Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why Didn't Michael Jackson Pre-plan His Funeral When He Wrote His Last Will and Testament? (Part 1 of 2)

Well, here comes another in a long line of red flags that I have to put out here. While watching the funeral procession for late pop icon, Whitney Houston it was said that she would be buried next to her father in New Jersey, and that this was what she had wanted. Something went through my mind at that point, here was a woman at the age of 48 years old, yet she had obviously given death some thought, and knew what she wanted in the way of burial. Which now leads me to the next question in a long line of them, why didn't Michael Jackson know what he wanted? Some of us could say well Michael was only 50 years old, so why would he go around thinking about these things, right? Well, let me put it to you this way, anyone whose career requires them to constantly travel, especially by plane is in what I consider to be a high risk category. Obviously, Michael must have known this; after all he did have a Last Will and Testament, didn't he?

So in my opinion this is another red flag, because who would take the time to draw up a Last Will and Testament without thinking about after death preparations, especially if you're someone whose as famous as Michael Jackson. 

Now I know from my own personal experience with my parents, that both of them when talking about their Last Will and Testament, also talked about what they wanted in the way of a funeral, and the disposal of their bodies. I have to use that terminology because in both cases they chose not to be buried but cremated, although at one time they did consider burial because they had purchased a companion burial plot. But getting back to Michael Jackson, why didn't he pre-plan what he wanted? Why didn't he take the time to put it in writing, or even tell someone what he wanted? Why didn't he tell someone where he wanted to be put to rest, or how he wanted his body disposed of? This wasn't a dense person we're talking about here, but a very bright one who apparently thought about things around him, (but then I'm suppose to buy that he never took the time to contemplate this).

As we were all made aware, that not only did Michael apparently not make his wishes clear but there was his family debating where he should be put to rest. This debate was all over the various news programs, all the while Michael's body supposedly laid in a morgue somewhere, (another red flag).

I know there was a huge debate over the late Anna Nicole Smith, and apparently she hadn't done pre-planning or maybe she had, but because her son Daniel had died suddenly in the Bahamas and was put to rest there, when she died so tragically shortly after him it became an issue as to whether she should be put to rest next to him, which of course is what ultimately happened. Funny thing is this took less than a month to decide, but in the case of Michael Jackson it took almost two months, and we had it all over the press. Now some have questioned whether Michael's Will is even legitimate, including his family.

So was the Will legitimate and Michael is in fact buried at Forrest Lawn and closed off from the public?  The bigger question is would Michael have really wanted this to happen to his body?  Would Michael have wanted his fans kept away, knowing how much he loved them?

 Stay tune for Part 2, where I'll discuss just how truly strange this all is.

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