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Michael Jackson -Death Hoax: Where, oh where is Michael Jackson? (Part 2 of 4)

In part 1, I talked about the various places where people think Michael Jackson is if he is indeed NOT dead.  In this blog entry I'm going to talk about a group of people who truly think that Michael Jackson was kidnapped, and that he has been giving us clues to try and help him.  Now whether this is true, like I stated in Part 1, I really couldn't tell you.  I do have to admit here that their beliefs do merit some degree of evidence whether you want to believe them or not.

What evidence you might be asking yourself?  Well, the evidence I am presenting comes from someone who stood outside the gates of his Carol wood Mansion on the day that Michael Jackson supposedly died.  This person also followed the ambulance to the hospital and managed to get a good look at the person on the ambulance gurney.  She is a fan by the name of Sharon Sidney. 

Sharon Sidney

Some of the things I have heard about this person from others on the Internet are: she just wants her fifteen minutes; that she is just a crazy fan; she's a stalker, and such.  Now, I personally don't know Ms. Sidney, but she seems to me to be someone who is serious about her claims in that she thinks Michael Jackson has been kidnapped.  She felt so strongly about this that she even stated that she went to the police to tell them about her suspicions.  Now I realize a strong percentage of people probably think that Ms. Sidney is a crack-pot who needs to get her own life and stay out of Michael Jackson's life, but I have to admit she does make a person think about her claims and about whether we should be taking some of what she says as food for thought.

Let's really think about whether Sharon Sidney should be taken seriously.  Well, I'm willing to concede that I didn't have a front row seat outside the gates of Michael's Carol wood home or at the hospital on that dreadful day like Ms. Sidney did, so I can't say for sure whether I believe her or not.  (Like I stated, I wasn't there).  Although, I have to say I can't totally at a 100% discount her claim.  I didn't get to see what she saw and witnessed that day.  Here are a couple videos of her that I found on where she talks about what she saw and why she feels the way she does.  (CLICK HERE to watch video #1).  And here's another interview she gave. (CLICK HERE to watch video #2)     

I'm sure some of you reading this blog entry might think that Ms. Sidney is one crazy lady, but you know I have found that sometimes the craziest and most unbelievable stories usually have some kind of merit to them.  For example let's look at:  Cherilyn Lee, the nurse practitioner who came forward about two weeks after Michael's supposed death and talk about being a nurse and nutritionist who treated Michael Jackson with natural remedies. 

Michael Jackson and Cherilyn Lee

She was the one who told us that Michael had asked her for something to sleep, and that he had requested the anesthesia, Propofol.  I remember when she made this claim back then that there were many who thought this woman was just another person who wanted their own fifteen minutes, and also because her story seemed so ludicrous nobody was really taking this woman seriously, only to find out many weeks later from the L.A. Coroner's office that Michael Jackson did indeed die from an overdose of anesthesia. (Acute Propofol Intoxication).  (CLICK HERE to watch video of Cherilyn Lee's claim).

Now if you've been following my blog from the very beginning back when I started writing it on Word press at my old location at:

You must know that I am not the biggest supporter of Cherilyn Lee by any means.  She always appeared to me to be highly inconsistent with telling her story in regards to Michael Jackson.  If Cherilyn Lee has done anything for me it's only strengthen my belief in that Michael Jackson could very well be alive instead of dead.  It's almost at times when you hear her give inconsistent information that you start to think that maybe this is just something that has been scripted and she is just reading her lines.  When I talked about this in a previous blog entry that it had many elements of a Soap Opera, this person definitely fits into this category quite easily.

I realize that this theory that Michael Jackson just might have been kidnapped could be opening up a can of worms, but what if there is a slight chance that this might indeed be true.  Some of you might be wondering why I am giving Ms. Sidney any kind of credence.  Well, this isn't just any fan that came in off the street to try to get fifteen minutes of fame.  This is someone who hung out consistently outside of Michael's home.  This is someone who actually talked to Michael Jackson, and actually saw his security people not quite acting right.  She actually witnessed things that went on at Jackson's home that many of us weren't privy to.  This is also the individual that I understand contacted Joe Jackson about Michael being rushed to the hospital on June 25, 2009. 

So should we all just brush this woman aside and act like she doesn't know what she is talking about?  Should we just ignore her claims?  Personally, I don't know if I can just throw what she is saying totally to the side.  Through a lot of research I know that there were people surrounding Michael at the time who didn't want him to make the "This Is It" concert appearances for one reason or another, so what if they devised a plan to keep him from doing so?  Also, it would somehow explain why he left his kids behind, which is an argument non-believers have used for him not staging his death.  Non-believers say that Michael would never have faked his death and left his children behind.  (Good argument I might add).

Now do I totally believe that Michael Jackson has been kidnapped?  I would have to say no, but I do believe something is obviously going on here. Why?  Well, because I think that if there is indeed a Death Hoax going on then Michael is somehow behind it all.  I go back to this fact because he had all of his rehearsal concert footage taped, (something he had never done before) as if to leave AEG something in the event that he didn't go through with the "This Is It" concerts they would obviously have something to bank off of. 

Then we can't forget all of the other messages that seem to be coming from him, such as the connections to various classic movies.  Yes, maybe they are just coincidences but these are starting to pile up to the point where I can't just brush them aside anymore and just say they are just coincidences.  Like I've stated in several previous blog entries, there have just been too many coincidences for them to be just coincidences.

Of course, there is always that other question that eats away at the back of my mind, and that is if he faked his death, why he is leaving us messages?  There are some that think he is doing this to tell them when he will be coming back.  But, it could also be just a way to let us know that he is alive and well.  Also, whatever is going on its pretty obvious the Jackson family is somehow involved; given the amount of double talk they have done since his supposed death.  I doubt they would be involved in a plot to kidnap Michael.  Although, there is a slight chance that one member of the family might be involved and isn't sharing this information with the rest of the family.  I say this because Jermaine Jackson sounds very suspicious at times when he gives interviews.  The one that sticks in my brain is when he corrected himself on a radio talk show.  (CLICK HERE to view this video)

Anyway, although this theory that Michael Jackson was kidnapped sound plausible and worth some credence, I'm not really all that sure that it actually happened.  But, then again, as I have stated many times before something just isn't adding up right in all of this.  So who really know at this point in time.

So you'll have to be the judge on this one and decide for yourself what you want to believe.

Stay tune for Part 3, where I'll discuss how some fans think Michael Jackson's left the country and is hiding out.  This is another riveting part you don't want to miss in "Where Oh Where Is Michael Jackson?"

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