Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Will Someone Please Identify This Man? He Just Might Be Michael Jackson!

Could this be Michael Jackson on the
 Right in disguise?
Awhile back I wrote a blog entry about this, but apparently it got lost when my previous laptop crashed and burned. The reason I bring this up is because it may seem like old news to some of you, because it goes all the way back to Michael's memorial service at the Compact Center, and his funeral a few months later at Forest Lawn Cemetery. At both events there was someone sitting near the family that closely resembled Michael Jackson in one of his many disguises. Those of you who haven't heard anything about this, here is some video proof for you to look at.  (CLICK HERE to view video of man at the memorial service.  Then CLICK HERE to view video of man at the funeral service).

Now at the time when I wrote my very first blog entry I firmly believed this wasn't Michael Jackson, and I wasn't a real believer in the Death Hoax. Heck, at the time I was out to dispute it and prove that there was nothing to it, but like I stated since researching and writing this blog for the past six months I have changed my mind to being about to join the believers because there is just too much that I can't explain.

So is this man one of those things that I can't explain? Well, I have to admit I still stand by my belief that this isn't Michael Jackson.  It's not because I still believe that he is dead but because I know Michael would be way too smart to do this. Think about this for a moment, this guy shows up at the memorial service and funeral, and sits near the family, if that is Michael why doesn't he just put a sign on that says, "Hey, everyone I'm Michael Jackson". No, if Michael had appeared at both services odds are I believe he wouldn't have sat near the family but somewhere towards the back in his disguise. Let's remember Michael was the master of the disguise so he could have blended in with the crowd.  But, then again he might have decided to disguise himself and show up the way he did with the family.  Let's remember in the movie Michael did, "Moonwalker", where he puts the rabbit mask on so that he can escape only to whistle at his would be stalkers to draw their attention to him.  (CLICK HERE to view this part in the "Moonwalker Movie" it happens around the time of 7:06.

Whatever is going on here, I would sort of like to know who this man actually is if he isn't Michael. I am amazed that he managed to get over looked by the eagle eyed media. (No, the media was too busy looking at Michael's kids during the memorial and funeral service then scrutinizing whether this person was actually Michael Jackson or not).

Seriously, for once I wanted Diane Diamond (Michael's nemesis), to be poking her nose into the identity of this man, and yet she was nowhere to be found. So I have to ask you the fans to try to find out who this person actually is.  Maybe you can do it through social media, or Face book or twitter.  See if you can't try to find someone who may have sat near this person during the memorial service or the funeral, who can identify him. Maybe this may seem like something that isn't our business, but let's face it unless this person comes forward there will be those who think that he is indeed Michael Jackson in disguise. 
But, just for the sake of argument, what if this person is in fact Michael Jackson?  Wouldn't you all like to know one way or the other?  So start researching and investigating, and then comment back on any of your findings.  I would greatly appreciate it, and I'm sure the rest of Michael's fans would also.

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  1. I was just like you, I was a bit put off by people thinking there was a death hoax, I'd see things pop up here and there and would not look. I felt it was insulting tot he family and the fans. til the trial for CM last year. Something just did not add up with that trial. So I started to research, and guess what, I am non stop researching this and watching anything and everything. I have tried to find out who that guy is at both services, I come up empty handed each time. I am friends with a few family members and people who are close to Michael on FB, which is very surprising to me as I'm really a no body, and I'm not sure how I got to be this close to the inner circle. That in and of itself still blows my mind. I do not ever mention the DH to any of them, as I don't want to upset the family, but I feel I need to remain clam and patient and wait for signs or clues.