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Michael Jackson and the Case of the Messed Up Time Line!

In a previous blog entry I talked about an old television showed called "Perry Mason", and I even used it for my blog entry titled:  "Perry Mason and the case of the missing IV tube.  Well, in this blog entry I sort of want to allude back to that by my above title: "Michael Jackson and the Case of the Messed Up Time Line!   Yeah, you read it right.

Recently, I came upon some research about the day Michael Jackson supposedly died and how the time line of that day was so messed up.  I think it is because of this messed up time line that the death hoax continues on.  I have to admit it makes the death hoax believers case stronger and more believable then most people are aware of.  In fact, I would have to say that if you are a death hoax believer and there is someone around you that thinks you are crazy believing that Michael Jackson just might still be alive, that this is a blog you should have them read.  Not only read, but watch the video that will be linked below.  I'm almost sure that the non-believer will probably stop laughing at you and possibly become a believer, or at least start to question some of the things that just don't add up here.

What I have discovered is that four people reported that the ambulance on June 25, 2009 was at Michael Jackson's house before noon.  If you've been following this case then you must know that it was reported in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter case that the police stated that the Los Angeles Fire Department received a call at around 12:21 p.m., and that an ambulance arrived at Michael Jackson's home at 12:26 p.m.
Strange, right?  Now I know sometimes people can get their time messed up, but when you find four people who have stated this, it makes a person pause and take note.  The four people who stated the ambulance was at Michael Jackson's home before noon on June 25, 2009, were Frank Dileo, Randy Phillips, Brian Oxman, and Linda Welton (a lady selling Star Maps on the corner where Michael Jackson's house on Carolwood was located).
Frank Dileo and Randy Phillips pictured above

So what does all of this mean?  Who really can say?  The one thing I can say is that this is another inconsistency amongst many others.  You would think that since a lot of this time line was discussed in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial that the consistency would have been more accurate, especially from the paramedics that were on the scene, and yet it wasn't.  (CLICK HERE to watch video that talks about this in more detail).

Seriously, we have non-believers telling us that we need to give this up because Michael Jackson is dead so why can't we accept it and move on? Well, I got news for them if they took the time to look at this they would start to wonder what is going on as well, I sure did. I am not the type to want to believe in a death hoax.  But, from day one I can truly say that I never once waivered in my belief that Elvis Presley was dead, although I know there are still people today who still think he is alive amongst us. I could never get behind that death hoax because things added up to him being just that, I am sorry to say to those who still don't want to believe it. I could connect the dots and come up with that fact the same way I have been able to do so with other famous individuals who had untimely deaths, most recently music icon Whitney Houston. The events added up to the fact that the person was indeed dead, there were no discrepancies that told us otherwise, at least not that I have seen so far. So far there doesn't seem to me any messed up timeline, no children being in two different places at once (this will be discussed in another blog), no people double talking one another, in short no holes that have you scratching your head. But I can't say that when it comes to Michael Jackson, I try to connect the dots and all I get is a huge mess that makes no sense. The dots don't seem to come up with the fact that he's without a shadow of a doubt deceased, if anything there are just too many inconsistencies to list, and too many unanswered questions.

Now once again, more has come out regarding the notorious messed up timeline of the events that happened after Michael was found apparently dead. So what are we to make of all of this?

We had four different individuals who stated the time was before noon and the fact that the ambulance was at the home long before the Paramedics claimed on the day in question.  Once again this time line has more holes in it then a slice of Swiss cheese.

So what gives with this ambulance or should I say ambulances? Is it possible and I'm just theorizing here that maybe there had been two ambulances on that day and the first one actually spirited the very much alive Michael away and the second one was just for show…just a thought.  I don't know if the gates to the Carolwood mansion were ever closed that day, so I don't know if there could have actually been two ambulances.  I do know that there are actually two exits off the grounds of this home, so you never know.
Picture of the Carol Wood Mansion
Just some more food for thought…

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