Monday, February 13, 2012

Why Won't Conrad Murray Go Away? (Is there a clue in all of this)?

Recently, Conrad Murray had his lawyer, Michael Flanagan file court papers to have him released to house arrest.  This was very surprising to me because it would seem that this man just won't go away.  Have any of you noticed that?  When I started writing my other blog "Conrad Murray vs. State of California" I thought that by the time the trial ended this blog would have started to collect cobwebs. In other words, there would be no reason to continue to update it. Boy was I ever wrong, because here is yet another update, and I had to write another blog entry on that blog.

So why Conrad Murray can't accept his minimal sentence with dignity, and just go away along with his defense team is beyond me? As many of you must know this hasn't been the case, Conrad Murray wants to appeal his sentence. Apparently, to him and his defense team even Involuntary Manslaughter, one of the smallest sentences a person can receive for taking another human's life is too severe. I've got news for them, many believe including Judge Pastor who presided over this case, that this sentence wasn't severe enough. I agree with this if Michael Jackson is in fact deceased, Murray should have at least been charged with either Negligent Homicide, if not Second Degree Murder. I've said it before, the District Attorney's office in Los Angeles should of tried for all three charges, and should have let the jury decide which one, if not more than one that Murray was guilty of. No, instead he got involuntary manslaughter which was a slap in the face to Michael's family and his fans. But to Murray that was still too severe.

Jackson Family at Michael Jackson's Memorial Service

I have read stuff that has literally infuriated me such as, Murray saying he did nothing wrong, and now I have his lawyer, Michael Flannigan telling the press that Conrad Murray didn't mean to "injure" Michael Jackson. (Say what?! Seriously I don't care any longer if this is legal jargon, I hate the use of the word injure where this case is concerned, it makes it sound like all Conrad Murray did was break Michael Jackson's arm or leg. This isn't the case, Michael Jackson is dead, (or is he); unless there is something that Conrad Murray wants to share with all of us to the contrary. As I have stated I can't believe the stuff I am hearing and the audacity of Murray and even his defense team. Murray is actually trying to appeal his case (I guess four years for killing someone, and possibly only having to serve 2 years of that sentence is still too severe for him). He actually wants permission to serve his sentence under house arrest with a monitor connected to him instead of prison. The reason he gives is he can't support his children while in jail. As my father would say where's my violin so I could play him a sad little maudlin song to go with this crap. Seriously where is this sudden paternal instinct coming from? Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this the man who was already in trouble for not paying court issued child support? Now, all of a sudden he needs to support his kids. (Please, give me a break)!

So what is really going on here?  Why won't this man just go away? And, why do all of these attorney's keep referring to Murray as only injuring Michael Jackson.  As I stated in a previous blog entry, when is death considered an injury?  If Michael is truly dead then someone better tell Murray's attorney that his client didn't just injure Michael Jackson but actually killed him, if in fact he did do just that.

Michael Flanagan
My understanding is that the hearing to decide whether Murray will be given house arrest is scheduled for February 24, 2012'.  I wonder if any clues will be dropped on us then?  It's the only reason I can come up with to why this man won't go away.  Obviously, if Michael is dropping us clues this is the way he feels he needs to do it.  I guess we'll all have to pay attention to this hearing and its outcome to see if anything comes up.

So stay tune and keep believing.  As I keep saying something just isn't right here.

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