Friday, March 30, 2012

Was Michael Jackson's Supposed Death Based on a Comic Book Story?

Michael Jackson
Gotham Chopra
I came upon something recently which made me stop and pause.  I found out that Michael Jackson was working on a comic book with a long time friend of his, Gotham Chopra called "Fated".  My understanding of this joint effort was that it was supposedly finished in early spring of 2009'.  Now if the timing of this wasn't ironic enough, let me tell you what this comic that they had been writing was about.
Sample Page from "Fated"
Comic Book
The story from what I was able to gather is about a pop star (sound familiar)?  Anyway, this character tries to kill himself but he fails.  In the story people think he is dead when in fact he is alive.  This character gains more popularity in his supposed dead and at the same time he starts to gain super natural powers. 

Does some of this sound familiar to any of you?  I mean, I find it rather strange that he would write a story about a pop star trying to kill himself but fails.  I also find it interesting that he and Gotham Chopra finished this earlier in 2009'.  The article I was reading in regards to this stated that it would be published in June of 2010', but I could not find anything on the Internet where you could purchase this comic book.  I couldn't even find anything about it actually getting published.  So if you are reading this and know where I can get a copy of this comic, please email me and let me know.  I would very much like to read it.

So is there a clue in all of this?  I can't really say, but here is a link (CLICK HERE to watch video in regards to this publication).

I'm sure you have to admit that this is all very strange, right?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why Wasn't Singer, Diana Ross at Michael Jackson's Private Funeral, and is this Some Kind of Clue?

As I'm sure many of you know that the Jackson family had a private funeral for Michael at Forest Lawn Cemetery on September 5, 2009.  It came a little less than two months after his very public Memorial Service that was televised for the world to see from the Los Angeles Staple Center.  The reason the family gave for the delay in having Michael put to rest was that they couldn't decide where his final resting place should be.  My understanding is it was Michael's sister, Latoya who finally decided on Forest Lawn Cemetery.  (I'm still not sure why she was the one in the family that got to make this decision).

Anyway, let's go back in time.  When Michael started his very long and illustrious career the one person who was there throughout a good portion of it was singer, Diana Ross. 
Diana Ross and Michael Jackson from earlier times.
She basically helped Michael Jackson and his brothers when they were known as the Jackson 5.  In fact, Diana Ross at one time even had Michael and his brothers live with her when they were young and in the height of their career as a singing group.  Michael often times stated that during those times she was very much like a mother figure in his life and that he trusted her like no other. 
Diana Ross and Michael Jackson throughout the years.

In fact, as many of us found out in Michael Jackson's Last Will and Testament he asked that custody of his three children be given to Diana Ross if his mother was unable to take care of them.  (Interesting, right?  I mean, he could have chosen any of his other siblings but he chose Ms. Ross).

As I was thinking about this something came to mind and it was about Michael's Private Funeral at Forest Lawn Cemetery.  What I was wondering is why wasn't Diane Ross there?  I could understand why she wasn't at Michael's very public Memorial Service.  I mean, after all, even Elizabeth Taylor, who was a very close friend, also wasn't at his Memorial Service, although, she did show up for his Private Funeral. 
Actress, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson
So I ask again, why didn't Diana Ross show up?  I know funerals are hard on people, and I know they are especially hard on family and friends who are close to the decedent, but you would think that since this funeral was Private (yes, I know we got to see a small amount of this funeral on television before they cut us off), you would still think that Ms. Ross would have showed up, after all, this was supposed to be Michael's final resting place, right?  Especially, since she was considered like a second mother to him.

There has been some speculation that the reason she didn't show up is because she supposedly knows that Michael Jackson isn't dead, and that he faked his death.  (At least, that's what I've heard).  In fact, I even heard that some people think she might be the one hiding him out.  Now whether I believe this, I'm not really sure.  I do, although, have to admit that I find it strange that she didn't show up to this funeral, so it has made me wonder.  Maybe I'm making more out of this then there is, but you have to admit if you really think about it, it does seem rather strange, don't you think?

One last thing, don't you think it was rather strange that she never added her opinion or feelings in regards to the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial? (I do). 

So could there be a clue here? You'll have to decide this for yourself.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dr. Tohme Tohme and the 5.8 Million Dollar Home he Purchased

I recently came upon some information that shortly after Michael Jackson's supposed death Dr. Tohme Tohme and his wife Wendy were out and about buying a new home.  This new home had a price tag of 5.8 million dollars.  When I say shortly after Michael's death I really mean this.  In fact, Dr. Tohme Tohme and his wife were out buying this house on July 14, 2009, which made it only twenty (20) days after Michael Jackson's supposed death.

(CLICK HERE to watch video about this. It happens around the time of 10:25 on the video where this is discussed).

I found this to be quite interesting when you consider we all now know that he had this financial agreement with Michael Jackson which basically made him a millionaire.  If you aren't aware of this agreement as you read this you might want to read some of my other articles on this blog.  (Blog articles about this financial agreement are:  "Is Dr. Tohme Tohme the Reason Why Michael Jackson Might Have Faked His Death"(Part 1-3) dated: March 15, 2012).

Anyway, currently there is legal litigation against this financial agreement that Michael Jackson and Dr. Tohme Tohme had by the Jackson estate.  The Jackson estate is trying to get this agreement nullified and voided.  How this will all play out is beyond me, but it is obvious that Dr. Tohme Tohme must feel awfully confident in his dealings of this agreement with Michael Jackson if it only took him twenty (20) days after Michael Jackson's supposed death to go out and purchase a 5.8 million dollar home, now doesn't it?

Just something more to think about here…

Friday, March 23, 2012

"Who Told Dr. Tohme Tohme About Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009?

Dr. Tohme Tohme at hospital
 press conference on the day
 Michael Jackson supposedly died
If you've been reading this blog you know I just finished a three part blog series titled:  "Is Dr. Tohme Tohme the Reason Why Michael Jackson Might Have Faked His Death?" During that three part series something crossed my mind and I have been thinking a lot about it.  The thing that I've been thinking about is who is the person that alerted Dr. Tohme Tohme about what was happening to Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009?  I mean, after all, this man had been dismissed a little over a month before all of this, so how did he find out?

When you look at the time line you just know someone had to tip him off.  There is a video that show him walking with Randy Phillips in the parking lot outside the hospital where Michael Jackson was supposedly taken.

(CLICK HERE to watch video showing them walking together in the parking lot).

Randy Phillips of AEG

There was even the situation that Michael's chef, Kai Chase alluded to when she said he dismissed all of the house staff shortly after Michael Jackson was taken to the hospital.  Gee, I wonder a lot about that.  My understanding is he dismissed all the house staff even before the staff knew whether Michael was alive or dead.  So how did Dr. Tohme Tohme know about all of this when it happened, and that Michael Jackson was supposedly dead when the ambulance left the Carolwood house on that day?

You have to wonder about an inside informant at Michael's Carolwood home.  You have to wonder if they called Dr. Tohme Tohme and told him about Michael's condition.  I can't help but go back to thinking of Tohme having someone take Michael Jackson out.  (I know…I know I'm probably seeing conspiracies again here, but I can't help it).

Some of you might be thinking that maybe Randy Phillips of (AEG) called him and told him since they were both walking together in the parking lot.  Yes, this might have happened, but then again, they may have just met each other in the hospital parking lot and just decided to walk together.  It could be something as simple as that.  I mean, I would like to think that Randy Phillips would have known that Michael had dismissed this man from employment with him, so I wouldn't think that Randy Phillips would have any reason to call him.  So whether Randy Phillips contacted Tohme, I'm still out to lunch on that one.  Although, it has been rumored that at one time Tohme had been married to Randy Phillips sister, but this has never really been substantiated.  Randy Phillips did say in an interview that when he got the call about Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009 that he was with one of his associates.  So was that associate Tohme?  I'm not 100% sure about that one either.
Randy Phillps, Michael Jackson, and Dr. Tohme Tohme
So my other thoughts were who was the person who hired Michael Jackson's bodyguards?  Were they hired by Dr. Tohme Tohme, and did one of them tip him off.  I'm not too sure about this one either.  Then there is the other scenario I talked about in my three part series when I discussed Dr. Conrad Murray possibly being on the take and working for Tohme.  Maybe he's the one that ended up alerting him to what was going on… and then maybe not.

Then there is also the other scenario I discussed that if Michael Jackson did in fact fake his own death, that there is a possibility that he told someone under his employ to contact Tohme, so as to throw him off.  You never know, this could very well have happened.

I don't think the news media could have done it because it was just too early in the day before that information was given out.  So my question still remains who told Dr. Tohme Tohme about Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009, and most importantly why did he feel the need to go to the hospital, and basically take over the press conference that Michael's brother Jermaine gave on that day?

Just some more things to ponder…

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is Dr. Tohme Tohme the Reason Why Michael Jackson Might Have Faked His Death? (Part 3 of 3)

In the last two blog entries, I started to go into why it's a possibility that Michael Jackson may have staged his death because of Dr. Tohme Tohme. There is no doubt that Michael Jackson would have had reasons not to trust Dr. Tohme Tohme.  He admitted to his spiritual advisor, June Gatlin that he did a thorough check on the man.  I'm sure he didn't really tell her everything he found out about him.  You have to wonder what he did discover and was it the real reason he dismissed the man from employment and his life.

Then this frightening thought entered my mind and I wish it hadn't, did Dr. Tohme Tohme have Michael Jackson taken out. It did seem odd that shortly after his dismissal Jackson turned around and hired Dr. Conrad Murray, and then a little over a month later Michael would be supposedly dead. Let's face it Dr. Conrad Murray's background wasn't squeaky clean here. We all learned that the man was heavily in debt and was behind on his child support payments, and that his home was in foreclosure.  I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to buy this man.  (Now, am I speculating here, probably), yet when the man was first arrested for the death of Michael Jackson he managed to obtain bail.  So if he was highly in debt, where did he get this money?  He obviously was able to obtain money from somewhere or someone, right? Not only did he obtain money from somewhere or someone but he was able to hire a high class defense team. 
Dr. Conrad Murray and Dr. Tohme Tohme
Michael's father, Joe Jackson let all this be known on CNN "Larry King Live" where he spoke about this and the fact that he believed that Murray was just the fall guy. 

(CLICK HERE to view video)

Now, I know Conrad Murray never received a single penny working for Michael Jackson at that point, so where did this money come from for him to make bail? So does this mean that Murray might have been on the take, and that maybe Dr. Tohme Tohme might have hired him to take Michael out, or make it easier for someone else to do so? Let's remember in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial it was discussed that there was one fingerprint that was found on the IV bag that hadn't been able to be identified, it didn't belong to Murray, Michael or any of the household staff at the time, so who does it belong to? Its funny how this wasn't pursued further in court isn't it?  It was mentioned, but no one ever went back to this evidence in the trial.  In fact, I was surprised that Murray's lead attorney didn't talk about it in his closing arguments, weren't any of you?  All they seemed to continue to go on about was that they thought Michael caused his own death.

(CLICK HERE to view video about fingerprints).

I have a question in regards to all of this, did anyone stop to take Dr. Tohme's fingerprints, or did they even think to do so since he wasn't currently employed by Michael at the time?

Then, of course, there is another scenario I've been thinking about and that is maybe Michael caught wind of Dr. Tohme's scheme, and that he asked Dr. Murray to help him get away from this man.  Think about this for a moment, do any of you honestly think that you could dismiss a man like Dr. Tohme Tohme from your life knowing there was such a financial agreement between the both of you?  Do you think this man would just go away quietly?  Do you think he wouldn't have other altercations with Jackson in regards to this agreement? (Am I seeing conspiracies here? Maybe, but I just can't imagine that Michael could just dismiss this man and that he would leave all nice and peaceful knowing about their agreement.  If you had such an agreement with someone that would pay you a lot of money, would you just leave without a fight?  Really think about this for a moment).

So maybe Michael took things into his own hands and knew there was only one way to escape from this agreement and that was to fake his own death.  Let's face it; Michael has a history of knowing how to get out of things if he needed to.  I mean, he proved that when he hid out in Phoenix, Arizona back in 2008' in an RV with his kids. (See blog entry: "Is Donny Osmond Giving Us a Clue or is This Wishful Thinking" dated:  March 8, 2012).

So did Michael fake his own death with the help of Dr. Conrad Murray to be able to get rid of Dr. Tohme Tohme and the threat that the man probably had over him and his family? It would certainly explain why Murray acts like he did nothing wrong, and that he doesn't belong in jail, wouldn't it?  It would make sense to why Murray felt the need to call all the women he did on the day that Michael Jackson supposedly died. He even called one of the women when he hadn't even spoken to them for awhile.  The woman admitted she was surprised to hear from him when he called. (CLICK HERE to view her testimony about this).

It was almost as if he needed a group of witnesses to account for his time on that day by being on the phone.  Although, to some extent this did backfire on him because all this showed was that he was not monitoring Jackson when he should have been, which could mean we have the other scenario where Murray allowed someone else to go in and turn the Propofol up to a higher amount, which would explain the unexplained fingerprint.

I learned something not too long ago that happened a week before Michael's supposed death, and that was he got back together with his old attorney that he had had a falling out with many years ago, John Branca (This attorney is also one of the executors to Michael's Last Will in Testament). 
(CLICK HERE to view video about this around the time of 6:46).
John Branca and Michael Jackson from earlier times.
So to sum up all of this what do we really truly have here? We've got an entertainer (Michael Jackson), who broke free from a dictator (Dr. Tohme, Tohme), and to surround himself with people he once trusted such as Frank Dileo, Kenny Ortega, Randy Phillips, and now (John Branca). Something tells me that Dr. Tohme Tohme wouldn't have been too happy about this. Especially, the part of Michael hooking back up with an attorney who probably could have gotten him out of said agreement that seemed pretty shady in the first place.

So did Dr. Tohme Tohme take Michael Jackson out? Did Michael in fact meet with foul play?  (Should I even be writing this)?  It would explain some of the recent circumstances happening almost three years later after Michael's supposed death, wouldn't it?  I mean, after all, the Jackson estate has filed suit against this financial agreement and it has meant with a countersuit by Dr. Tohme Tohme.

The big question keeps coming up; if Michael Jackson is still alive will he be coming back?  I've tried to answer that question several times out here on this blog, but I'm starting to wonder with this new lawsuit against this agreement Michael had with Dr. Tohme Tohme whether we'll have our answer to that very question when we find out the outcome to all of this. 

I personally am now thinking if the Jackson estate can win this lawsuit and nullify/void this agreement with Dr. Tohme Tohme, and if Michael Jackson is in fact alive, he could very well be back.

Just some added information, Dr. Tohme Tohme claimed he was a doctor at one time and practiced in Lebanon, but he couldn't really prove this.  All he would say was that he wasn't currently practicing.  He also stated he was an Ambassador at Large to the country of Senegal, but the embassy there denied that claim also.

So you have to wonder again if Michael not only faked his death to protect his family from this man, but that maybe he is involved in a government sting operation that might just deal with this man, since you can't really get any accurate information on him.  (Am I speculating again, probably, but everything I hear about this man makes me feel that I'm on the right track).
Former President Bill Clinton and Michael Jackson
who had a longtime friendship.  (I find it quite interesting
that he wasn't at Michael Jackson's Memorial service or his
Private Funeral at Forest Lawn Cemetary).
Time will tell when this lawsuit gets to court.  This is one court case I plan to be following, how about you?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Is Dr. Tohme Tohme the Reason Why Michael Jackson Might Have Faked His Death? (Part 2 of 3)

Just how much control did Dr. Tohme
Tohme have over Michael Jackson?
Pictured: Michael Jackson
 and Dr. Tohme Tohme
In Part 1, I started to go into the fact that it was possible that Michael Jackson staged his death in order to protect himself and his family from a threat from his former employee, Dr. Tohme Tohme. Now why do I think this was possible? Well as I said before this man no longer worked for Michael at the time of his apparent death, but as many of us witnessed this didn't stop the man from showing up at the hospital, and more or less taking over the press conference. It also didn't stop him, I might add from going over to Jackson's house and dismissing the entire household staff on the day of Michael's supposed death, (this was according to Michael's personal chef Kai Chase).

So where does this man who was no longer in Michael's employ get the right to do such a thing? Don't ask me, I'm still trying to figure out who gave Michael's sister, Latoya guardianship of his body, (sorry to bring that up again, I know that's from another blog entry). Anyway, all of this seems odd to say the least, especially in light of the fact that Michael and this man hadn't parted on good terms.  If anything, I'm sure it was far from it from what I had heard.

As I stated before Dr. Tohme Tohme allegedly threatened Michael with death and destruction onto him and his family. Yes, we only have here say on this, but since he admitted to his spiritual advisor, June Gatlin that he was deathly afraid of the man, and she has taped recordings to back this up with, I tend to believe that the threat of death and destruction actually happened.

(CLICK HERE to view video of June Gatlin's interview about Michael Jackson being afraid of Dr. Tohme Tohme).

Now just a month or so ago, it came out that Dr. Tohme Tohme apparently had an agreement with Michael that gave him a percentage of all of Michael's earnings, whether Michael Jackson was alive or dead. This is where things start to get frightening for me, because let's face it, I have connected enough dots here to figure out that Michael either staged his own death to get away from this man, or he met with foul play, which is what some of his family members still believe to this day.  Let's be honest here, I believe there has to be a cover up of some kind going on, that much I have been able to determine with the amount of unanswered questions, strange timelines, and the bizarre manslaughter trial that we all witnessed. The fact that this agreement between Michael and Tohme is just coming out almost three years after Michael Jackson's supposed death speaks volumes to me.  So when I heard about this agreement I felt a chill run down my spine.  I mean, who would have such an agreement with someone that states they get a percentage of your earnings whether you are alive or dead, especially when Michael dismissed him from his employment. Also, who wrote up this agreement in the first place, and how could Michael ever sign such an agreement? The reason I ask this is Michael also dismissed celebrity attorney, Peter Lopez at the beginning of 2009', and for those of you who aren't aware of it, this man supposedly committed suicide in 2010'. Then several months after inking the deal with AEG for the 02 Arena, Michael dismisses Dr. Tohme Tohme, and about a little over a month after that, Michael Jackson would be dead.  (Coincidence?  You decide.)

Now I remember Kenny Ortega, of AEG saying in an interview that when the deal was signed, (he didn't say with who), but he did talk about a conversation he had with Michael shortly after the new deal was made where Michael voiced a whole lot of concern about the amount of concerts that were being asked of him. Kenny went on to say that he reassured Michael that he would only have to do two a week over an eight month period and they would make it as easy on him as possible.

Now if Michael was the one who penned the new deal, why would Ortega have to reassure him, and why was it that shortly after this Dr. Tohme Tohme got his walking papers. I have suspected for quite some time that Tohme made this deal with AEG for additional shows without consulting with Michael, and then left AEG holding the bag so to speak, because they're the ones that the Jackson family and fans have blamed for what happened to Michael, when I suspect they are nothing but the scapegoat for Dr. Tohme Tohme. (Do I know this for sure, NO, but it sure makes one think, doesn't it)? You have to admit it does seem odd that this man was dismissed shortly after this contract was signed.  Although, it was reported that Michael dismissed him because he had taken enough and one of the last straws came when Tohme had removed personal items from Neverland and was about to have these items auctioned off.  The auction never took place from my understanding, because I guess Michael finally wised up to what Tohme was doing.  He stopped the auction from going ahead, but not without Tohme taking the items and placing them into a warehouse. I understand that after Michael's supposed death that his estate had to negotiate with Dr. Tohme Tohme to get back Michael's property. (Interesting, right?)

Here is a rundown of what I've been able to find out about the agreement that Michael had with Dr. Tohme Tohme.
Some of the many players in this puzzle. Pictured: Randy Phillips of AEG,
Dr. Conrad Murray, Thomas Barrack, and Dr. Tohme Tohme
Dr. Tohme Tohme first worked out a deal with a company, Colony Capital (Thomas Barrack) to garner the sale of a part of Neverland ranch.  My understanding is that Colony Capital came up with $24 million dollar to stop foreclosure on Neverland, and with that agreement Dr. Tohme Tohme would receive a $2.4 million dollar fee, (kind of like a finder's fee).

According to the complaint filed by the Jackson estate they claimed that Michael never knew that Dr. Tohme Tohme was going to receive a fee for doing this work for him.  After all, Dr. Tohme Tohme was an employee hired by Jackson.

The complaint went on to say that Dr. Tohme Tohme managed to get Michael to sign off on an agreement which would pay him $35,000 a month for basically doing nothing.  It also added that Dr. Tohme Tohme would receive 15% on all gross compensation that Michael received for anything he did related to the entertainment field.

Then the real big clincher was that Michael Jackson not only signed one Power of Attorney over to Dr. Tohme Tohme, but two. (Say what?  What was Michael thinking)?  Michael also agreed to give Dr. Tohme Tohme $100,000 a month as a producer's fee for the running of the London concerts ("This Is It"), from July 2009' to March 2010'.  And, my understanding of all of this was that it was all signed by Jackson without an attorney present.

Dr. Tohme Tohme basically took total control of all money and property that belong to Michael Jackson. (Can this get any more bizarre. And, I have to ask again, what was Michael Jackson thinking signing off on such an agreement)?

It will be interesting to see when this lawsuit gets to court what else we will learn about what is in this agreement.  Maybe we'll be able to actually see the original agreement document out here on the Internet.  That would be an interesting document to read, now wouldn't it?

Stay tune for Part 3.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is Dr. Tohme Tohme the Reason Why Michael Jackson Might Have Faked His Death? (Part 1 of 3)

Dr. Tohme Tohme
Recently, in mid-February the Michael Jackson estate filed a lawsuit against Dr. Tohme Tohme, who was at one time the financial advisor to Michael Jackson before he was dismissed by the singer in early May of 2009'.  In a previous blog entry I went into where Michael Jackson could be and why he may have staged his death, if that is indeed what he did.  One thing I went into was the fact that Michael could have gone into hiding in order to protect himself and his family.  If he did this you have to wonder what could have been so threatening that Michael felt the need to go into hiding in the first place.  What or who made him feel his life or the life of his family was in severe danger.

I have to be honest here and tell you from the beginning one person has always stood out to me as having some kind of involvement in all of this, and no I'm not talking about Dr. Conrad Murray.  I am referring to Dr. Tohme Tohme.  For those of you who weren't paying attention on the day of Michael's supposed death, and who could blame any of you, after all we were all pretty much blindsided on that day with this news.  In case you don't remember Tohme was actually at the hospital on this day.  He appeared at the press conference that Michael's brother Jermaine gave, and he actually spoke to the press.  He came across as if he were a close family friend.  So at the time I didn't think much about it, after all I didn't know all the people the Jackson family was associated with, so why would I find this odd.  However, I would soon discover exactly who this man was, and discover that he was anything but a friend, especially to Michael.
      (CLICK HERE to view press conference at hospital)
After hospital press conference. Pictured:  Frank Dileo, Jermaine Jackson,
hospital rep, Jermaines' wife, Halima, and Dr. Tohme Tohme
I later found out that Dr. Tohme Tohme was introduced to Michael by his brother, Jermaine, who apparently knew the man from somewhere, (I'm still not quite sure where.  I've heard too many different stories to tell here).  Although, some think that he is somehow related to Jermaine's current wife, (but she has denied this).  Anyway, Jermaine introduced Michael to Tohme because at the time Michael was in severe debt and was trying to save his home, Neverland Rand from foreclosure, (this is why I refuse to believe Michael hated Neverland as the news media painted it.  If he had come to hate Neverland he would have just let the bank take it from him if that was the case).  My understanding is Tohme helped Michael make a deal that insured he would keep half of the ranch, while the other part was sold.  It was during this time that Tohme became Michael Jackson's financial advisor, and perhaps even more.  I don't know for sure what really happened in this relationship or what control Tohme had, but there are a few thing that have come to light that are factual, and none of them are favorable towards Tohme, or his relationship with Michael Jackson.

First of all, there was the fact that about a month before Michael's apparent death he had dismissed Tohme as his financial advisor.  It was then that Dr. Tohme Tohme allegedly threatened him and his family with death and destruction. 

(CLICK HERE to view video report in regards to this)

The odd thing is shortly after Tohme was dismissed Michael hired Dr. Conrad Murray to be his personal physician for the "This Is It" concert tour.  Is this a coincidence?  Maybe, but you have to admit it's rather strange, especially when you stop to think that the good doctor had kept an incriminating recording of Michael in a drug induced stupor that we all got to hear during the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial.

And, just recently two years and a little over eight months later since Michael's supposed death we are hearing about a horrific agreement Michael Jackson had with Dr. Tohme Tohme that the Jackson estate has filed suit against.  Apparently, Tohme had a deal with Michael that apparently states that he gets a percentage of Michael's earnings whether Jackson was alive or dead. (Say what?!)

So what is truly going on here, and who would create such an agreement?  Where did it actually come from?  The bigger question that weighs on my mind is whether Tohme was involved in what happened to Michael in the end?

Stay tune for Part 2, where I'll explain the agreement Michael Jackson had with Dr. Tohme Tohme in more detail.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The 3rd Anniversary of Michael Jackson's Supposed Death is Almost Upon Us, So Is it Time To Move On?

Recently, I was out on one of the Michael Jackson Death Hoax Forums and someone wrote a post asking fans to please move on and stop coming up with theories about how Michael could be alive. The individual wasn't being cruel in their statements like some who have denied the death hoax, they just felt that it was time for Michael's fans to perhaps accept the truth that Michael was indeed dead and to move on; after all, it will be three years since his supposed death. I have to admit that the individual had a valid point, and I know too well from my own personal experience about the grief process and the stages of grief that accompany it. These stages include denial, bargaining, anger, depression and acceptance. So the question is are Michael Jackson fans stuck in the denial stage refusing to believe that he is indeed dead?

Well, there was a time when I would of actually been the person telling Michael's fans to please accept the truth because clinging to this death hoax wasn't healthy. I have admitted more than once on this blog that I was a non-believer when I started this, and that I was out to prove that he was indeed dead. I wanted to blow the whole death hoax sky high out of the water. Well, if you've been reading this blog you know I am the one who changed my tune and now see it from the death hoax believer's side.  When I started researching I started to see what they were saying.  Yes, some of what they were saying was pretty far-fetched, but some of it made me stop and take notice to what they were saying.  There were a lot of unanswered questions that I hoped that the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial would have answered, only to have more questions come up with no answers after witnessing this trial.  I have to admit I never witnessed a trial quite like that one.  I never heard a verdict read with the words alleged date and alleged victim before.  I didn't think there could be anything alleged about it.

Although, this blog is called "Death Hoax or Not" I have to admit that I have become more of a believer in the death hoax than a non-believer. I now have to wonder if he is indeed alive out there somewhere. A death hoax is one of the few things that would make sense too some of the strange things I have discovered and have talked about out here on this blog.  I have to admit some people think that maybe we are seeing clues everywhere and in everything. This may be the case with some of us I am sorry to say, but I have seen some stuff that is highly questionable.

I can understand somewhat why this person in this forum felt the need to write and say that it was time to move on. So should we move on and just let this all go? That's a good question, as I have discussed on this blog, even if Michael is still alive there is a chance he may not be coming back, and that maybe he just doesn't want to be Michael Jackson any longer. So should we all be sitting around trying to pin point when Michael will be making his grand comeback. Let's face it folks, there are some out there who still think Elvis Presley is alive (I'm not one of them, I have never doubted he was dead), even though it's been decades since his death.

Lisa Marie as a small child with her father
the late, Elvis Presley

So should we all just get on with our lives? Well, it depends on how we are approaching the death hoax. If it's a hobby of ours; gathering the clues that Michael could be alive, is there really any harm in that? However, if we are allowing it to consume our very existence to the point where we spend every waking moment trying to find Michael wherever he may be, then it might be time to think about what we're doing and how its taking over our lives.

I know the economy is bad and some of us don't have jobs to occupy our time, but you might need to find something more constructive if the death hoax is taking over your life. This may be what this individual who wrote this forum post was trying to stress to those of us who are involved in the death hoax. It's fine to want to investigate this mystery (and it is a mystery no matter how you view it,) but don't let this investigation take over your entire life. I've been writing this blog for almost a year now, and although I am also involved in another Michael Jackson blog, I also have done other online writing and do have other interests. But, do I think it's time to move on? You'll have to answer that for yourself. For me there are still way too many unanswered questions, so it would be a little hard to just move on completely and let this go.

So I intend to continue on looking for answers to this puzzle. I believe the answers are out there and I plan on continuing to look for them.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Conrad Murray: Says he didn't do anything wrong!" (Say What)!!!

First, there was the outrage over the Jackson family deciding not to seek restitution from Conrad Murray for the supposed death of Michael Jackson, which infuriated me big time. Then if that wasn't enough Conrad Murray, (Dr. Doom) wanted to be released from jail pending his Appeal's hearing. (How this man has the gall to even seek an Appeal is beyond me)! According to Murray he did nothing wrong. Now as I have said before I don't want to use fowl language here, but this makes me so angry that I am close to doing just that.
To make matters worse I read an article that talked about the fact that poor Conrad Murray had no idea that Michael Jackson was an addict. No, of course not, he just taped the man while he was doped out of his mind, but he didn't know he had a problem with addiction. Come on give me a break! Is this the same man who actually stood in court claiming that the only reason he agreed to give Michael propofol was to help him to get off drugs. Now he wants to say he never knew! UGH, it's bad enough that this guy only got Involuntary Manslaughter (I felt it should have at least been Negligent Homicide or even Second Degree Murder), and will probably only serve a few years, but now we have to have him paint himself as the victim in all of this. If you wish to read this article you can by:

I think what infuriates me the most other then Conrad Murray painting himself as some martyr saint and not once apologizing for what happened is his horrid stand that he did nothing wrong. This makes me understand why Judge Pastor put this man behind bars; it was for his own protection. With this pompous arrogant attitude that MichaelJackson is to blame for what happened to him is enough to make even the most level headed Michael Jackson fan lose it. Let's face it Murray is safer in jail then out. Also, the thing that went through my head when I heard him say this crap is why can't he just face his punishment, be grateful it isn't that long and be done with it. But no he wants to appeal, he wants out during the appeals process and he refuses to admit he did anything wrong throughout all of this.

So I tried to be objective in all of this, and I wondered if Murray was taking this stand because maybe he in fact didn't do anything wrong. Think about this for a moment, Involuntary Manslaughter is a minor charge when it comes to the death of another person, but Murray is acting like he got first degree murder. So could it be that he isn't actually guilty, that maybe this is a sign that MichaelJackson  is indeed still very much alive, which is why Murray doesn't want to be in jail for even a day. Maybe I am once again grasping at straws, but when I think about the drop in restitution by the Jackson family and now this, I can't help but go back to the fact that Michael could still be very much alive.

There is also something that Murray's attorney stated about the Appeal he filed.  He stated that he felt the Appeal would be granted because there was evidence left out of the original trial that could have very well cleared Murray.  Now why it wasn't presented at the original trial is beyond me, but one has to wonder what this evidence is, right?

Something more to think about here…

Monday, March 12, 2012

"Why Wasn't Marlon Jackson Ever At Conrad Murray's Trial?"

Marlon Jackson wearing FBI
cap.  Many think this is a clue
that Michael may be working
undercover for the F.B.I., and this
is Marlon's way of telling us.
Looking back at the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial something has puzzled me. Why wasn't Michael's brother Marlon ever in attendance? Now I didn't expect him to appear at the trial every day, after all he doesn't live in Los Angeles so that would be asking a lot of him. But, why wasn't he at least there for the reading of the verdict. I know from personal experience that Prosecutors and Defense Lawyer's want family members of defendants and victims in attendance in court to show a united front to the jury.
I remember back in 2005' when Michael Jackson was up on Child Molestation charges, the entire Jackson family showed up on the day of the verdict showing a united front, even if not all of them could be there throughout the entire trial, even Marlon was there for the verdict, but not during the Murray trial. Why not? Where was he? As I said before I know he doesn't live in L.A. but he seems to be able to travel to Africa at the drop of a hat for his humanitarian projects. But, yet he couldn't attend the trial of the man accused of killing his brother once, not even to hear the verdict. He couldn't show up to support his mother during this time? I'm sure such a thing would be difficult to face, to be honest, I'm not quite sure I could face it myself. However, Marlon couldn't even bring himself to go and stand outside the courtroom waiting for the verdict to come in, and yet he did it during the 2005' Child Molestation trial.  So why couldn't he do it for the death of his brother Michael.  Is this telling us something here?

So what do I think of all of this? Well, I find it extremely odd, and another thing about this trial that doesn't seem to add up. Regardless of how difficult it may be any family member would want to at least appear in court once, especially for a verdict as important as this one was you would think.  After all, you would want to see that justice is served, wouldn't you? So why wasn't Marlon there at least one day during this trial? This just seems like one more thing during the Manslaughter trial that just didn't make sense.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Michael Jackson: The Illusionist"

Latoya, Michael, and Janet Jackson
Since Michael Jackson's death many of his family members have been doing interviews (you know here a Jackson, there a Jackson, everywhere a Jackson, Jackson) and in one of her interviews Michael's sister Latoya made a very odd comment. She stated that if anyone wanted to know the true circumstances regarding Michael's death to watch the movie "The Illusionist."

(CLICK HERE to watch Latoya make this statement)

So being curious as to what she meant by this I did some research on this film that came out in 2006' and was somewhat surprised about what I found out. In a nutshell, this is a film that takes place in the early 1900's in Vienna. In the film a young magician falls in love with a woman of a higher social background, who's expected to marry in her own social class. When she becomes engaged to a cruel politically powerful person, the magician takes it upon himself to free her from this impending marriage. He does this by staging her death and making it appear as if her cruel fiancé actually killed her.

If you want to read more of the synopsis on this movie you can go to the Internet Movie Database at:

So what we have here is a movie where someone stages a death, and then their own disappearance so that they can start life anew. So this leaves me to wonder if this is what Michael Jackson did. If not, why was Latoya telling people to go watch this movie? Why would she be telling us to watch any movie for that matter?  Although, I have to wonder why she would say this anyway, if Michael did in fact stage his death.  I mean, wouldn't he want it to be kept a secret? I am having a hard time grasping this one because it seems pretty transparent to hint that Michael is still alive.  So is there something else about this movie that Latoya is trying to say is linked to Michael's supposed death, other than the fact that it's a movie about staging a death in order to be set free from what is expected of you? That's a very good question. 

Interesting, right?