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Latoya Jackson: Guardian of Michael's Dead Body.......…How and Why?....... (Part 2 of 2)

Jermaine Jackson and LaToya Jackson
In the previous blog entry I started to go into the fact that for some odd reason Latoya was made guardian of Michael's supposed dead body. The oddest thing about this was that no other Jackson seemed to want to overturn her authority on the matter. So who gave Latoya this authority? Was it Michael in his Last Will and Testament, or from Michael Jackson himself, where he is hiding out (come on I know some of you are thinking it), or was it a bereaved Katherine who at the time only wanted it over with in order to move on, so she just handed the responsibility to the person who was standing nearby, (LaToya).

Now in most cases when someone doesn't pre-plan, (which Michael apparently didn't) it would fall on their executor or main heir to decide what should be done with the body. Michael's executor or executors were Branca and McClain, and his main heirs were his mother and his minor children. So it was really up to Katherine to decide this since Michael's kids were still too young to do so. From what I was made to understand Latoya visited the body constantly in the morgue, and she implored Katherine to finally give Michael a final resting place. I have no problem with this. I can understand her feelings hanging onto the body was like hanging onto the fact that he was coming back, so why not put him to rest? The problem I have is the place that was chosen and my understanding so did some members of the Jackson family. The Grand Mausoleum at Forrest Lawn may seem like a grand place, but it's cut off from the public. Yes, there was talk of security concerns, but James Brown, Elvis Presley, and now Whitney Houston are all buried in a place where their fans can visit them and pay their respects. Yes, security has been an issue for their burial spots no doubt about it. But over time the novelty of being close to the grave of your beloved icon does start to die down, and fans generally would move on with their lives while being given proper closure. There are of course times when fans still want to visit, such as special occasion which would probably be the case with Michael if he were buried in a public spot. There, of course would be large crowds at first, but then fans would start to move on and will remember him on special occasions such as his birthday, or the anniversary of his death.

As things stand the family may be getting closure, but the fans aren't, they can't visit the grave, so to speak. Many fans generally visit Forrest Lawn and hang outside the building that supposedly houses Michael Jackson's dead body.  There is no closure!  So what possessed Katherine to go along with Latoya's plan to cut Michael off from his fans, for that matter why didn't the other family members intervene?  Once again, this doesn't make any sense.

Let's face it even though he isn't mentioned in the Last Will and Testament the fact is Joe Jackson is still married to Katherine, not to mention the fact that he was Michael's father. He would have had ample reason to put his two cents in, but then this is the man who openly admitted in an interview that he didn't even know where Michael's supposed dead body was to Larry King on "Larry King Live" on CNN. 

Larry King

(CLICK HERE to view interview. The question of where Michael's body was comes up around the time of:  5:52)

So I guess Joe would have first had to find the body before he could have a say in where to bury it. I have to be honest here I have had many good laughs while thinking about this article, because of how ridiculous this all sounds. First, we have LaToya Jackson, who has been painted as the least responsible over the years, and yet being given the task of guardian of Michael's body. Then to top it all off we got a parent (Joe Jackson), who has no idea where his son's supposed dead body is. I don't know about any of you but this just reinforces the death hoax for me, because when you stop to really think about it all, it really does seem rather strange.

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