Monday, March 5, 2012

Is Michael Jackson's Death an Injury or an Incident?

Michael Jackson and Conrad Murray
Recently on February 24, 2012, Conrad Murray, the doctor who is serving a four year jail sentence term for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson was in court to try to get released on home arrest.  His attorney, Michael Flanagan was present for the hearing without Conrad Murray to defend his client's case. 
Michael Flanagan
What can I say about this man who calls himself an attorney? Well, two things do come to mind after hearing the statements he made after the hearing, and those two things are he's either totally delusional and full of himself, or he is full of hot air and like his client Conrad Murray just needs to just go away.
So what is he saying now on behalf of his client, and why does it warrant being given an installment in the death hoax blog? Well, for all of you who may have forgotten Conrad Murray's hearing was Friday, February 24th and in case you didn't hear, Judge Pastor refused to let Murray out on home arrest pending his so-called appeal.

Go ahead and cheer, I did. I'm not ashamed to admit it. But, in light of these events Michael Flanagan has once again made a public statement, and once again it's enough to make me want to either toss my cookies or scratch my head. Yes, it's that unbelievable, go see for yourself:

CLICK HERE to view video and his interview.  You might have to turn up your volume because the recording isn't too good.

So, according to Michael Flanagan and his statement the drug, propofol isn't dangerous, and there are counter agents that can help an individual on the drug. Really, Flannigan if that's true why didn't your client use them, for that matter if this drug isn't dangerous, why is Michael Jackson dead? You see what I am referring to here, I mean while listening to Flanagan I can only come to two conclusions, Michael really isn't dead or Flanagan is a heartless moron. For Flanagan's sake and those of his future clients I hope it means Michael Jackson just faked his death. Seriously, the whole statement he made sounded like one big clue didn't it, with the whole propofol is one of the safest drugs to use and that  there shouldn't be an issue with using it in one's home. (Please give me a break)!

So is all of this a message, a sign that Michael Jackson really isn't dead? I sure hope so because the alternative doesn't look too good. I mean we now have Conrad Murray's attorney now referring to Michael Jackson's death as one incident, or as Flanagan put it so callously, "He (Conrad Murray), made a mistake and it doesn't make him dangerous." (Excuse me, but someone is dead here, or is he)?

In a previous blog entry, I heard Conrad Murray didn't mean to injure Michael Jackson and now its one incident. This isn't an injury or just one incident, (a man is dead for crying out loud), and since when does death fall into either of these categories?

I'm sure the Jackson family just loves hearing this garbage. I'm not even a Jackson and I hate hearing it.  Seriously, someone tell me this is all a hoax, please because I can't take how heartless some people like Murray and Flanagan are acting when it comes to the death of another human being. Tell me please that Michael Jackson is still alive, so it can restore my faith in mankind because after this video statement my faith has been pretty shaken up.

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