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Michael Jackson -Death Hoax: Where, oh where is Michael Jackson? (Part 2 of 4)

In part 1, I talked about the various places where people think Michael Jackson is if he is indeed NOT dead.  In this blog entry I'm going to talk about a group of people who truly think that Michael Jackson was kidnapped, and that he has been giving us clues to try and help him.  Now whether this is true, like I stated in Part 1, I really couldn't tell you.  I do have to admit here that their beliefs do merit some degree of evidence whether you want to believe them or not.

What evidence you might be asking yourself?  Well, the evidence I am presenting comes from someone who stood outside the gates of his Carol wood Mansion on the day that Michael Jackson supposedly died.  This person also followed the ambulance to the hospital and managed to get a good look at the person on the ambulance gurney.  She is a fan by the name of Sharon Sidney. 

Sharon Sidney

Some of the things I have heard about this person from others on the Internet are: she just wants her fifteen minutes; that she is just a crazy fan; she's a stalker, and such.  Now, I personally don't know Ms. Sidney, but she seems to me to be someone who is serious about her claims in that she thinks Michael Jackson has been kidnapped.  She felt so strongly about this that she even stated that she went to the police to tell them about her suspicions.  Now I realize a strong percentage of people probably think that Ms. Sidney is a crack-pot who needs to get her own life and stay out of Michael Jackson's life, but I have to admit she does make a person think about her claims and about whether we should be taking some of what she says as food for thought.

Let's really think about whether Sharon Sidney should be taken seriously.  Well, I'm willing to concede that I didn't have a front row seat outside the gates of Michael's Carol wood home or at the hospital on that dreadful day like Ms. Sidney did, so I can't say for sure whether I believe her or not.  (Like I stated, I wasn't there).  Although, I have to say I can't totally at a 100% discount her claim.  I didn't get to see what she saw and witnessed that day.  Here are a couple videos of her that I found on where she talks about what she saw and why she feels the way she does.  (CLICK HERE to watch video #1).  And here's another interview she gave. (CLICK HERE to watch video #2)     

I'm sure some of you reading this blog entry might think that Ms. Sidney is one crazy lady, but you know I have found that sometimes the craziest and most unbelievable stories usually have some kind of merit to them.  For example let's look at:  Cherilyn Lee, the nurse practitioner who came forward about two weeks after Michael's supposed death and talk about being a nurse and nutritionist who treated Michael Jackson with natural remedies. 

Michael Jackson and Cherilyn Lee

She was the one who told us that Michael had asked her for something to sleep, and that he had requested the anesthesia, Propofol.  I remember when she made this claim back then that there were many who thought this woman was just another person who wanted their own fifteen minutes, and also because her story seemed so ludicrous nobody was really taking this woman seriously, only to find out many weeks later from the L.A. Coroner's office that Michael Jackson did indeed die from an overdose of anesthesia. (Acute Propofol Intoxication).  (CLICK HERE to watch video of Cherilyn Lee's claim).

Now if you've been following my blog from the very beginning back when I started writing it on Word press at my old location at:

You must know that I am not the biggest supporter of Cherilyn Lee by any means.  She always appeared to me to be highly inconsistent with telling her story in regards to Michael Jackson.  If Cherilyn Lee has done anything for me it's only strengthen my belief in that Michael Jackson could very well be alive instead of dead.  It's almost at times when you hear her give inconsistent information that you start to think that maybe this is just something that has been scripted and she is just reading her lines.  When I talked about this in a previous blog entry that it had many elements of a Soap Opera, this person definitely fits into this category quite easily.

I realize that this theory that Michael Jackson just might have been kidnapped could be opening up a can of worms, but what if there is a slight chance that this might indeed be true.  Some of you might be wondering why I am giving Ms. Sidney any kind of credence.  Well, this isn't just any fan that came in off the street to try to get fifteen minutes of fame.  This is someone who hung out consistently outside of Michael's home.  This is someone who actually talked to Michael Jackson, and actually saw his security people not quite acting right.  She actually witnessed things that went on at Jackson's home that many of us weren't privy to.  This is also the individual that I understand contacted Joe Jackson about Michael being rushed to the hospital on June 25, 2009. 

So should we all just brush this woman aside and act like she doesn't know what she is talking about?  Should we just ignore her claims?  Personally, I don't know if I can just throw what she is saying totally to the side.  Through a lot of research I know that there were people surrounding Michael at the time who didn't want him to make the "This Is It" concert appearances for one reason or another, so what if they devised a plan to keep him from doing so?  Also, it would somehow explain why he left his kids behind, which is an argument non-believers have used for him not staging his death.  Non-believers say that Michael would never have faked his death and left his children behind.  (Good argument I might add).

Now do I totally believe that Michael Jackson has been kidnapped?  I would have to say no, but I do believe something is obviously going on here. Why?  Well, because I think that if there is indeed a Death Hoax going on then Michael is somehow behind it all.  I go back to this fact because he had all of his rehearsal concert footage taped, (something he had never done before) as if to leave AEG something in the event that he didn't go through with the "This Is It" concerts they would obviously have something to bank off of. 

Then we can't forget all of the other messages that seem to be coming from him, such as the connections to various classic movies.  Yes, maybe they are just coincidences but these are starting to pile up to the point where I can't just brush them aside anymore and just say they are just coincidences.  Like I've stated in several previous blog entries, there have just been too many coincidences for them to be just coincidences.

Of course, there is always that other question that eats away at the back of my mind, and that is if he faked his death, why he is leaving us messages?  There are some that think he is doing this to tell them when he will be coming back.  But, it could also be just a way to let us know that he is alive and well.  Also, whatever is going on its pretty obvious the Jackson family is somehow involved; given the amount of double talk they have done since his supposed death.  I doubt they would be involved in a plot to kidnap Michael.  Although, there is a slight chance that one member of the family might be involved and isn't sharing this information with the rest of the family.  I say this because Jermaine Jackson sounds very suspicious at times when he gives interviews.  The one that sticks in my brain is when he corrected himself on a radio talk show.  (CLICK HERE to view this video)

Anyway, although this theory that Michael Jackson was kidnapped sound plausible and worth some credence, I'm not really all that sure that it actually happened.  But, then again, as I have stated many times before something just isn't adding up right in all of this.  So who really know at this point in time.

So you'll have to be the judge on this one and decide for yourself what you want to believe.

Stay tune for Part 3, where I'll discuss how some fans think Michael Jackson's left the country and is hiding out.  This is another riveting part you don't want to miss in "Where Oh Where Is Michael Jackson?"

Monday, January 23, 2012

Michael Jackson -Death Hoax: Where, oh where is Michael Jackson?......... (Part 1 of 4)

One of the things I have noticed since the Internet connects more people today than ever before, that everyone who believes that Michael Jackson is still alive, have many different opinions about where he is at.  I have heard a lot from he is in disguise, to he's been kidnapped, to he's left the country and is hiding out, from he's working an undercover sting operation for the government.  I'm sure some of you reading this have heard about some of these to and can even add a few more.

There are many people who think that Michael has been leaving us clues.  Now, why he might be doing this I can't really say.  In fact, I don't know if they are clues, or whether we just want them to be.  Although, I have to admit some of the so called clues are quite interesting and have made this blogger even take pause.  (Such as:  The date on one of Michael's death photos that was shown in the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial.  The coroner's photo date of death stated a date that looked like 08/25/2009.  Many have argued out here on the Internet that the 8 is a 6, but others have argued that it is an 8 and feel that it is somehow a clue.  I have to admit it is hard to tell.  The one thing I do know is that the Los Angeles District Attorney even questioned the date to the coroner when he was questioning him in the trial.  What was interesting was the response from the coroner when he admitted that the date could be considered an 8).  This is just one example of a clue that fans think mean something.  There have been many more, believe me. (Are these more coincidences, maybe)?

In this blog entry I want to discuss more about what others believe about why they think Michael Jackson did in fact fake his death and where he is now.  Let's look at the first think I listed in paragraph 1.  First, for some reason some think he is in disguise.  Why, I don't know.  This is, although plausible, and many think that he has chosen to disguise himself at times of a good friend of his, Dave Dave.  Now whether he's done this, I'm not really sure, although, some of the facial features of Dave Dave could be Michael.  I also eluded in several past blog entries about an elderly man who people thought might be Michael.  (See below) 
Mysterious man at Michael Jackson's Funeral (Note: he
was also at Michael's Memorial service.  To this day this
man has yet to step forward to dispell the rumour about
him not being Michael Jackson in disquise).

The other involves a mysterious blond haired woman that has similar facial features to Michael.  (See below)

Mysterious woman!
Could this be Michael Jackson in disguise?

Then we can't forget all of the Michael Jackson imitators out there.  Even I have said that Michael might be walking around amongst us pretending to be an imitator.  Why he might be doing this, I really couldn’t tell you.  Maybe he is doing it to protect himself, or maybe he just wants to be a Michael Jackson imitator without having to be hounded by the media.  Then again, he might be doing it to make a point to the media, in that they wouldn't know him if they truly saw him. (Just some theories to throw out here).

You know I grew up around the time of Michael Jackson and I watch him basically grow up and mess with his appearance over the years, and I know before his so called death that he visited his dermatologist a lot and had a lot of fillers injected into his face.  If you watch the documentary movie, "This Is It", you could almost see changes in his face constantly.  Many people stated that the Michael Jackson we saw in "This Is It" weren't always him, but imitators being used.  Even his father stated after he saw the "This is It" documentary that some of the Michael's we saw in this movie were not his son. Would Joe Jackson know his son that well to be able to say that, while knowing Michael was having all this work done on his face at the time?  (I can't really answer that, but I would like to think that a parent would always know their child).
I have to admit here that I always thought that I would know Michael Jackson from anywhere if I saw him.  I've seen a lot of Michael Jackson imitators and generally I could always tell them apart.  There is, although one Michael Jackson imitator that I have to admit that I would have trouble distinguishing between the two.  That imitator is E. Casanova Evans.  This imitator is probably the closest I have seen to Michael Jackson.  Here is a photo of him. (See below)
E. Casanova Evans as Michael Jackson
I'm sure that many of you have to admit that the resemblance is uncanny to say the least.  The interesting thing about E. Casanova Evans is that Michael Jackson knew him.  Here are some photos below where they have been photographed together. (See below)
Michael Jackson with E. Casanova Evans in 2002'
Michael Jackson with E. Casanova Evans in his Jackson getup in 2007'!

 In the past I have never had a hard time separating the Michael Jackson imitators from the real thing.  In fact many of his fans could usually spot the real Michael.  That is why to this day there are those, myself included who truly believe that it wasn't Michael who made the announcement about his performance at the 02 Arena in London back in March of 2009', but a double who had been hired by Jackson or Dr. Tohme Tohme (his financial advisor at the time). (CLICK HERE to watch video)

Why Michael chose not to make the official announcement about the upcoming concerts himself, who knows, maybe it had to do with the fact that he wasn't sure what the reception would be like since this was his first U.S. appearance since his trial in 2005'. Who knows what the reason was, but this person certainly didn't seem like the Michael we all knew and loved.

So is Michael Jackson walking around amongst us and just saying he is an imitator of the Pop icon?  You'll have to be the judge of this yourself.

Stay Tune for Part 2.  In the next part I will discuss that some people believe that Michael Jackson was kidnapped, and is there enough evidence to support this claim?  Come back and find out.  Don’t miss the next riveting blog entry!  This is one you don't want to miss.

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Jackson Family: Did They Stop There Restitution Claim Against Conrad Murray Because They Knew They Would be Committing Fraud?

In my previous blog entry I went into the fact that the Jackson family has decided not to pursue restitution from Conrad Murray. The reason they stated was they felt that Murray was basically broke and couldn't pay the restitution money, and besides he couldn't practice medicine any longer so they felt he had paid enough. My reaction to all of this, what a load of #*#*##! Sorry, this is supposed to be a clean blog so I had to censor by language there, but needless to say I am appalled and outraged by their decision.  Not only that, but I find their actions rather strange. 

I find it very hard to believe that the Jackson family has any empathy what so ever for the man who cost them the life of their beloved Michael. Not only did he cost them his life, but he has showed zero remorse for it.  He even went as far as lying flat out in his involuntary manslaughter trial on the police taped interview about the fact that at the hospital he stated he broke the news of Michael's passing to Michael's children, when he in actuality did not! My understanding at the time of this lie, that the Jackson family was extremely angered by this claim.  Yet, for some bizarre reason the Jackson family wants to show him compassion by dropping their restitution claim against him!

Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson
I can't understand why the Jackson's would basically be saying Conrad Murray has paid his debt. (Excuse me, he has in what way)? Yes he's currently in jail right now but with overcrowding he could be out in two of the four years he was sentenced to serve. Yes, he lost his medical license to practice medicine in the state of California, but what will stop him in the future from trying to get this license reinstated after he gets out of jail, others have done so and succeeded.

Then let's be honest here, you know that old saying crime doesn't pay, well it no longer holds true. These days when you commit a notorious crime such as playing a part in the death of a pop icon like Michael Jackson, I just know the news media will come knocking at his door at the first opportunity after he is released from jail. I'm sure there will no doubt be a huge bidding war by every news outlet to get the exclusive story from Conrad Murray about what really happened on June 25, 2009. Also, Murray will no doubt be offered a book deal to tell his story. Suddenly, Mr. Conrad Broke  Murray isn't so broke any more but profiting off the death of Michael Jackson. So I ask again, how could the Jackson family just sit idle by and let this happen?  Mark my words, I just know this is going to happen.

Now I realize that there could be other reasons why the Jackson's might have chosen not to pursue this matter, reasons that are almost understandable. First of all, as I stated in my previous blog entry no amount of money will bring the person back, I understand this believe me, but this isn't necessarily about the money as much as its about the principal of it all.  Michael is dead and Murray hasn't really paid properly for what he did if you ask me.  I'm sure many of Michael's fans would agree with me here.

I know the Jackson's probably don't really need this money anymore, since Michael's estate has been making millions off all of his music and various memorabilia since his supposed death. I won't argue with this, but the Jackson's didn't need to take this money themselves,  as I stated in my previous blog entry they could of given it to a worthy charity that they knew Michael would have supported. Better yet, in those horrendous phones recorded tapes that were brought into evidence during the Conrad Murray InvoluntaryManslaughter trial, Michael talked about creating a children's hospital, it was his dream, so why not put the money towards building it in his memory and making Conrad Murray pay for it. Now that to me would be restitution well spent!

I have to admit when I first heard about this my thoughts went back to a  previous blog entry that I wrote back on December  28, 2011' titled:  "Michael Jackson:  If He Did In Fact Fake His Own Death, Did He Commit Fraud? In this blog entry I talked about whether or not Michael was committing fraud if he did indeed stage his own death. I pointed out that unless Michael's family made any claim to money such as through life insurance due to his death then it would be fraud if they knew he was still alive, but if there was no money collected by the family then it wouldn't be considered fraud. Now out here online some have said that it was reported that the Jackson's have filed insurance claims, but do we actually have any concrete proof that they in fact actually did?  Maybe this was just something leaked out to the press because it was expected of them to collect on insurance.

Now the whole denying of restitution for Michael's death has come to light, and we have concrete proof that this is exactly what they did, I can't help but think that they did this because they knew it would be committing fraud if they collected on this. After all restitution paid as a result of someone's death is pretty much like collecting on a life insurance policy, it's money due because a person is dead. So I have to wonder once again, if this is actually at the heart of their refusal to take restitution, because they know if they do and Michael Jackson is in fact still amongst the land of the living that they would be committing fraud; because to be honest nothing else really makes much sense here, now does it?

Just some more food for thought…

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jackson's Family Drops Restitution Bid Against Conrad Murray - (SAY WHAT)?!

It was reported on Thursday, January 19, 2012' that the Jackson family decided to drop their $100 million restitution bid against Dr. Conrad Murray for the wrongful death of their beloved Michael.  (Say What)?!

The family had been seeking monetary compensation against Conrad Murray, who had been convicted late last year of the crime of involuntary manslaughter of the Pop Icon.  The family was seeking restitution based on what they believed Michael would have earned for the series of concerts he was to give in London at the 02 arena back in 2009'.  As many of you must know it was reported at the time that Michael Jackson supposedly died at the age of 50 from an overdose of the anesthesia, Propofol.  Now the family has decided not to pursue this claim because they feel that the doctor is near broke, and since his medical license had been revoked earlier that there wasn't any possible way he could ever pay back what they were asking for in their claim.

Due to this, the District Attorney's Office in L.A., cancelled the hearing which was scheduled for Monday, January 23, 2012'.  The spokesperson for the D.A.'s office stated, "We informed Judge Pastor that the Jackson family is not seeking restitution and asked that the matter be taken off the calendar."

The irony of all of this is that Conrad Murray was sentenced to four years in jail for the crime of involuntary manslaughter, but with the overcrowding conditions in California he will probably only serve two years of that sentence.  Now, it seems he won't have to pay one penny to anyone in regards to all of this either.  (Excuse me)!

I don't know about any of you but this is bizarre behavior from the Jackson family to say the least.  Think about it, if your family member was dead at the hands of another and all they received was four years in jail, and you knew that they would probably only serve two years of that sentence, wouldn't you want them to pay something to you?  I know no amount of money will bring Michael back if he is truly dead, but you would think they would want Murray to pay something…anything, right?

Who cares if the man is broke right now?  When he gets out of jail he'll have to get some kind of job, and can't he make restitution payments?  I mean, think about it, if he were required to make restitution payments every month it would be a reminder to him of what he did.  Who cares if the Jackson estate is now in the black?  Heck, they could donate this restitution money to one of Michael's favorite charities, couldn't they?

I just don't understand this move by the Jackson family.  They act as if Murray only deserves a slap on the wrist for what he's done to one of their own.  Something just isn't right here.  Could it be that this is another clue to telling us that this isn't real, and that this is just another page in that soap opera script that I alluded to in a previous blog entry?  After all, why would Murray need to pay restitution if Michael Jackson isn't really dead, right?

Another thing I wondered about is that Murray and his legal team was going to show some kind of evidence on Monday at the hearing that hadn't been included in his trial that could prove in some way that Michael was responsible for his demise.  (I still don't know why this wasn't included in his trial if such evidence existed.  This still baffles me).  One has to wonder if the reason the Jackson family backed off was because maybe they knew something in regards to this so called evidence, and that maybe they didn't want it to be known. 

One really has to wonder about all of this.  Once again, I have to classify this as very strange behavior.  It's been over two years since Michael's supposed death and this story just seems to continue with more and more strange happenings. So, I have to ask again, what in the world is going on here?

If you are a believer of the Death Hoax all of this strange behavior and happenings should make you more and more hopeful because as I've statement many times before, something just isn't right here. 
Michael and sister, Janet

As Janet Jackson stated at one time during an interview:  "The truth always has a way of coming out."

Keep the faith and keep believing!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Michael Jackson's Death and the Strange Timing of it!

I thought it was about time I talked about the strange timing of Michael Jackson's death.  Now I realize we don't really get to pick when we leave this life behind, but his death had some strange timing surrounding it.  Let's think about that for a minute. (Okay, that's enough time thinking about it).  So I'm going to give you a rundown list of why I think his death had a strange timing surrounding it.

1.) We hadn't really heard from the Jackson's over the years but all of a suddenly Marlon, Jackson, Tito, and Jermaine had a reality show called, "The Jackson Family Dynasty".  It came out shortly after Michael made his announcement in March of 2009' that he was going to do a comeback concert tour called, "This is it"!  I don't know how many of you watch this reality show, but the last time I checked you could still view it out on What I find fascinating about this reality show was that we hadn't even got to the second episode and the death of Michael Jackson was reported.  Talk about making someone watch a reality show that most people wouldn't have if it didn't include Michael in the cast.  So Michael wasn't a part of the cast per say, but his death definitely controlled and stirred this show.  This blogger has to say I never missed an episode because I had to keep up with this family and how they were doing because of the Michael connection.  I'm sure it helped their ratings.  Another interesting thing about this first episode is an interview that Jackie Jackson gave in the show and it happens at 3:28 in the video where he makes a statement which I found quite interesting, he said and I quote:  "I'm not afraid of dying right now because of my brother's death and I'd like to be with him someday soon to see him, you know, and I'm sure I will soon. (He goes on to smile, and all the tears he started with are instantly gone as if they had never been there to begin with). STRANGE, STRANGE, STRANGE!!!! (CLICK HERE to watch Episode 1 of the "Jackson a Family Dynasty" and pay close attention to Jackie's interview at 3:28 where he makes the above statement and see if you don't agree with me that it's strange). 

2.) Then there was the fact that Michael was only a week away from leaving for London and the start of his first show at the 02 arena.  I can't believe how close he was to being in London when the bottom supposedly collapsed.

3.) And if that wasn't enough since Michael's supposed death it seems as if the Jackson's have been everywhere.  Some might say they are banking off of Michael Jackson's death, but are they really, or are they just protecting his secret of faking his death.  Maybe Michael is stirring them in their careers as long as they keep his secret.

4.) Many have stated since his supposed death that his estate is now out of the red and in the black, and Michael never once had to step on stage to do this.  I guess it must be true that a person is worth more dead than alive.  Life I'm sure has definitely gotten better for all of the Jackson family.  Some might say they are a bunch of opportunist, but like I said it just might be their payment for keeping Michael's secret of still being alive.

Just think about the timing once again, and don't you all find it rather strange.  One might say it's just coincidental, but like I said in several previous blog entries, there are sure a lot of coincidences that surround all of this. 

So is Michael Jackson dead or alive?  I have to admit I'm still on the fence with that one.  I'm still not sure one way or the other, but like I've stated in other blog entries something just isn't right about all of this.  Let's keep on searching and BELIEVING that we'll get an answer very soon to all of this!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Michael Jackson's Death: Is It Nothing But A Soap Opera Script?

As a long time viewer of the now cancelled Soap Opera, "One Life to Live", I recently saw its final episode on January 13, 2012'. To the cast and crew of this show, as well as its creator, the wonderful Agnes Nixon, I thank you for 44 years of drama. Now as to how this ties into Michael Jackson and his death hoax, well during the final episode of "One Life to Live", it was revealed that the character of Victor Lord, Jr., who was supposedly shot and killed in August of 2011', showed up alive in the final scene. Here is a URL of his death scene which actually took place onscreen.  When you watch it, pay close attention to how the paramedics act in this scene.  (Yes, I know this is just a Soap Opera, but believe me what we all have witness since Michael Jackson's death seems so similar).

(CLICK HERE to view video)

So apparently, Victor Lord, Jr., was dead, but like I stated this is just a soap opera.  Seriously, no one is ever really dead on the Soaps. But, as we all know Michael Jackson apparently died on June 25, 2009', under some very suspicious circumstances. Seriously, there were some questionable things that I had hoped the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial would have resolved, but instead I ended up with more questions. So, this leaves me to wonder one thing, is Michael Jackson's apparent death just a scripted soap opera. Think about this for a moment, we have all the players (cast), the victim (Michael Jackson), and the sanctimonious I did nothing wrong villain (Conrad Murray), the bereaved family (The Jackson's), and the outraged public (Michael's Fans). Then there is something that really leaves me to think this is all scripted material, and that is the fact that no one seems to be able to get their story straight, not even the Jackson Family. Let's face it we have all seen soaps where something is written, and then it's forgotten down the line in the plot, or history of the show, then rewritten for some reason or another. But this is supposed to be real life, right, or is it? Seriously, I watched the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial and there were times with some of the testimony that I was getting that inconsistent Soap Opera headache that many of us have experienced over the years while watching these things. I had to keep reminding myself this was real life.  It's a sad state of affairs when you want to watch a rerun of "Perry Mason" or "Law and Order", which were fictional legal dramas just so that the court of law would start to make sense again.

If any of you don't think I know what I'm talking about go all the way back to June 25th 2009', and replay all the events that have taken place since the supposed, untimely death of Michael Jackson. Then tell me if this doesn't sound like something straight out of a Soap Opera or something that was scripted. I know that Michael's life throughout the years had been filled with drama and then some, which was brought about by other people ( mostly the tabloids), but the events that have taken place after Michael Jackson's supposed death has been way out there for even him.

Survey Question:  
Answer:  Michael Joe Jackson

Sunday, January 15, 2012

When is Death Considered an Injury?

Recently Dr.Conrad Murray returned back to court to try and prove that the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson did in fact cause his own death.  Apparently, Conrad Murray has returned to court to try to reduce the amount of restitution he has been ordered to pay to Michael Jackson’s family (Children:  Prince the 1st, Paris, and Prince the 2nd, aka Blanket).  Murray wants to have evidence that was apparently excluded, (My question is:  Why was it excluded?) from his trial to be looked at by the court in the hope of having the $100 million dollar restitution fine he was given lessened to half that amount.

Although, Murray is back in court he cannot, because of his conviction, argue that he had no responsibility for the death of Michael Jackson, but at the same token he wants to argue once again that Jackson self-administered the fatal dose of Propofol.  His lawyer feels if they can prove this bit of evidence that the amount of restitution money that Murray owes will be most definitely reduced.

District Attorney, David Walgren was quoted as saying that Michael’s children were entitled to wages or profits lost due to injury incurred by the victim’.

All right what is wrong with this statement? Well, doesn't it seem odd that Walgren didn't state the wrongful death of the victim? No, he refers to it as injury incurred. Now I know in some legal circles using injury is a proper terminology to use in such matters, but isn't wrongful death, or negligent death, or even wrongful termination also used in some way. Maybe I am jumping to conclusions here since this isn't a legal document where wording has to be just so, and this is just words coming out of someone's mouth. But this makes me take pause all the more. Think about this for a moment, isn't a person more likely to refer to this as death or the actual charge of involuntary manslaughter when talking freely. Let's face it wouldn't it have just been easier for Walgren to have just come out and said that Murray owed Jackson's children this restitution because he cost them their father. But no he talks about it as if Murray broke Michael's leg or something else; when as things stand he was responsible for killing MichaelJackson. At least that is what we have all been led to believe. Could this mean what I've stated in several previous blog entries that Michael could possibly still be alive but in a coma? I mean, Death Hoax Believers keep asking when he is coming back.  Well, he might not be able to right now if he is in fact still in a coma. This is just one thought I've had, since on June 25, 2009' it was originally being reported that he was in a coma before they stated Jackson was dead.

So what is this, another case of a Freudian slip by Walgren, or is this a clue once again that this is all some kind of hoax. Think about this for a moment, first we get alleged used in the verdict more than once (still want someone to point out to me any other verdict where this happened), and now we have Walgren talking about injury not death, exactly what is going on here?

No wonder why the Death Hoax Believers continue believing Michael Jackson is still alive.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Michael Jackson's - Trial of Errors! (Part 2 of 2)

Dr. Conrad Murray
In the previous log entry I went into some of the things that didn't make much sense about the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial. In this entry I'm going to continue with explaining some of the inconsistent testimony that went on in this trial.

So let's talk about Alberto Alvarez (security guard of logistics) again.  He said that when he and Conrad Murray moved Michael to the floor as instructed by the 9-1-1 operator that Murray had to first remove the I.V. line that he had in Michael's leg.  But, then in the Paramedic testimony the I.V. line was still in Michael's leg.  Which is it?  (Once again conflicting testimony).

Then there were all of the Propofol bottles that the Prosecution displayed on the table in court for the whole world to see.  Now, I don't know about any of you but with that much Propofol you would have thought that one of the paramedics would of saw some of this, right?  But, yet none of the paramedics talked about seeing any of it.  In fact, they only testified to Murray not telling them that he gave Jackson this drug.  They did admit that there was medical equipment in the room.  They also stated when they first arrived that maybe Michael looked like a hospice patient that Murray had been treating.

My first reaction to all of this was what is going on here?  And, the fact that the Prosecution or the Defense never brought any of this conflicting testimony up by recalling some of these people is beyond me.  As I also stated it was amazing how the news media never really discussed this conflicting testimony either.  But, leave it to the Death Hoax Believers who made strong note to it all. 
So can I explain the conflicting testimony? At this point I can't.  It's the reason that when I talk to other people in regards to all of this, most of them just say we may never know the real story to what happened that day. (Excuse me)! 

Michael Jackson / Cherilyn Lee
Then there was Murray's statement to the police a few days later that was release during the court trial.  Apparently, he confessed to the police that Michael Jackson wanted him to administer Propofol to him.  All right I won't dispute this, but why is it that we were all told in the news media that Murray never came forward about giving Michael Jackson Propofol until after the autopsy report came back saying that he died from Acute Propofol Intoxication.  I mean, the closest we came in the beginning to suspecting Propofol was from a Nutritionist/Nurse by the name of Cherilyn Lee, (and many thought she didn't know what she was talking about).  I have to admit, I was one of them.  I thought she was just having her fifteen minutes.
Now maybe it's possible that the police kept this interview under wraps because of the continuing investigation.  They at that point didn't know that MichaelJackson supposedly died from Acute Propofol Intoxication.  This interview with Murray might also have been the reason the police decided two days later to tape off Michael Jackson's home as a crime scene. (I still don't know why this wasn't done from the very beginning).

LaToya Jackson
So this brings up a lot of other questions.  If the paramedics didn't see all of the Propofol and Murray and Alvarez were getting rid of evidence, then why was all of this being found two days later when the police went into the house after taping it off.  I mean, for two whole days before they tape this house off as a crime scene many people had entered and exited the house.  In fact, Michael's sister Latoya stated in an interview with Barbara Walters on "20/20" that on the day Michael supposedly died she went to the house later that evening and found it ransacked.  She said when she questioned a security guard on the premise at the time they basically didn't have an answer for her. (Please give me a break)!    This happens on the video around 5:20. The other interesting thing in this video is when LaToya states she had to sign the death certificate because Conrad Murray declined, which even Barbara Walter's thought was a bit strange. (CLICK HERE to view interview).

It's these kinds of things that don't have answers that really bother me.  I can't help but wonder if the Death Hoax Believers really are on to something.  It's like I stated previously, something isn't right here.  So even if you believe Michael is truly dead, I'm sure you have to admit that these inconsistencies do mount up to more than just coincidences.

I wonder if we will ever really know the whole story, or if it will ever make any sense.  I'd like to believe what Michael's sister Janet said and I quote, "The truth always has a way of getting out".  (Let's hope so in this case, right)?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Michael Jackson's - Trial of Errors! (Part 1 of 2)

Now that we have ended the year 2011' I have to be honest here, I had hoped that when the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter Trial of Michael Jackson began this past year that some of the holes that were present in the suppose death of Michael Jackson would have been answered, and we could have closed this chapter on the Death Hoax once and for all. I am sorry to say that not only did I want to put an end to the death hoax for all of you, but for myself as well. I have admitted out loud to you that when I started this I was 99.9% sure that he was dead, but I was willing to debate both sides of the coin. The things that pointed to a death hoax looked like a bunch of wishful thinkers wishing upon a star; or as it's been referred to out here, it's cloudy outside. At first it appeared to me that a bunch of people were just grasping at straws, and wearing their grief on their sleaves.  However, since writing this blog, and finding all the stuff that believers have put out on the Internet to back up their claims, I have started questioning my own stand on this subject.

If you've been reading my blog you know that I am only 50% sure he's dead now and 50% uncertain. So as I stated I was hoping the trial would put an end to some of my uncertainty, but instead I ended up having a lot more questions than answers, stuff that doesn't make much sense, and if this continues on could have me raising my percentage in believing that he in fact did staged his own death or something else is definitely going on.  Yes, folks I'm about to become a true believer.  Call me crazy, but something just isn't right here.  There has to be something going on because there have been just too many coincidences for this not to have some kind of validity to it.

For those of you who didn't follow the trial, (yeah, I know what Michael Jackson fan didn't, right?) you have no doubt noticed as I have the many conflicting testimonies. First of all, we had Kai Chase, (Michael's personal chef) who made the talk show rounds giving one story of the events of the day that he died, saying that the kids never went upstairs and then she goes to court and gives another story where this time Prince and Paris went upstairs. All right maybe she had time to sort out her thoughts out about the events of that day and realized what actually went down, or maybe she was originally trying to protect the kids from public scrutiny. But still, her story does bother me; she just didn't act like a normal human being would under such circumstances.

Then there was Alberto Alvarez, (Michael's security guard in charge of logistics), he admitted on the witness stand that Murray asked him to get rid of some vials before calling 9-1-1. Alvarez stated he opened a blue plastic bag and Murray dropped a handful of vials into it.  Alvarez went on to say that Murray told him to put the blue plastic bag into a brown bag that Murray presented to him. Alvarez stated he did what he was instructed to do. Now this does make sense, because from what we were led to believe from the beginning there was no signs of Propofol in the house. (Say what???)

But, then with another twist in testimony, we had a CSI investigator on the witness stand who was questioned by the defense team as to why she didn't photograph the Propofol bottle that was in the IV bag on the IV pole. It turns out that Conrad Murray gave a statement a few days after Jackson's supposed death and told about a blue Costco bag that was placed in a closet that the CSI investigator ended up retrieving four days after the fact.  So I'm confused once again by this testimony.  Alberto Alvarez stated Murray told him to dispose of this and yet it ends up in a closet without the brown bag covering, to which Murray guides the police to.  Why????  This doesn't make any sense.  (CLICK HERE to view this testimony.  It occur at the time of around 32:50) .

Let's think about all of this for a moment,  not only did the saline bag and Propofol bottle reemerge, that apparently were what killed Michael Jackson, (or so we were told) there was Murray getting rid of evidence supposedly by Alberto Alvarez, but yet he allows the security guard to hide it in a closet.  But, then later Murray admits to putting this bag in this closet. (What?!!!)

Also, let's not forget the other conflicting testimony by Alberto Alvarez, he says during the 9-1-1 call he was instructed to place Michael Jackson on the floor to perform CPR and he and Murray did this. (CLICK HERE to watch him testify to this, it happens on the video around the time of:  10:56). But then Paramedic, Mr. Blount stated in his testimony that when he arrived at the home he entered the room where Michael Jackson was found laying on the bed. (CLICK HERE to watch him testify to this, it happens on the video around the time of:  7:30).

I'm sure you can see the conflicting testimony in just the few examples I've given above.  Believe it or not there was a lot more conflicting testimony throughout this trial. What I've given you in this blog entry is just a small sample.  There is just a lot not adding up here. At first I thought maybe I wasn't hearing things correctly, because no one and I mean no one in the news media or in the courtroom was bringing up the fact that this was all conflicting testimony, but then Pearl Jr. an infamous believer pointed all of this out on her channel as well. Got to hand it to her and also thank her. I thought for awhile there I was going off the deep end and was just hearing things incorrectly because no one else was saying anything about it.

Anyway, can any of this be explained, well in the next installment I will try to explain some of this the best way I can, but unfortunately I have to admit right now I don't see a single cloud on the horizon.  Some of this still has me baffled, how about you?

Stay tune for Part 2.