Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The 3rd Anniversary of Michael Jackson's Supposed Death is Almost Upon Us, So Is it Time To Move On?

Recently, I was out on one of the Michael Jackson Death Hoax Forums and someone wrote a post asking fans to please move on and stop coming up with theories about how Michael could be alive. The individual wasn't being cruel in their statements like some who have denied the death hoax, they just felt that it was time for Michael's fans to perhaps accept the truth that Michael was indeed dead and to move on; after all, it will be three years since his supposed death. I have to admit that the individual had a valid point, and I know too well from my own personal experience about the grief process and the stages of grief that accompany it. These stages include denial, bargaining, anger, depression and acceptance. So the question is are Michael Jackson fans stuck in the denial stage refusing to believe that he is indeed dead?

Well, there was a time when I would of actually been the person telling Michael's fans to please accept the truth because clinging to this death hoax wasn't healthy. I have admitted more than once on this blog that I was a non-believer when I started this, and that I was out to prove that he was indeed dead. I wanted to blow the whole death hoax sky high out of the water. Well, if you've been reading this blog you know I am the one who changed my tune and now see it from the death hoax believer's side.  When I started researching I started to see what they were saying.  Yes, some of what they were saying was pretty far-fetched, but some of it made me stop and take notice to what they were saying.  There were a lot of unanswered questions that I hoped that the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial would have answered, only to have more questions come up with no answers after witnessing this trial.  I have to admit I never witnessed a trial quite like that one.  I never heard a verdict read with the words alleged date and alleged victim before.  I didn't think there could be anything alleged about it.

Although, this blog is called "Death Hoax or Not" I have to admit that I have become more of a believer in the death hoax than a non-believer. I now have to wonder if he is indeed alive out there somewhere. A death hoax is one of the few things that would make sense too some of the strange things I have discovered and have talked about out here on this blog.  I have to admit some people think that maybe we are seeing clues everywhere and in everything. This may be the case with some of us I am sorry to say, but I have seen some stuff that is highly questionable.

I can understand somewhat why this person in this forum felt the need to write and say that it was time to move on. So should we move on and just let this all go? That's a good question, as I have discussed on this blog, even if Michael is still alive there is a chance he may not be coming back, and that maybe he just doesn't want to be Michael Jackson any longer. So should we all be sitting around trying to pin point when Michael will be making his grand comeback. Let's face it folks, there are some out there who still think Elvis Presley is alive (I'm not one of them, I have never doubted he was dead), even though it's been decades since his death.

Lisa Marie as a small child with her father
the late, Elvis Presley

So should we all just get on with our lives? Well, it depends on how we are approaching the death hoax. If it's a hobby of ours; gathering the clues that Michael could be alive, is there really any harm in that? However, if we are allowing it to consume our very existence to the point where we spend every waking moment trying to find Michael wherever he may be, then it might be time to think about what we're doing and how its taking over our lives.

I know the economy is bad and some of us don't have jobs to occupy our time, but you might need to find something more constructive if the death hoax is taking over your life. This may be what this individual who wrote this forum post was trying to stress to those of us who are involved in the death hoax. It's fine to want to investigate this mystery (and it is a mystery no matter how you view it,) but don't let this investigation take over your entire life. I've been writing this blog for almost a year now, and although I am also involved in another Michael Jackson blog, I also have done other online writing and do have other interests. But, do I think it's time to move on? You'll have to answer that for yourself. For me there are still way too many unanswered questions, so it would be a little hard to just move on completely and let this go.

So I intend to continue on looking for answers to this puzzle. I believe the answers are out there and I plan on continuing to look for them.

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