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Is Dr. Tohme Tohme the Reason Why Michael Jackson Might Have Faked His Death? (Part 3 of 3)

In the last two blog entries, I started to go into why it's a possibility that Michael Jackson may have staged his death because of Dr. Tohme Tohme. There is no doubt that Michael Jackson would have had reasons not to trust Dr. Tohme Tohme.  He admitted to his spiritual advisor, June Gatlin that he did a thorough check on the man.  I'm sure he didn't really tell her everything he found out about him.  You have to wonder what he did discover and was it the real reason he dismissed the man from employment and his life.

Then this frightening thought entered my mind and I wish it hadn't, did Dr. Tohme Tohme have Michael Jackson taken out. It did seem odd that shortly after his dismissal Jackson turned around and hired Dr. Conrad Murray, and then a little over a month later Michael would be supposedly dead. Let's face it Dr. Conrad Murray's background wasn't squeaky clean here. We all learned that the man was heavily in debt and was behind on his child support payments, and that his home was in foreclosure.  I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to buy this man.  (Now, am I speculating here, probably), yet when the man was first arrested for the death of Michael Jackson he managed to obtain bail.  So if he was highly in debt, where did he get this money?  He obviously was able to obtain money from somewhere or someone, right? Not only did he obtain money from somewhere or someone but he was able to hire a high class defense team. 
Dr. Conrad Murray and Dr. Tohme Tohme
Michael's father, Joe Jackson let all this be known on CNN "Larry King Live" where he spoke about this and the fact that he believed that Murray was just the fall guy. 

(CLICK HERE to view video)

Now, I know Conrad Murray never received a single penny working for Michael Jackson at that point, so where did this money come from for him to make bail? So does this mean that Murray might have been on the take, and that maybe Dr. Tohme Tohme might have hired him to take Michael out, or make it easier for someone else to do so? Let's remember in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial it was discussed that there was one fingerprint that was found on the IV bag that hadn't been able to be identified, it didn't belong to Murray, Michael or any of the household staff at the time, so who does it belong to? Its funny how this wasn't pursued further in court isn't it?  It was mentioned, but no one ever went back to this evidence in the trial.  In fact, I was surprised that Murray's lead attorney didn't talk about it in his closing arguments, weren't any of you?  All they seemed to continue to go on about was that they thought Michael caused his own death.

(CLICK HERE to view video about fingerprints).

I have a question in regards to all of this, did anyone stop to take Dr. Tohme's fingerprints, or did they even think to do so since he wasn't currently employed by Michael at the time?

Then, of course, there is another scenario I've been thinking about and that is maybe Michael caught wind of Dr. Tohme's scheme, and that he asked Dr. Murray to help him get away from this man.  Think about this for a moment, do any of you honestly think that you could dismiss a man like Dr. Tohme Tohme from your life knowing there was such a financial agreement between the both of you?  Do you think this man would just go away quietly?  Do you think he wouldn't have other altercations with Jackson in regards to this agreement? (Am I seeing conspiracies here? Maybe, but I just can't imagine that Michael could just dismiss this man and that he would leave all nice and peaceful knowing about their agreement.  If you had such an agreement with someone that would pay you a lot of money, would you just leave without a fight?  Really think about this for a moment).

So maybe Michael took things into his own hands and knew there was only one way to escape from this agreement and that was to fake his own death.  Let's face it; Michael has a history of knowing how to get out of things if he needed to.  I mean, he proved that when he hid out in Phoenix, Arizona back in 2008' in an RV with his kids. (See blog entry: "Is Donny Osmond Giving Us a Clue or is This Wishful Thinking" dated:  March 8, 2012).

So did Michael fake his own death with the help of Dr. Conrad Murray to be able to get rid of Dr. Tohme Tohme and the threat that the man probably had over him and his family? It would certainly explain why Murray acts like he did nothing wrong, and that he doesn't belong in jail, wouldn't it?  It would make sense to why Murray felt the need to call all the women he did on the day that Michael Jackson supposedly died. He even called one of the women when he hadn't even spoken to them for awhile.  The woman admitted she was surprised to hear from him when he called. (CLICK HERE to view her testimony about this).

It was almost as if he needed a group of witnesses to account for his time on that day by being on the phone.  Although, to some extent this did backfire on him because all this showed was that he was not monitoring Jackson when he should have been, which could mean we have the other scenario where Murray allowed someone else to go in and turn the Propofol up to a higher amount, which would explain the unexplained fingerprint.

I learned something not too long ago that happened a week before Michael's supposed death, and that was he got back together with his old attorney that he had had a falling out with many years ago, John Branca (This attorney is also one of the executors to Michael's Last Will in Testament). 
(CLICK HERE to view video about this around the time of 6:46).
John Branca and Michael Jackson from earlier times.
So to sum up all of this what do we really truly have here? We've got an entertainer (Michael Jackson), who broke free from a dictator (Dr. Tohme, Tohme), and to surround himself with people he once trusted such as Frank Dileo, Kenny Ortega, Randy Phillips, and now (John Branca). Something tells me that Dr. Tohme Tohme wouldn't have been too happy about this. Especially, the part of Michael hooking back up with an attorney who probably could have gotten him out of said agreement that seemed pretty shady in the first place.

So did Dr. Tohme Tohme take Michael Jackson out? Did Michael in fact meet with foul play?  (Should I even be writing this)?  It would explain some of the recent circumstances happening almost three years later after Michael's supposed death, wouldn't it?  I mean, after all, the Jackson estate has filed suit against this financial agreement and it has meant with a countersuit by Dr. Tohme Tohme.

The big question keeps coming up; if Michael Jackson is still alive will he be coming back?  I've tried to answer that question several times out here on this blog, but I'm starting to wonder with this new lawsuit against this agreement Michael had with Dr. Tohme Tohme whether we'll have our answer to that very question when we find out the outcome to all of this. 

I personally am now thinking if the Jackson estate can win this lawsuit and nullify/void this agreement with Dr. Tohme Tohme, and if Michael Jackson is in fact alive, he could very well be back.

Just some added information, Dr. Tohme Tohme claimed he was a doctor at one time and practiced in Lebanon, but he couldn't really prove this.  All he would say was that he wasn't currently practicing.  He also stated he was an Ambassador at Large to the country of Senegal, but the embassy there denied that claim also.

So you have to wonder again if Michael not only faked his death to protect his family from this man, but that maybe he is involved in a government sting operation that might just deal with this man, since you can't really get any accurate information on him.  (Am I speculating again, probably, but everything I hear about this man makes me feel that I'm on the right track).
Former President Bill Clinton and Michael Jackson
who had a longtime friendship.  (I find it quite interesting
that he wasn't at Michael Jackson's Memorial service or his
Private Funeral at Forest Lawn Cemetary).
Time will tell when this lawsuit gets to court.  This is one court case I plan to be following, how about you?

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