Thursday, December 1, 2011

Squiggly Marks on a Legal Jury Verdict Form, (say what?)

I must admit right here and right now, that when the trial of Conrad Murray began I was hoping that I would finally have the answers and that the whole death hoax would finally be put to rest. Hey, as I have admitted to all of you on day one that I wasn’t a complete believer in the death hoax. I set out to do this blog in the hope that I would be able to shed light on the things that some believe to be signs that Michael Jackson was alive, and to put this stuff to bed once and for all. Well that was six months ago since when I first started writing this blog and in that time as I have told you I have found information that I could dispute and debate with believers of the death hoax, to what I like to call its cloudy outside, but guess what I actually have found more information that had me seeing nothing but a clear sky.

Unfortunately, this court trial which I had such high hopes for is definitely one of them. I have to admit from the strange odd things that kept appearing in the courtroom (stuff animals, pumpkins, elephant sculptures) to the odd testimony (has the Stepford Wives come to get Kai Chase yet), to the extremely odd verdict, which included a marked out date of June 9th 2009 and some squiggly marks to then being corrected to June 25th 2009. We all became aware of the problem with the alleged date on the jury verdict form because the judge made such a point to state this to all of us.  Why, I have asked myself.  If he never told us there was a problem with the date on the jury verdict form none of us would have been the wiser.  I mean, after all, we weren't privy to seeing the form, now were we?  So why did he feel the need to tell all of us about the typo?

Well guess what, at first I didn’t pay much attention to this, I thought typos happen on forms all the time, so what is the big deal?  It turns out it is actually a very big deal according to a recent report from TMZ.  In order to change the date on a legal document you actually need to fill out an official legal correction form. There have been verdicts thrown out in past cases due to not filling out this legal correction form.  You can view this by: (CLICKING HERE)

So not only was the date wrong and marked out, but not once did the judge who brought this to the forefront ask the jury if the necessary correction form had been filled out. No, he just makes a production out of the fact that the date had been wrong to begin with, and then proceeded to ask for the verdict, or should I say the alleged date with the alleged victim verdict as it turned out.

So instead of finally having answers to questions regarding the alleged death of Michael Jackson I am left with more questions. I have so many unanswered questions that I am starting to go over to the believer's side in this death hoax. How can I not when this stuff is becoming more stranger by the minute.

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