Internet where you could purchase this comic book.  I couldn't even find anything about it actually getting published.  So if you are reading this and know where I can get a copy of this comic, please email me and let me know.  I would very much like to read it.

So is there a clue in all of this?  I can't really say, but here is a link (CLICK HERE to watch video in regards to this publication).

I'm sure you have to admit that this is all very strange, right?

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