Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Michael Jackson's - Trial of Errors! (Part 1 of 2)

Now that we have ended the year 2011' I have to be honest here, I had hoped that when the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial of Michael Jackson began this past year that some of the holes that were present in the suppose death of Michael Jackson would have been answered, and we could have closed this chapter on the Death Hoax once and for all. I am sorry to say that not only did I want to put an end to the death hoax for all of you, but for myself as well. I have admitted out loud to you that when I started this I was 99.9% sure that he was dead, but I was willing to debate both sides of the coin. The things that pointed to a death hoax looked like a bunch of wishful thinkers wishing upon a star; or as it's been referred to out here, it's cloudy outside. At first it appeared to me that a bunch of people were just grasping at straws, and wearing their grief on their sleaves.  However, since writing this blog, and finding all the stuff that believers have put out on the Internet to back up their claims, I have started questioning my own stand on this subject.

If you've been reading my blog you know that I am only 50% sure he's dead now and 50% uncertain. So as I stated I was hoping the trial would put an end to some of my uncertainty, but instead I ended up having a lot more questions than answers, stuff that doesn't make much sense, and if this continues on could have me raising my percentage in believing that he in fact did staged his own death or something else is definitely going on.  Yes, folks I'm about to become a true believer.  Call me crazy, but something just isn't right here.  There has to be something going on because there have been just too many coincidences for this not to have some kind of validity to it.

For those of you who didn't follow the trial, (yeah, I know what Michael Jackson fan didn't, right?) you have no doubt noticed as I have the many conflicting testimonies. First of all, we had Kai Chase, (Michael's personal chef) who made the talk show rounds giving one story of the events of the day that he died, saying that the kids never went upstairs and then she goes to court and gives another story where this time Prince and Paris went upstairs. All right maybe she had time to sort out her thoughts out about the events of that day and realized what actually went down, or maybe she was originally trying to protect the kids from public scrutiny. But still, her story does bother me; she just didn't act like a normal human being would under such circumstances.

Then there was Alberto Alvarez, (Michael's security guard in charge of logistics), he admitted on the witness stand that Murray asked him to get rid of some vials before calling 9-1-1. Alvarez stated he opened a blue plastic bag and Murray dropped a handful of vials into it.  Alvarez went on to say that Murray told him to put the blue plastic bag into a brown bag that Murray presented to him. Alvarez stated he did what he was instructed to do. Now this does make sense, because from what we were led to believe from the beginning there was no signs of Propofol in the house. (Say what???)

But, then with another twist in testimony, we had a CSI investigator on the witness stand who was questioned by the defense team as to why she didn't photograph the Propofol bottle that was in the IV bag on the IV pole. It turns out that Conrad Murray gave a statement a few days after Jackson's supposed death and told about a blue Costco bag that was placed in a closet that the CSI investigator ended up retrieving four days after the fact.  So I'm confused once again by this testimony.  Alberto Alvarez stated Murray told him to dispose of this and yet it ends up in a closet without the brown bag covering, to which Murray guides the police to.  Why????  This doesn't make any sense.  (CLICK HERE to view this testimony.  It occur at the time of around 32:50) .

Let's think about all of this for a moment,  not only did the saline bag and Propofol bottle reemerge, that apparently were what killed Michael Jackson, (or so we were told) there was Murray getting rid of evidence supposedly by Alberto Alvarez, but yet he allows the security guard to hide it in a closet.  But, then later Murray admits to putting this bag in this closet. (What?!!!)

Also, let's not forget the other conflicting testimony by Alberto Alvarez, he says during the 9-1-1 call he was instructed to place Michael Jackson on the floor to perform CPR and he and Murray did this. (CLICK HERE to watch him testify to this, it happens on the video around the time of:  10:56). But then Paramedic, Mr. Blount stated in his testimony that when he arrived at the home he entered the room where Michael Jackson was found laying on the bed. (CLICK HERE to watch him testify to this, it happens on the video around the time of:  7:30).

I'm sure you can see the conflicting testimony in just the few examples I've given above.  Believe it or not there was a lot more conflicting testimony throughout this trial. What I've given you in this blog entry is just a small sample.  There is just a lot not adding up here. At first I thought maybe I wasn't hearing things correctly, because no one and I mean no one in the news media or in the courtroom was bringing up the fact that this was all conflicting testimony, but then Pearl Jr. an infamous believer pointed all of this out on her YouTube.com channel as well. Got to hand it to her and also thank her. I thought for awhile there I was going off the deep end and was just hearing things incorrectly because no one else was saying anything about it.

Anyway, can any of this be explained, well in the next installment I will try to explain some of this the best way I can, but unfortunately I have to admit right now I don't see a single cloud on the horizon.  Some of this still has me baffled, how about you?

Stay tune for Part 2.

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