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Is Dr. Tohme Tohme the Reason Why Michael Jackson Might Have Faked His Death? (Part 2 of 3)

Just how much control did Dr. Tohme
Tohme have over Michael Jackson?
Pictured: Michael Jackson
 and Dr. Tohme Tohme
In Part 1, I started to go into the fact that it was possible that Michael Jackson staged his death in order to protect himself and his family from a threat from his former employee, Dr. Tohme Tohme. Now why do I think this was possible? Well as I said before this man no longer worked for Michael at the time of his apparent death, but as many of us witnessed this didn't stop the man from showing up at the hospital, and more or less taking over the press conference. It also didn't stop him, I might add from going over to Jackson's house and dismissing the entire household staff on the day of Michael's supposed death, (this was according to Michael's personal chef Kai Chase).

So where does this man who was no longer in Michael's employ get the right to do such a thing? Don't ask me, I'm still trying to figure out who gave Michael's sister, Latoya guardianship of his body, (sorry to bring that up again, I know that's from another blog entry). Anyway, all of this seems odd to say the least, especially in light of the fact that Michael and this man hadn't parted on good terms.  If anything, I'm sure it was far from it from what I had heard.

As I stated before Dr. Tohme Tohme allegedly threatened Michael with death and destruction onto him and his family. Yes, we only have here say on this, but since he admitted to his spiritual advisor, June Gatlin that he was deathly afraid of the man, and she has taped recordings to back this up with, I tend to believe that the threat of death and destruction actually happened.

(CLICK HERE to view video of June Gatlin's interview about Michael Jackson being afraid of Dr. Tohme Tohme).

Now just a month or so ago, it came out that Dr. Tohme Tohme apparently had an agreement with Michael that gave him a percentage of all of Michael's earnings, whether Michael Jackson was alive or dead. This is where things start to get frightening for me, because let's face it, I have connected enough dots here to figure out that Michael either staged his own death to get away from this man, or he met with foul play, which is what some of his family members still believe to this day.  Let's be honest here, I believe there has to be a cover up of some kind going on, that much I have been able to determine with the amount of unanswered questions, strange timelines, and the bizarre manslaughter trial that we all witnessed. The fact that this agreement between Michael and Tohme is just coming out almost three years after Michael Jackson's supposed death speaks volumes to me.  So when I heard about this agreement I felt a chill run down my spine.  I mean, who would have such an agreement with someone that states they get a percentage of your earnings whether you are alive or dead, especially when Michael dismissed him from his employment. Also, who wrote up this agreement in the first place, and how could Michael ever sign such an agreement? The reason I ask this is Michael also dismissed celebrity attorney, Peter Lopez at the beginning of 2009', and for those of you who aren't aware of it, this man supposedly committed suicide in 2010'. Then several months after inking the deal with AEG for the 02 Arena, Michael dismisses Dr. Tohme Tohme, and about a little over a month after that, Michael Jackson would be dead.  (Coincidence?  You decide.)

Now I remember Kenny Ortega, of AEG saying in an interview that when the deal was signed, (he didn't say with who), but he did talk about a conversation he had with Michael shortly after the new deal was made where Michael voiced a whole lot of concern about the amount of concerts that were being asked of him. Kenny went on to say that he reassured Michael that he would only have to do two a week over an eight month period and they would make it as easy on him as possible.

Now if Michael was the one who penned the new deal, why would Ortega have to reassure him, and why was it that shortly after this Dr. Tohme Tohme got his walking papers. I have suspected for quite some time that Tohme made this deal with AEG for additional shows without consulting with Michael, and then left AEG holding the bag so to speak, because they're the ones that the Jackson family and fans have blamed for what happened to Michael, when I suspect they are nothing but the scapegoat for Dr. Tohme Tohme. (Do I know this for sure, NO, but it sure makes one think, doesn't it)? You have to admit it does seem odd that this man was dismissed shortly after this contract was signed.  Although, it was reported that Michael dismissed him because he had taken enough and one of the last straws came when Tohme had removed personal items from Neverland and was about to have these items auctioned off.  The auction never took place from my understanding, because I guess Michael finally wised up to what Tohme was doing.  He stopped the auction from going ahead, but not without Tohme taking the items and placing them into a warehouse. I understand that after Michael's supposed death that his estate had to negotiate with Dr. Tohme Tohme to get back Michael's property. (Interesting, right?)

Here is a rundown of what I've been able to find out about the agreement that Michael had with Dr. Tohme Tohme.
Some of the many players in this puzzle. Pictured: Randy Phillips of AEG,
Dr. Conrad Murray, Thomas Barrack, and Dr. Tohme Tohme
Dr. Tohme Tohme first worked out a deal with a company, Colony Capital (Thomas Barrack) to garner the sale of a part of Neverland ranch.  My understanding is that Colony Capital came up with $24 million dollar to stop foreclosure on Neverland, and with that agreement Dr. Tohme Tohme would receive a $2.4 million dollar fee, (kind of like a finder's fee).

According to the complaint filed by the Jackson estate they claimed that Michael never knew that Dr. Tohme Tohme was going to receive a fee for doing this work for him.  After all, Dr. Tohme Tohme was an employee hired by Jackson.

The complaint went on to say that Dr. Tohme Tohme managed to get Michael to sign off on an agreement which would pay him $35,000 a month for basically doing nothing.  It also added that Dr. Tohme Tohme would receive 15% on all gross compensation that Michael received for anything he did related to the entertainment field.

Then the real big clincher was that Michael Jackson not only signed one Power of Attorney over to Dr. Tohme Tohme, but two. (Say what?  What was Michael thinking)?  Michael also agreed to give Dr. Tohme Tohme $100,000 a month as a producer's fee for the running of the London concerts ("This Is It"), from July 2009' to March 2010'.  And, my understanding of all of this was that it was all signed by Jackson without an attorney present.

Dr. Tohme Tohme basically took total control of all money and property that belong to Michael Jackson. (Can this get any more bizarre. And, I have to ask again, what was Michael Jackson thinking signing off on such an agreement)?

It will be interesting to see when this lawsuit gets to court what else we will learn about what is in this agreement.  Maybe we'll be able to actually see the original agreement document out here on the Internet.  That would be an interesting document to read, now wouldn't it?

Stay tune for Part 3.

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