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Michael Jackson -Death Hoax: Where, oh where is Michael Jackson? (Part 4 of 4)

From the Movie:  "Miss Cast Away & the Island Girls
Cameo: Michael Jackson as Agent MJ
Well, we've come to the last Part of "Where, oh where is Michael Jackson", and I believe this part will probably be the best of all of the parts in this series.  I've done a lot of investigation on this part and I truly believe after you read this entry you will have a lot to think about.  This part is about how some fans believe that Michael Jackson is working undercover for the government in a sting operation.

I realized some of you might find this comical and wonder how in the world anybody could possibly think that Michael Jackson would work undercover for the government on anything, right?  I have to admit when I first heard about this I had a good laugh, but then as I started to research I have to admit I started to wonder if there was some substance to this.  Believe it or not there is some evidence to support this and I will try to explain what I have found out that has made me stop to really think about this.
Michael Jackson, Chelsea Clinton, President Clinton
First, if you didn't know this already Michael was highly active in the government.  He worked with many representatives, and he is good friends with former President Bill Clinton.  In fact, former President Bill Clinton has even visited Michael's Never land Ranch home.  He's even held Prince the 2nd (aka. Blanket) when he was just a baby. 
President Clinton & Michael Jackson
After Michael Jackson's supposed death no one even thought to ask former President Clinton about how he felt about the news of Michael's passing.  I find that quite fascinating.  They asked President Obama, but not President Clinton. (ummm)
President Carter with Michael Jackson

Plus, let's not forget the other President's Michael Jackson has met along the way, along with other influential people from all over the world.  Michael Jackson could have very well been a foreign diplomat in his own right.

Michael Jackson with President Bush Sr.

First Lady Nancy Reagan, Michael Jackson, and President Reagan

Michael Jackson with First Lady Barbara Bush

Nelson Mandela and Michael Jackson

Some of you might be thinking so what?  What does this prove?  Well, let's talk a little about the F.B.I. report that we all heard about after Michael's supposed death where it stated that they had followed and reported on Michael Jackson for a little over ten years.  I read some of the highlights of this report and I found it to be quite fascinating.  First, I was fascinated that a government agency like the F.B.I. would use tax payer money to follow Michael Jackson around for ten years trying to get him on child molestation charges, (if in fact that's what they were actually doing).  This just seems awfully strange to me.  Don't get me wrong, I believe that child molestation is a pretty serious crime, but to use the F.B.I for over ten years trying to pin something, anything on Michael Jackson, seems way out there for me.  I personally think something else had to be going on here.

My understanding is that after Michael's supposed death they released these files which included 333 pages, although I understand there was actually 600 pages.  The F.B.I. for some reason only made half of them public stating they couldn't release all pages due to sensitive material in how they investigated a case could be disclosed. (Say what?)  Think about that for a minute they said there were 600 pages.  So, although you can read the F.B.I. report on Jackson (CLICK HERE to view report), just know there are 267 pages you cannot view.  Sure makes you wonder what is in those pages, doesn't it?

There were, although some things of interest in the pages that were disclose and that was there was never any substantiated evidence that Michael Jackson ever molested any children.  But, there was one major thing talked about in this report and it happened back in 1992' when a man by the name of Frank Paul Jones had threatened to kill Jackson.  He was later arrested on May 22, 1992, charged with extortion, and sentenced to prison in 1993' for 2 years. (It's amazing how a person can threaten to kill Michael Jackson and get 2 years in prison, and yet another (Conrad Murray) can supposedly kill him and get 4 years, with the likely chance of only possibly serving 2 years).  Someone tell me what is wrong with this picture.

So where is Frank Paul Jones now?  (CLICK HERE to view an article that I found online that tries to address that question).  It's another highly interesting read. 

Anyway, back to our story.  The reason I bring up the F.B.I. files is not just because of the fact that they had investigated Michael Jackson for over ten years, but because a good portion of it happened during the President Clinton time in office.  I find this to be really interesting because of the friendship that Michael had with President Clinton.  I don't care what this report might say I just have this gut feeling that something else was going on here.  I can't believe that President Clinton would have backed the F.B.I. following Michael Jackson around for ten years to try to get him for child molestation and not getting any evidence to prove such a crime in all of that time.  This just doesn't make sense to me.  Does it make sense to any of you?  I repeat something else had to have been going on here.

Dick Gregory
There were times over the years that many thought Michael Jackson was an extremely paranoid individual because he often times reported that he felt someone was following him.  Well, now we know someone was (the F.B.I.) so maybe Michael was not as paranoid as some thought.  There was also a time when Michael told a good friend of his (Dick Gregory) during the 2005' trial that someone was trying to kill him.  He told Gregory that he was afraid to eat or drink anything in his own home (Never land of all places).  Gregory stated in an interview after Jackson's supposed death that he had to talk Michael into going to a hospital on the outskirts of town because he didn't trust going to a hospital nearby.  Was this all paranoia by Jackson, or was there something he knew that none of us knew?  (CLICK HERE to view Dick Gregory interview about this incident).

Think about this, right after the trial Michael left Never land and the United States behind.  Many stated it was because Michael couldn't live in his Never land house because of it being raided by law enforcement.  Now that might hold some water except there was a raid in 1993' when Michael was first accused of child molestation, and Michael returned back to Never land after that, didn't he?  Also, Michael lived at Never land after the 2003' raid and continued to live there until after the trial.  I don't think that was the true reason.  Some say he left because he couldn't afford to live there.  That's a possibility, although, Michael Jackson's attorney Tom Messerau stated that he advised Michael after the trial to leave the country if he could because he felt that the District Attorney in Los Angeles would continue to go after him, even if it were just for jay walking.  Who know if that would have happened, but Tom Messerau felt strong enough about this claim to convince Michael to leave the country.

What was interesting after Michael left the United States in 2005' was he was reported to have gone to Bahrain.  What was also interesting about this was that Michael did go there but didn't stay for very long.  He also visited Ireland and Germany during this time.  He seemed to not stay very long in one place.  It almost seemed as if he were afraid to remain in one place for very long. When he finally did come back to the states a year later he headed to Las Vegas and rented a home there.  I found this highly fascinating that he would move to the state where his father was currently living.  I guess Michael really had settled whatever problems he might have had along the way with his father since he was willing to live in the same city as his father.

Michael remained in Las Vegas for a time but eventually ended up back in California, of all places in early 2009' to start rehearsing for a series of concert as a comeback to the stage.  I found this to be really strange.  You would have thought that Michael would have never stepped back in California with all the problems that haunted him there.  You would have thought he would have worked something out with the production company (A.E.G.) to work on his comeback rehearsals in Las Vegas.  I mean, after all there are some pretty huge theatres in Las Vegas, and in the end the concerts weren't going to be held here in the United States anyway, but in London at the 02 arena.  So you see once again this doesn't make sense to me.  Why did he do these rehearsals in California of all places?
Now back to the government sting operation.  Do I think Michael Jackson is working in an undercover sting operation for the government?  I'm not sure right at this moment.  I have to admit that during the Dr. Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter that the information throughout this trial was like a medical lesson on prescription drugs.  The evidence was kind of creepy when prescription drugs were described as having a higher percentage of deaths than automobile accidents. 

Let's face it there have been many celebrities that have met there death with the use of prescription drugs.  One in particular which I'm sure rang a bell with Michael Jackson was the late Elvis Presley.  So is Michael trying to help the government weed out all of these Dr. Feel Goods?  I guess it's a possibility.  Would this be dangerous if he were doing this?  It's hard to say.  I'm sure many doctors have hundreds of dollars worth of drug shares in many of these drug companies, so I guess the stakes could be high.  Who really know, but I guess it is something to think about.

But then there is the other thing that we all might have to consider in "Where Oh Where is Michael Jackson", and that is he is in fact at Forest Lawn Cemetery.  This is something we might all have to consider, but personally after researching all of the strange happenings and all of the insurmountable coincidences I am still out to lunch on that one.  So on that note…BeLIEvers keep believing.  I just know the real truth is out there, and I know as of right now we still haven't heard it.

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