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Michael Jackson -Death Hoax: Where, oh where is Michael Jackson?......... (Part 1 of 4)

One of the things I have noticed since the Internet connects more people today than ever before, that everyone who believes that Michael Jackson is still alive, have many different opinions about where he is at.  I have heard a lot from he is in disguise, to he's been kidnapped, to he's left the country and is hiding out, from he's working an undercover sting operation for the government.  I'm sure some of you reading this have heard about some of these to and can even add a few more.

There are many people who think that Michael has been leaving us clues.  Now, why he might be doing this I can't really say.  In fact, I don't know if they are clues, or whether we just want them to be.  Although, I have to admit some of the so called clues are quite interesting and have made this blogger even take pause.  (Such as:  The date on one of Michael's death photos that was shown in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial.  The coroner's photo date of death stated a date that looked like 08/25/2009.  Many have argued out here on the Internet that the 8 is a 6, but others have argued that it is an 8 and feel that it is somehow a clue.  I have to admit it is hard to tell.  The one thing I do know is that the Los Angeles District Attorney even questioned the date to the coroner when he was questioning him in the trial.  What was interesting was the response from the coroner when he admitted that the date could be considered an 8).  This is just one example of a clue that fans think mean something.  There have been many more, believe me. (Are these more coincidences, maybe)?

In this blog entry I want to discuss more about what others believe about why they think Michael Jackson did in fact fake his death and where he is now.  Let's look at the first think I listed in paragraph 1.  First, for some reason some think he is in disguise.  Why, I don't know.  This is, although plausible, and many think that he has chosen to disguise himself at times of a good friend of his, Dave Dave.  Now whether he's done this, I'm not really sure, although, some of the facial features of Dave Dave could be Michael.  I also eluded in several past blog entries about an elderly man who people thought might be Michael.  (See below) 
Mysterious man at Michael Jackson's Funeral (Note: he
was also at Michael's Memorial service.  To this day this
man has yet to step forward to dispell the rumour about
him not being Michael Jackson in disquise).

The other involves a mysterious blond haired woman that has similar facial features to Michael.  (See below)

Mysterious woman!
Could this be Michael Jackson in disguise?

Then we can't forget all of the Michael Jackson imitators out there.  Even I have said that Michael might be walking around amongst us pretending to be an imitator.  Why he might be doing this, I really couldn’t tell you.  Maybe he is doing it to protect himself, or maybe he just wants to be a Michael Jackson imitator without having to be hounded by the media.  Then again, he might be doing it to make a point to the media, in that they wouldn't know him if they truly saw him. (Just some theories to throw out here).

You know I grew up around the time of Michael Jackson and I watch him basically grow up and mess with his appearance over the years, and I know before his so called death that he visited his dermatologist a lot and had a lot of fillers injected into his face.  If you watch the documentary movie, "This Is It", you could almost see changes in his face constantly.  Many people stated that the Michael Jackson we saw in "This Is It" weren't always him, but imitators being used.  Even his father stated after he saw the "This is It" documentary that some of the Michael's we saw in this movie were not his son. Would Joe Jackson know his son that well to be able to say that, while knowing Michael was having all this work done on his face at the time?  (I can't really answer that, but I would like to think that a parent would always know their child).
I have to admit here that I always thought that I would know Michael Jackson from anywhere if I saw him.  I've seen a lot of Michael Jackson imitators and generally I could always tell them apart.  There is, although one Michael Jackson imitator that I have to admit that I would have trouble distinguishing between the two.  That imitator is E. Casanova Evans.  This imitator is probably the closest I have seen to Michael Jackson.  Here is a photo of him. (See below)
E. Casanova Evans as Michael Jackson
I'm sure that many of you have to admit that the resemblance is uncanny to say the least.  The interesting thing about E. Casanova Evans is that Michael Jackson knew him.  Here are some photos below where they have been photographed together. (See below)
Michael Jackson with E. Casanova Evans in 2002'
Michael Jackson with E. Casanova Evans in his Jackson getup in 2007'!

 In the past I have never had a hard time separating the Michael Jackson imitators from the real thing.  In fact many of his fans could usually spot the real Michael.  That is why to this day there are those, myself included who truly believe that it wasn't Michael who made the announcement about his performance at the 02 Arena in London back in March of 2009', but a double who had been hired by Jackson or Dr. Tohme Tohme (his financial advisor at the time). (CLICK HERE to watch video)

Why Michael chose not to make the official announcement about the upcoming concerts himself, who knows, maybe it had to do with the fact that he wasn't sure what the reception would be like since this was his first U.S. appearance since his trial in 2005'. Who knows what the reason was, but this person certainly didn't seem like the Michael we all knew and loved.

So is Michael Jackson walking around amongst us and just saying he is an imitator of the Pop icon?  You'll have to be the judge of this yourself.

Stay Tune for Part 2.  In the next part I will discuss that some people believe that Michael Jackson was kidnapped, and is there enough evidence to support this claim?  Come back and find out.  Don’t miss the next riveting blog entry!  This is one you don't want to miss.

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