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Is Dr. Tohme Tohme the Reason Why Michael Jackson Might Have Faked His Death? (Part 1 of 3)

Dr. Tohme Tohme
Recently, in mid-February the Michael Jackson estate filed a lawsuit against Dr. Tohme Tohme, who was at one time the financial advisor to Michael Jackson before he was dismissed by the singer in early May of 2009'.  In a previous blog entry I went into where Michael Jackson could be and why he may have staged his death, if that is indeed what he did.  One thing I went into was the fact that Michael could have gone into hiding in order to protect himself and his family.  If he did this you have to wonder what could have been so threatening that Michael felt the need to go into hiding in the first place.  What or who made him feel his life or the life of his family was in severe danger.

I have to be honest here and tell you from the beginning one person has always stood out to me as having some kind of involvement in all of this, and no I'm not talking about Dr. Conrad Murray.  I am referring to Dr. Tohme Tohme.  For those of you who weren't paying attention on the day of Michael's supposed death, and who could blame any of you, after all we were all pretty much blindsided on that day with this news.  In case you don't remember Tohme was actually at the hospital on this day.  He appeared at the press conference that Michael's brother Jermaine gave, and he actually spoke to the press.  He came across as if he were a close family friend.  So at the time I didn't think much about it, after all I didn't know all the people the Jackson family was associated with, so why would I find this odd.  However, I would soon discover exactly who this man was, and discover that he was anything but a friend, especially to Michael.
      (CLICK HERE to view press conference at hospital)
After hospital press conference. Pictured:  Frank Dileo, Jermaine Jackson,
hospital rep, Jermaines' wife, Halima, and Dr. Tohme Tohme
I later found out that Dr. Tohme Tohme was introduced to Michael by his brother, Jermaine, who apparently knew the man from somewhere, (I'm still not quite sure where.  I've heard too many different stories to tell here).  Although, some think that he is somehow related to Jermaine's current wife, (but she has denied this).  Anyway, Jermaine introduced Michael to Tohme because at the time Michael was in severe debt and was trying to save his home, Neverland Rand from foreclosure, (this is why I refuse to believe Michael hated Neverland as the news media painted it.  If he had come to hate Neverland he would have just let the bank take it from him if that was the case).  My understanding is Tohme helped Michael make a deal that insured he would keep half of the ranch, while the other part was sold.  It was during this time that Tohme became Michael Jackson's financial advisor, and perhaps even more.  I don't know for sure what really happened in this relationship or what control Tohme had, but there are a few thing that have come to light that are factual, and none of them are favorable towards Tohme, or his relationship with Michael Jackson.

First of all, there was the fact that about a month before Michael's apparent death he had dismissed Tohme as his financial advisor.  It was then that Dr. Tohme Tohme allegedly threatened him and his family with death and destruction. 

(CLICK HERE to view video report in regards to this)

The odd thing is shortly after Tohme was dismissed Michael hired Dr. Conrad Murray to be his personal physician for the "This Is It" concert tour.  Is this a coincidence?  Maybe, but you have to admit it's rather strange, especially when you stop to think that the good doctor had kept an incriminating recording of Michael in a drug induced stupor that we all got to hear during the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial.

And, just recently two years and a little over eight months later since Michael's supposed death we are hearing about a horrific agreement Michael Jackson had with Dr. Tohme Tohme that the Jackson estate has filed suit against.  Apparently, Tohme had a deal with Michael that apparently states that he gets a percentage of Michael's earnings whether Jackson was alive or dead. (Say what?!)

So what is truly going on here, and who would create such an agreement?  Where did it actually come from?  The bigger question that weighs on my mind is whether Tohme was involved in what happened to Michael in the end?

Stay tune for Part 2, where I'll explain the agreement Michael Jackson had with Dr. Tohme Tohme in more detail.

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