Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Conrad Murray: Says he didn't do anything wrong!" (Say What)!!!

First, there was the outrage over the Jackson family deciding not to seek restitution from Conrad Murray for the supposed death of Michael Jackson, which infuriated me big time. Then if that wasn't enough Conrad Murray, (Dr. Doom) wanted to be released from jail pending his Appeal's hearing. (How this man has the gall to even seek an Appeal is beyond me)! According to Murray he did nothing wrong. Now as I have said before I don't want to use fowl language here, but this makes me so angry that I am close to doing just that.
To make matters worse I read an article that talked about the fact that poor Conrad Murray had no idea that Michael Jackson was an addict. No, of course not, he just taped the man while he was doped out of his mind, but he didn't know he had a problem with addiction. Come on give me a break! Is this the same man who actually stood in court claiming that the only reason he agreed to give Michael propofol was to help him to get off drugs. Now he wants to say he never knew! UGH, it's bad enough that this guy only got Involuntary Manslaughter (I felt it should have at least been Negligent Homicide or even Second Degree Murder), and will probably only serve a few years, but now we have to have him paint himself as the victim in all of this. If you wish to read this article you can by:

I think what infuriates me the most other then Conrad Murray painting himself as some martyr saint and not once apologizing for what happened is his horrid stand that he did nothing wrong. This makes me understand why Judge Pastor put this man behind bars; it was for his own protection. With this pompous arrogant attitude that MichaelJackson is to blame for what happened to him is enough to make even the most level headed Michael Jackson fan lose it. Let's face it Murray is safer in jail then out. Also, the thing that went through my head when I heard him say this crap is why can't he just face his punishment, be grateful it isn't that long and be done with it. But no he wants to appeal, he wants out during the appeals process and he refuses to admit he did anything wrong throughout all of this.

So I tried to be objective in all of this, and I wondered if Murray was taking this stand because maybe he in fact didn't do anything wrong. Think about this for a moment, Involuntary Manslaughter is a minor charge when it comes to the death of another person, but Murray is acting like he got first degree murder. So could it be that he isn't actually guilty, that maybe this is a sign that MichaelJackson  is indeed still very much alive, which is why Murray doesn't want to be in jail for even a day. Maybe I am once again grasping at straws, but when I think about the drop in restitution by the Jackson family and now this, I can't help but go back to the fact that Michael could still be very much alive.

There is also something that Murray's attorney stated about the Appeal he filed.  He stated that he felt the Appeal would be granted because there was evidence left out of the original trial that could have very well cleared Murray.  Now why it wasn't presented at the original trial is beyond me, but one has to wonder what this evidence is, right?

Something more to think about here…

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