Thursday, March 8, 2012

Is Donny Osmond Giving Us a Clue or is This Wishful Thinking?

Donny Osmond
Entertainer, Donny Osmond, a long time friend of Michael Jackson’s recently did an interview where he discussed a conversation he had with Michael over the phone in 2008'. In this conversation Michael told Donny that he was in Phoenix, Arizona hiding out in his RV because things had just become too stressful for him and that he needed to get away from it all. Donny at the time told Michael to come to Utah because he had a house there that Michael and his kids could live in where no one would be able to find him. Apparently, Michael never took Donny up on this offer because according to Donny the next time he heard from Michael was after he announced his comeback concert tour for the 02 Arena in London, which was after his return to Los Angeles.

So what is wrong with this statement and why do I think it could be part of the death hoax? Well, maybe this could be considered "it's a cloudy outside moment", and maybe I’m making more out of this then need be. I just find this somewhat odd. First of all, this isn’t the first time Donny Osmond brought this up, he mentioned it after Michael’s apparent death in 2009', which wasn’t odd at that time, but now it's almost three years later and he’s talking about it again. Why? What propelled him to do so? Also, think about what Donny was saying here, Michael was hiding out, he didn’t want anyone to find him because the stress he was under was just too much.

Now let's think about this, if Michael Jackson was capable of doing this once what would stop him from doing it again? Yes, he couldn’t just disappear like before, after all he had his commitment at the 02 Arena and there was that mountain of debt to think about. Also, there is still the possibility that Michael feared for his life, so he felt he had no other choice but to stage his death and go into hiding, only this time having no choice but to leave his children behind. Does this mean he's not in contact with them?  I think if he is still alive he has been in contact with his whole family and that this is why his kids seem so well adjusted since his so called death. 

Now let's think about if Michael did in fact fake his death because the stress was just too much and he came up with a better idea of paying his debts.  Let's remember people like Michael Jackson would realize that they are worth more dead than alive.  I mean, he saw that up close when he married his first wife, Lisa Marie Presley.  He said that she received a million dollar check every year as a commission for the memorabilia that was sold on her father, (Elvis Presley) at Graceland.

We've all been able to witness this firsthand since his supposed death.  Michael Jackson's estate has made hundreds of thousands of dollar from all of the increased album and memorabilia sells, and as for A.E.G. who was promoting the "This Is It" concert tour, well he didn’t leave them without anything either with all that rehearsal footage, that became the film documentary "This Is It" did he? What's interesting here is that Michael never had any of his past rehearsal for any other concert series filmed.  Kenny Ortega the producer and choreographer of "This Is It" stated that Michael wanted this done so he would have something to remember his last concert series by.  Now, I might agree with this except my understanding is that the cost for doing this had reached 30 million dollars. (Say what?)  This seems like an awful lot of money to spend on filming for something that was just going to go on a library shelf.  Who are they kidding? I personally think Michael wanted the rehearsal footage filmed so that he wouldn't leave A.E.G. empty handed when he vacated his life.

As I said before maybe I am making more out of this then there actually is. Yes, it may seem odd that Donny Osmond seems to be dwelling on this incident, but I know from personal experience that this is something someone does when they feel they could have stopped something from happening. After all, Donny to this day could be wondering what if Michael had taken him up on his offer of coming to Utah. Would things have turned out the way they had, or would his friend still be around for his children. I can see how that might weigh on someone. Still you have to wonder, why Donny Osmond also doesn’t dwell on the phone call he got from Michael after he announced the comeback concert tour, where Michael talked candidly to him about his fears of getting back on the stage. Don’t you think that Donny would be dwelling on this as well and maybe wishing he had gone directly to Michael instead of thinking that this was just Michael’s usual doubts that he had before performing?

Now some of you might be wondering right about now if Michael were still alive would he have confided in Donny, right?  I think there could have been those he would have felt he could trust with the truth because he knew they were his real friends. I do believe Donny Osmond was one of those people and maybe Michael wanted him to give this hint to the media as a way to tell his fans he is alright. This is just a thought, and as I said before I could be making something out of nothing, and it could very well be cloudy outside.

Just some more food for thought here…

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