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Jackson Family: Did They Stop There Restitution Claim Against Conrad Murray Because They Knew They Would be Committing Fraud?

In my previous blog entry I went into the fact that the Jackson family has decided not to pursue restitution from Conrad Murray. The reason they stated was they felt that Murray was basically broke and couldn't pay the restitution money, and besides he couldn't practice medicine any longer so they felt he had paid enough. My reaction to all of this, what a load of #*#*##! Sorry, this is supposed to be a clean blog so I had to censor by language there, but needless to say I am appalled and outraged by their decision.  Not only that, but I find their actions rather strange. 

I find it very hard to believe that the Jackson family has any empathy what so ever for the man who cost them the life of their beloved Michael. Not only did he cost them his life, but he has showed zero remorse for it.  He even went as far as lying flat out in his involuntary manslaughter trial on the police taped interview about the fact that at the hospital he stated he broke the news of Michael's passing to Michael's children, when he in actuality did not! My understanding at the time of this lie, that the Jackson family was extremely angered by this claim.  Yet, for some bizarre reason the Jackson family wants to show him compassion by dropping their restitution claim against him!

Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson
I can't understand why the Jackson's would basically be saying Conrad Murray has paid his debt. (Excuse me, he has in what way)? Yes he's currently in jail right now but with overcrowding he could be out in two of the four years he was sentenced to serve. Yes, he lost his medical license to practice medicine in the state of California, but what will stop him in the future from trying to get this license reinstated after he gets out of jail, others have done so and succeeded.

Then let's be honest here, you know that old saying crime doesn't pay, well it no longer holds true. These days when you commit a notorious crime such as playing a part in the death of a pop icon like Michael Jackson, I just know the news media will come knocking at his door at the first opportunity after he is released from jail. I'm sure there will no doubt be a huge bidding war by every news outlet to get the exclusive story from Conrad Murray about what really happened on June 25, 2009. Also, Murray will no doubt be offered a book deal to tell his story. Suddenly, Mr. Conrad Broke  Murray isn't so broke any more but profiting off the death of Michael Jackson. So I ask again, how could the Jackson family just sit idle by and let this happen?  Mark my words, I just know this is going to happen.

Now I realize that there could be other reasons why the Jackson's might have chosen not to pursue this matter, reasons that are almost understandable. First of all, as I stated in my previous blog entry no amount of money will bring the person back, I understand this believe me, but this isn't necessarily about the money as much as its about the principal of it all.  Michael is dead and Murray hasn't really paid properly for what he did if you ask me.  I'm sure many of Michael's fans would agree with me here.

I know the Jackson's probably don't really need this money anymore, since Michael's estate has been making millions off all of his music and various memorabilia since his supposed death. I won't argue with this, but the Jackson's didn't need to take this money themselves,  as I stated in my previous blog entry they could of given it to a worthy charity that they knew Michael would have supported. Better yet, in those horrendous phones recorded tapes that were brought into evidence during the Conrad Murray InvoluntaryManslaughter trial, Michael talked about creating a children's hospital, it was his dream, so why not put the money towards building it in his memory and making Conrad Murray pay for it. Now that to me would be restitution well spent!

I have to admit when I first heard about this my thoughts went back to a  previous blog entry that I wrote back on December  28, 2011' titled:  "Michael Jackson:  If He Did In Fact Fake His Own Death, Did He Commit Fraud? In this blog entry I talked about whether or not Michael was committing fraud if he did indeed stage his own death. I pointed out that unless Michael's family made any claim to money such as through life insurance due to his death then it would be fraud if they knew he was still alive, but if there was no money collected by the family then it wouldn't be considered fraud. Now out here online some have said that it was reported that the Jackson's have filed insurance claims, but do we actually have any concrete proof that they in fact actually did?  Maybe this was just something leaked out to the press because it was expected of them to collect on insurance.

Now the whole denying of restitution for Michael's death has come to light, and we have concrete proof that this is exactly what they did, I can't help but think that they did this because they knew it would be committing fraud if they collected on this. After all restitution paid as a result of someone's death is pretty much like collecting on a life insurance policy, it's money due because a person is dead. So I have to wonder once again, if this is actually at the heart of their refusal to take restitution, because they know if they do and Michael Jackson is in fact still amongst the land of the living that they would be committing fraud; because to be honest nothing else really makes much sense here, now does it?

Just some more food for thought…

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