Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dr. Tohme Tohme and the 5.8 Million Dollar Home he Purchased

I recently came upon some information that shortly after Michael Jackson's supposed death Dr. Tohme Tohme and his wife Wendy were out and about buying a new home.  This new home had a price tag of 5.8 million dollars.  When I say shortly after Michael's death I really mean this.  In fact, Dr. Tohme Tohme and his wife were out buying this house on July 14, 2009, which made it only twenty (20) days after Michael Jackson's supposed death.

(CLICK HERE to watch video about this. It happens around the time of 10:25 on the video where this is discussed).

I found this to be quite interesting when you consider we all now know that he had this financial agreement with Michael Jackson which basically made him a millionaire.  If you aren't aware of this agreement as you read this you might want to read some of my other articles on this blog.  (Blog articles about this financial agreement are:  "Is Dr. Tohme Tohme the Reason Why Michael Jackson Might Have Faked His Death"(Part 1-3) dated: March 15, 2012).

Anyway, currently there is legal litigation against this financial agreement that Michael Jackson and Dr. Tohme Tohme had by the Jackson estate.  The Jackson estate is trying to get this agreement nullified and voided.  How this will all play out is beyond me, but it is obvious that Dr. Tohme Tohme must feel awfully confident in his dealings of this agreement with Michael Jackson if it only took him twenty (20) days after Michael Jackson's supposed death to go out and purchase a 5.8 million dollar home, now doesn't it?

Just something more to think about here…

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