Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Michael Jackson: The Illusionist"

Latoya, Michael, and Janet Jackson
Since Michael Jackson's death many of his family members have been doing interviews (you know here a Jackson, there a Jackson, everywhere a Jackson, Jackson) and in one of her interviews Michael's sister Latoya made a very odd comment. She stated that if anyone wanted to know the true circumstances regarding Michael's death to watch the movie "The Illusionist."

(CLICK HERE to watch Latoya make this statement)

So being curious as to what she meant by this I did some research on this film that came out in 2006' and was somewhat surprised about what I found out. In a nutshell, this is a film that takes place in the early 1900's in Vienna. In the film a young magician falls in love with a woman of a higher social background, who's expected to marry in her own social class. When she becomes engaged to a cruel politically powerful person, the magician takes it upon himself to free her from this impending marriage. He does this by staging her death and making it appear as if her cruel fiancé actually killed her.

If you want to read more of the synopsis on this movie you can go to the Internet Movie Database at:

So what we have here is a movie where someone stages a death, and then their own disappearance so that they can start life anew. So this leaves me to wonder if this is what Michael Jackson did. If not, why was Latoya telling people to go watch this movie? Why would she be telling us to watch any movie for that matter?  Although, I have to wonder why she would say this anyway, if Michael did in fact stage his death.  I mean, wouldn't he want it to be kept a secret? I am having a hard time grasping this one because it seems pretty transparent to hint that Michael is still alive.  So is there something else about this movie that Latoya is trying to say is linked to Michael's supposed death, other than the fact that it's a movie about staging a death in order to be set free from what is expected of you? That's a very good question. 

Interesting, right?

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  1. Maybe she was just trying to say that with Murray being convicted, the wrong person was made responsible, as it is the case in the movie. The Illusionist and his girlfriend deliberately try to make it look as though the man they want to escape murdered her. Anyway, the central aspect of the plot is that EVERYTHING is an illusion (as La Toya stated herself), meaning that in fact nobody died.

    No matter what she was trying to say, it was stupid of her to do so. (Unless a living Michael wants people to believe he is not dead after all.)