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Latoya Jackson: Guardian of Michael's Dead Body…How and Why?........... (Part 1 of 2)

LaToya Jackson
In a previous blog entry I discussed the head scratching fact that Michael Jackson apparently didn't pre-plan his burial. Yet, there was something that came up in this blog entry that I found even more head scratching then that, yes; there was something even more puzzling. I am referring to the fact that for some odd reason Latoya Jackson was made guardian of Michael's supposed dead body. Now I want everyone to stop and contemplate this for a moment… Latoya was made guardian? I can't help but wonder how or even why? I don't mean to stand here and rank on Latoya, but this was a huge responsibility and you would of thought one of the other Jackson's would have been given this very important task. (This is just very strange to me), Also, who gave her this responsibility anyway? Was there a part in Michael's so called Last Will and Testament that stated that he left his dead body to Latoya? If there was, please point it out to me because it seems not only odd that this responsibility was hers, but that everyone in the family went along with it. (Please, something just isn't right here)!  

(CLICK HERE to watch a video where Barbara Walter's states that Latoya was asked to be in charge of Michael's body, but she never says by whom).
As I said before, I am not ranking on Latoya, but let's face it, at the time this was the woman that I viewed as being as responsible as a bag of rocks. Maybe the Jackson family saw it differently, but for me I wasn't too sure.  All I saw was a woman selling her story about Michael's death to a tabloid after his supposed death. So why her family would trust her with this is way beyond my comprehension. I mean Jermaine verbally said in the press that he didn't want Forrest Lawn Cemetery to be Michael's final resting place, and that it wasn't fair to Michael's fans.  He truly believed that Michael wouldn't have wanted his final resting place to be cut off from his fans. Michael's brother, Randy said pretty much the same thing, and suggested if Never land was out of the question that he thought buying the house that Michael considered buying in Las Vegas as a good place for his final resting place.

Now here are two Jackson's that could very well have been made guardian of Michael Jackson's body, not just because I agree with them but because of their actions in the past. It was Randy who hired Thomas Mesereau, the amazing defense attorney who defended Michael when he was on trial in 2005' for Child Molestation. Then there was Jermaine who more or less took control at the hospital after Michael had apparently been declared dead.  He was the one who announced that his brother was dead to the press, and seem to be the one who was taking charge at the time. These are just two examples of why I think one of them should have been chosen as guardian of Michael's supposed dead body instead of LaToya. Then there were, after all, still eight other Jackson children for crying out loud.  I mean, come on a family like the Jackson's where, let's face it, Joe Jackson, the father of the family (and a chauvinist at that), should have taken over the way he was known to do if his wife, Katherine was too overwrought with emotion to take care of it. So why wasn't he put in charge of his son's body? 

Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson, and Joe Jackson

If he didn't want to do it, why wasn't the oldest son put in charge? What happen to the oldest family sibling getting the responsibility here?  I ask again, why was this major responsibility given to LaToya?  This just doesn't make any sense.

I have to be honest here, Latoya would have been at the bottom of the list right before Janet, and the only reason for that would have been because Janet was away on location finishing a film for Tyler Perry. So what does this tell you? It tells me that unless there was a far more intelligent and responsible Latoya walking around, the fact that she got her say in this matter is questionable to say the least. So what was truly going on here?

I have to wonder if the Jackson family went along with what Latoya said for Michael's mother, Katherine's sake more than anything else. After all, this wouldn't have been the first time people ended up in court in a dispute over the final resting place of a loved one. In the previous blog entry I mentioned the legal ramifications regarding the deaths of James Brown and Anna Nicole Smith. So maybe the family went along with this because Katherine chose to just finally put her son to rest. Although, this doesn't make sense either to me because my understanding was on the day of the funeral at Forest Lawn Katherine had to be talked into going to this service from Michael's children.  I understand she didn't want to go and make his death so final.  I found this quite interesting when I heard about this, don't you?

So am I done ranting about Latoya being guardian of her brother's body? What do you think? Yep, there will be a Part 2, so stay tuned because there is still more to question here.

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