Thursday, February 16, 2012

Michael Jackson: Death Hoax - Is it all in the California Court Seal?

In my previous blog entry I told you that Conrad Murray is trying to get released to home arrest.  I also told you that his hearing in court in regards to this is to come up on February 24, 2012, and I alluded to wondering whether the reason Conrad Murray won't go away is that maybe this is the only way that Michael Jackson feels that he has in leaving us clues.  Now why he might want to do this, I can't really say.  I know back when I first started writing this blog I thought it was humorous that anyone thought that Michael Jackson was still alive and was leaving us clues. 

Is Michael Jackson standing in the shadows leaving us clues?

I have to admit after I started researching all of this, I could see how people started to question whether he was doing this or not.  Let's face it the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial had more questions than answers.  And, even though it ended with a guilty conviction of Conrad Murray the man has yet to go away.  So I started looking back at this trial and I found some more interesting information that I thought I would share in this blog entry.

What I want to talk more about is the California Seal that we all saw when court was not in session on our internet and television screens. Apparently someone took the time (don't ask me why) to count the stars that were on the California Seal during the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial. It turns out there were 32 stars on the seal as oppose to 31 stars, which is the actual number found on the standard California Seal. So what is the big deal here you might be asking?  What is the major issue over one little extra star being there? Well, at first I didn't think it was a huge deal either, but it turns out this is a big deal for the state of California. You see the California Seal has 31 stars no more, no less for a very valid reason.  It represents the fact that California was the 31st state to be inducted into the United States of America.

So this is actually a huge deal for California, and a detail that they would make certain that their state seal would most definitely be represented correctly.  Think about it, the State of California went through all the trouble of adding stars to their state seal to commemorate them as the 31st state, so I would think they wouldn't allow a mistake to take place on their official state seal. Especially, not a mistake you would want displayed in a court of law, right? So now we have a California Seal that has one more star then it should, an error that no doubt California would never make. Now some of you might be thinking we're only talking about one star here, so the person who counted this could have miscounted. Sorry, but it turns out several people have taken the time now to count the stars on the California Seal that appeared in that courtroom and each of them have come up with 32 stars, not 31 as there should be. And even I went to look closely at this seal, and low and behold it did have 32 stars on it. So what does this mean?  Is it another clue?  I mean, after all as I stated above, why would someone take the time to count the stars in the first place? It seems like a silly thing to actually do, but for some reason someone did this, and then leaked it out to the Internet and everyone else seemed to follow suit. (CLICKHERE to watch video about this California Seal discovery)

This is sort of like some of the other things that could have gone under the radar but were brought to the public's attention during the trial. Such as the (08 date), on the coroners death photo of Michael Jackson that was supposed to be an (06), and let's not forget the marking out of the incorrect date of death by the jury on the official verdict notice, and the judge bringing it to all of our attention on the day of the verdict by telling us that the jury marked through the date with some squiggly marks.  If the judge hadn't told us this we would have never known about it, but he felt the need to tell us this, why? None of this needed to be brought up or made public knowledge, but for some strange reason it was brought to all of our attention. 

I think because of all of this I stopped laughing about Michael Jackson dropping us possible clues.  I truly think something is going on here and if it isn't Michael doing this then someone obviously is, and why they might be doing this, I couldn't really tell you.

Also, let's not forget the verdict and how it was read with the terminology of alleged victim and alleged date.  There have been some people on the Internet, who have said there isn't anything unusual about this, but I've looked at a lot of trial verdicts on and I have yet to hear any final verdicts read with the word alleged.  If you can find one, please let me know where I can view this.  I'm sorry but the word alleged should never be used in a final verdict.  The word alleged means without proof.  I always thought dead was dead and how much more proof do you need, unless of course the person isn't really dead.  Then I can understand the word alleged being used.  (CLICK HERE to view verdict) 

So keep believing death hoax believers because I have yet to hear anything concrete on whether Michael Jackson is truly dead.  Personally, I think Michael Jackson is alive, but there is a possibility that when Conrad Murray and District Attorney David Walgreen direct us to Jackson being injured this could very well be.  Michael Jackson could very well be in a coma as I write this and this could be the reason why he hasn't come back.  It could still be questionable whether he will come back to us or whether he will truly die.  This is just an assumption by me, and I could be wrong here.  This is just a thought.  So don't kill the messenger here.

So stay tune, I'm sure there will be a lot more to come…

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