Monday, January 16, 2012

Michael Jackson's Death: Is It Nothing But A Soap Opera Script?

As a long time viewer of the now cancelled Soap Opera, "One Life to Live", I recently saw its final episode on January 13, 2012'. To the cast and crew of this show, as well as its creator, the wonderful Agnes Nixon, I thank you for 44 years of drama. Now as to how this ties into Michael Jackson and his death hoax, well during the final episode of "One Life to Live", it was revealed that the character of Victor Lord, Jr., who was supposedly shot and killed in August of 2011', showed up alive in the final scene. Here is a URL of his death scene which actually took place onscreen.  When you watch it, pay close attention to how the paramedics act in this scene.  (Yes, I know this is just a Soap Opera, but believe me what we all have witness since Michael Jackson's death seems so similar).

(CLICK HERE to view video)

So apparently, Victor Lord, Jr., was dead, but like I stated this is just a soap opera.  Seriously, no one is ever really dead on the Soaps. But, as we all know Michael Jackson apparently died on June 25, 2009', under some very suspicious circumstances. Seriously, there were some questionable things that I had hoped the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial would have resolved, but instead I ended up with more questions. So, this leaves me to wonder one thing, is Michael Jackson's apparent death just a scripted soap opera. Think about this for a moment, we have all the players (cast), the victim (Michael Jackson), and the sanctimonious I did nothing wrong villain (Conrad Murray), the bereaved family (The Jackson's), and the outraged public (Michael's Fans). Then there is something that really leaves me to think this is all scripted material, and that is the fact that no one seems to be able to get their story straight, not even the Jackson Family. Let's face it we have all seen soaps where something is written, and then it's forgotten down the line in the plot, or history of the show, then rewritten for some reason or another. But this is supposed to be real life, right, or is it? Seriously, I watched the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial and there were times with some of the testimony that I was getting that inconsistent Soap Opera headache that many of us have experienced over the years while watching these things. I had to keep reminding myself this was real life.  It's a sad state of affairs when you want to watch a rerun of "Perry Mason" or "Law and Order", which were fictional legal dramas just so that the court of law would start to make sense again.

If any of you don't think I know what I'm talking about go all the way back to June 25th 2009', and replay all the events that have taken place since the supposed, untimely death of Michael Jackson. Then tell me if this doesn't sound like something straight out of a Soap Opera or something that was scripted. I know that Michael's life throughout the years had been filled with drama and then some, which was brought about by other people ( mostly the tabloids), but the events that have taken place after Michael Jackson's supposed death has been way out there for even him.

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