Friday, February 17, 2012

If Michael Jackson is Really Dead, Why Isn't his Name Finally on his Grave?

Recently, I was out on and there was some discussion in the comments about Michael Jackson's name still not being on his grave marker.  There were some people who stated it was probably for security reasons and for the protection of his grave, where others felt that this meant that Michael Jackson definitely wasn't dead.

I thought these were interesting arguments, but think about this for a minute, the Jackson Family went to great lengths to show us a part of Michael's supposed funeral at Forest Lawn Cemetery, and to tell us where at Forest Lawn his final resting place would be. 
Michael Jackson's casket arriving supposedly at Forest Lawn Cemetery for funeral.
So, if they were willing to do this for all of us, why is it that Forest Lawn Cemetery acts like there is no Michael Joe Jackson interred there?  I mean, it's not like Michael Jackson fans haven't gone to the cemetery and hung outside the supposed area where the family said he is located at.  So what gives here?

Is it the family that has decided not to mark the grave or is it the owners of Forest Lawn Cemetery that have decided not to mark it because of the security and other issues it would bring?  If it is Forest Lawn Cemetery that has taken this stand, surely they can realize how stupid it is by now, can't they?  Then again, maybe the owners of Forest Lawn Cemetery might be telling us the truth about not having anyone by the name of Michael Joe Jackson interred at their cemetery.  Maybe the Jackson family just wants all of us to believe he is there.  Like I've constantly stated in my blog entries something just isn't right in all of this, and this is just another one of those things to add to all of the strange coincidences and happenings that have surrounded the supposed death of Michael Joe Jackson.

*The Supposed Final Resting Place of:  Michael Joe Jackson

One last thing since it has been two and a half years since Michael Jackson supposed death I think if he were really dead that it's time to finally honor the man by at least marking his grave.  After all, many other famous people are buried at Forest Lawn and their graves are marked, so can we at least honor this man if he is truly there with his name on his grave?  Then again, if he isn't there I guess I can understand why they wouldn't want to mark it.  I'm sure that Forest Lawn Cemetery wouldn't want to mark a grave with Michael Joe Jackson if his body isn't there.  I'm sure they wouldn’t want to be involved in any kind of fraud or deception, now would they?
Just a thought...

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