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Why Didn't Michael Jackson Pre-plan His Funeral When He Wrote His Last Will and Testament? (Part 2 of 2)

In my previous blog post I discussed why it seemed odd to me that Michael Jackson hadn't pre-planned for his death when apparently he had taken the time to draw up a Last Will and Testament.  Now I won't dispute that there are those who question the legitimacy of this Will and whether it was actually Michael's last wishes, including his own family because of the way the names appeared on the Last Will and Testament. I can understand why this Will was scrutinized but I would find it very hard to believe that Michael Jackson, the father of three kids, who had more than his fair share of mishaps wouldn't have drawn up a Will. Now whether this is his actual Will remains debatable, but I am sure he had one drawn up. So if he took the time to draw up a Will wouldn't he have given thought to his final resting place, and what type of memorial service he would have wanted after death?  One would like to think so since he had previously attended James Brown's funeral, and Michael had to have been aware of the fight of where Brown would be laid to rest, right?  Not to mention Michael was still very much alive when the fight over where Anna Nicole Smith was laid to rest also came up, right?

I know from my own personal experience that when a person takes the time to think about their Will, that generally they make provisions after death for their loved ones so there is no debating their final wishes and final resting place.

I would like to think that Michael Jackson would no doubt have thought about these things, yet if he had it certainly didn't come across after his death. Instead we had the family debating about where he should be buried. I remember Jermaine being very verbal about the fact that Michael would want a spot where his fans could visit him and because of this Jermaine wanted Never Land to be the spot where Michael should be put to rest. Now this of course, met with a whole lot of resistance from the press and even Michael's family because of the reports that Michael left Never Land after 2005' Child Molestation Allegations, but personally I never believed this. If that was the case why didn't Michael leave Never Land after the raid in 1993', instead he stayed, and still considered Never Land his home. Also, he never completely sold Never Land Ranch, but held onto half of it. If he hated the place as some believed he would have sold it all completely and never looked back. So I have to agree with Jermaine, especially when he brought up a tree on the property that had been Michael's favorite place, and how this should be the spot where Michael should be put to rest. However, Jermaine was over ruled by the family who used the fact that security was an issue with the body. I couldn't dispute this, after all, there were fans who wanted to lie next to Michael's lifeless body, so security was indeed an issue at the time or so we were led to believe.

The odd thing about this is when you look back we never actually heard anyone say that they wanted to lay next to Michael's body or desecrate his grave, this was something that was given to the media by sources. I love that word; every time I hear the word sources used I think about those ghosts in the "Family Circus" cartoons that are called "Not I" or "Not Me", because sources falls into the ghost category we can't see now can we?  Also, my understanding is Michael's sister LaToya had taken over custody of Michael's body.  Why is this?  Why was it her and not someone else in the family?  Why didn't the executor's of Michael's Last Will and Testament decide on Michael's final resting place?  These are the many questions I have going through my head.  What right did LaToya have in all of this and who gave it to her.  I mean, why wasn't Michael's oldest brother, Tito, or the oldest sister, Reba in charge of Michael's body.  I understand that Michael's mother, Katherine was supposedly too devastated to handle it, but why LaToya?  I know many family members didn't agree with her decisions, so why was she chosen and who chose her? Who????? (Did Michael choose her to do it)?

Now let's look at another situation where a similar debate took place, and I'm not referring to aforementioned James Brown, or Anna Nicole Smith,  but the death of the King of Rock N Roll, Elvis Presley. His final resting place was also debated after his death, which is one reason why his death was questioned at the time. Elvis too, apparently didn't pre-plan, which I don't really find odd since at the time of his death, pre-planning wasn't something a whole lot of people did when they drew up their Last Will and Testament. However, Michael died at a time when this has basically become a part of planning your Last Will and Testament.  So once again, we have a parallel between these two men. Which brings me to another huge red flag, Michael knew all about Elvis Presley and he had even been married at one time to Elvis daughter, Lisa Marie, right?

 In a previous blog entry I went into how Michael had asked Lisa Marie about the day Elvis died. Now don't you think that in the course of this conversation that what kind of memorial service and after death preparations they both wanted would have come up? At the very least this whole conversation should have gotten Michael thinking about what he wanted, and how he should decide this so his family wouldn't be left with the burden of deciding this after he was gone.

Crypt where Michael Jackson's casket is supposedly kept.
So why was this debated with Michael, and why did it take months for it to be decided. Somehow this doesn't seem to add up because you would think after all of this time the family would realize that they need something more public for the fans to visit then the outside of Forest Lawn Cemetery and the Great Mausoleum, right?  Is the family still worried that someone might try to get into Michael's grave?  I mean, if you look at the photos, Michael's casket has been encased in a huge rock crypt.  How could any average human move it anyway?  Is the family afraid someone might?  This seems awfully strange to me.  

Then there is Sharon Sidney, the fan that I talked about in a previous blog entry who believes that Michael is still alive and that the family should do a DNA test on the body.  Why won't the family do this to stop this death hoax in its tracks?  There are some that think that Michael's body isn't even in that grave, which does make one wonder.  I mean it took the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial before we even saw what was to be believed as Michael Jackson's dead body.

So, what are we left with, we have Michael apparently buried at Forrest Lawn in Glendale, CA. with still no grave marker in place where he is suppose to be buried, yet his dear close friend in life Elizabeth Taylor has a marker on her grave, and she died a year after him, or so we were led to believe. Then there is the fact that no one can find him listed in the Forrest Lawn records, and yet once again Elizabeth Taylor can be found there.

You can't deny the fact that it seems extremely odd that someone like Michael Jackson didn't pre-plan his death when he after all had a Last Will and Testament and knew about other celebrities that had past and had burial issues brought up, doesn't it?

Just some more food for thought...

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