Friday, December 23, 2011

Michael Jackson: Perry Mason and the Case of the Reappearing IV Tube!

We went into the classic version of the television show, "Hawaii Five-O", and how it could be linked to the Michael Jackson Death Hoax. Now, thank once again to Me-TV (Memorable Entertainment Television), I would like to link the death hoax to another classic series, "Perry Mason". If you are like me, you have no doubt seen this series, and have noticed that each episode has a title that begins with the words, "Perry Mason and the Case of…"  I would like to call this, "Perry Mason and the Case of the Reappearing IV Tube".

During the Conrad Murray InvoluntaryManslaughter trial there had been so many discrepancies that I found myself wondering why neither the defense nor the prosecution hadn't called anyone out on these issues. Going back to fictional character, I already said I wished Steve McGarrett from "Hawaii Five-O", had been handling the investigation, now I find myself wishing a cracker jack attorney, (preferably for the prosecution) like Perry Mason was involved in the Conrad Murray case. This way we would have had an attorney who would have been pointing out where the testimony and the evidence were falling apart.

We all heard Alberto Alvarez, (Michael Jackson's bodyguard in charge of Logistics), testify to the fact that Conrad Murray told him to dispose of the saline bag with the Propofol in it, although, his fingerprints were never found on the bag, but neither side pointed this out to Alvarez. Then there is the fact that Alvarez stated point blank that the IV drip was removed from Jackson's leg where it was hooked up, but according to the Paramedics the IV drip was still in his leg, but the Saline bag wasn't there. (The CSI team found it in the closet later). This was the reason why one of the Paramedics questioned Murray as to what he was treating Michael Jackson for. So, apparently the IV Drip reappeared on Michael Jackson's body. Then there was another thing that doesn't ring true with Alvarez, while he was on the phone with    9-1-1 he was told by the operator to put Michael Jackson on the floor. Then it can clearly be heard during the 9-1-1 call that Alvarez said that they had him on the floor. (CLICK HERE to listen to 9-1-1 call).

Well, according to the testimony of one of the Paramedics, when they arrived at Michael Jackson's home that they found him clearly on the bed and not the floor. Well guess what; yep once again this went completely under the radar of the prosecution and the defense.  No one called Alvarez out on this.  In fact, I was really surprised that they never recalled Alvarez, but neither side did in the end.

Gee, I really wish Perry Mason had been handling this case because I'm sure he would have cornered Alvarez on all this.

I realize that I keep bringing up TV programs and that real life isn't TV. However, I have seen enough real life court cases besides Conrad Murray's, such as most recently the Casey Anthony Case, and even compared to this the Conrad Murray case just didn't add up to being believable. Think about this for a minute, in the Casey Anthony case her mother Cindy was caught in a lie about doing the Chloroform searches on the Internet after the Prosecution did some digging and discovered she was lying about being the one to make those searches.

Yet, in the Conrad Murray case it seem like we have everyone contradicting everyone else and no one is being called out on it. These contradictions are so blatant that people are discussing them out on the Internet. Cindy Anthony wasn't at all this transparent in her lie and yet she was caught. What is going on here? Is it any wonder that the death hoax continues? I went into the Conrad Murray case hoping that I would have some answers to fill in the pieces of the puzzle that were missing. Instead, I have even more missing pieces and even more questions.

I'm starting to seriously wonder if this is all a staged production that has been orchestrated, what else can I think? Sad thing is if this is all staged then those in charge should have taken more time to study shows such as "Perry Mason" or even "Law & Order", to see how this should really be done to make it believable. But then again, if Michael Jakson is behind this as some suspect, maybe he's making it look ludicrous on purpose so his fans would know it's all an illusion.

 Just some more food for thought.

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