Friday, February 3, 2012

Michael Jackson-Death Hoax: Where, oh where is Michael Jackson? (Part 3 of 4)

Coroner's van in Germany
In this blog entry I'm going to discussed how some people believe that Michael Jackson has left the country and is living somewhere overseas.  Now why some people believe this, I can't really say.  There is although a reason that they have given for why they believe this.  The first thing was because the LAX airport on the day that MichaelJackson supposedly died was closed down for a short time around the time when all of this was going on.  In fact, there was a flight listed as destination unknown.  I even spoke about this in a past blog entry dated:  October 10, 2011.  (CLICKHERE to view this blog entry, and while there check out the airline flight itinerary on this page).

Now I realize that airlines close and have delays all the time, and I'm sure they don't always chart their destinations on their itinerary schedules, but I just thought it was kind of strange that this all happened at LAX on this day and at about this time.  And, of course we can't forget Jermaine Jackson and his radio interview when he said and I quote, "Michael was not with us way before he arrived at the airport." (If you didn't have a chance to view this video, you can still see it in the Part 2 entry of this "Where Oh Where Is Michael Jackson" series).  This was what I would classify as a major slip up by Jermaine Jackson.  I mean even the radio interviewer asked him what he meant, and then he quickly corrected himself to "I mean the hospital".

There was also a rumor about Joe Jackson floating around the Internet that he had left the country and went to Germany three weeks after Michael's supposed death.  Now I realize that the Jackson family travels all the time and that I shouldn't really pay much attention to this, except for one thing that has been eating away at my brain when I found this out.  There is a German video that many have classified as a fraud.  This video shows a coroner's van that you see someone like Michael Jackson coming out of the back and a man that looks a lot like Conrad Murray walk over to it and opens up the back and escorts a person who looks a lot like Michael Jackson into a building.  (CLICK HERE to view video).

I do have to tell you that it's been stated that a news agency has admitted to creating this as a hoax to us.  Now why they felt the need to do this is beyond me.  I understand that they justified it by saying they were just trying to show how some stories just have legs and many times those legs don’t have any truths to them.  I guess the news media should know since many of their stories haven't been true in regards to Michael Jackson over the years.  So why am I suppose to believe them this time in regards to making this video.

Another thing of interest in regards to this video is the date it was made.  It was made on 08/25/09.  Some of you might be asking what is so interesting about that date, right.  Well, this is a date that was in dispute in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter case.  This date was questioned by the Los Angeles District Attorney to the coroner in court on one of Michael Jackson's death photos.  District Attorney David Walgren questioned the date on one of Michael's death photos as being 08/25/09.  Many have argued that the date on the photo is really 06/25/09.  But is it really?  I mean, think about it, yes we know that Michael Jackson supposedly died on 06/25/09, so why did the District Attorney feel the need to draw all of our attention to this date on this photo to start with?  As far as I am concerned if the District Attorney had never brought it up, I doubt if anyone would have really paid attention to the date on the photo, but D.A. Walgren did.  Why?

Many think the District Attorney did this to drop a clue to all of us.  Now whether this is what actually happened, I can't really say.  Once again, I'd have to say that this is just another coincidence. (I know, I know, these coincidences do keep stacking up).

So do I think Michael Jackson could very well be hiding out in Germany?  I can't really say as of yet.  I can speculate that it is a possibility, and if he is I would say he has a good reason for doing just that.

People keep asking if Michael Jackson did in fact fake his death when he is coming back.  Now I have on several blogs entries tried to answer this, but the truth is I don't really truly know.  I really think that if he is still alive that he is hiding out for a reason.  So when he's going to coming back, who knows?  The truth is he could very well be hiding out for his own safety and that of his family.  This is something we may all need to think about.  He may not ever come back unless the danger he fears is eliminated.


Stay tune for Part 4, which will be the final part in, "Where Oh Where is Michael Jackson?"  I will discuss that some people believe that Michael is working on an undercover sting operation for the government.  Another blog entry you don't want to miss.

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