Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Michael Jackson: If He Did In Fact Fake His Own Death Did He Commit Fraud?

There have been those who have said that if Michael Jackson is indeed still alive, then he is committing fraud because faking your own death is against the law. Is this true? Good question let's look at this more carefully.

There is no doubt that if an individual fakes their own death they could be up on fraud charges because there are circumstances that could be constituted as perpetuating a fraud. (For example, if an individual is wanted by the law, and fakes their death in order to evade being arrested. Another example is when the individual fakes their own death, and a family member or members knows they are alive and collects on a life insurance policy. Even if the family member or members have no idea the individual is alive, it's still fraud because the person who faked their own death knows that the money is being acquired under false pretenses.

Tell me something is Michael Jackson in trouble with the law if he is still alive? Has anyone in his family collected on an Insurance policy? To my understanding the estate has collected on Michael's life insurance.  So does this mean that Michael is really dead and the death hoax believers need to give up their quest?  I don't really know how to answer that right now.  At one time I would have told them to fold up camp and go home, but as I told you after a lot of research I am sitting on the fence now with a 50/50 belief that he is in fact dead. 

There are some people who think Michael is working undercover in a sting operation to try and implicate the serious drug epidemic that this country is in.  They believe that the federal government knows about it and in some way believes that a man with Michael Jackson's name can bring strong attention to this very serious matter.  Let's face it the Dr. Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter case definitely educated us on this very serious matter plaguing this country.  I mean, when I heard during the trial that more people were dying from prescription drugs than car accidents that really bothered me. 

I'm not saying that I believe all of this, I'm just stating what has been rumored out there.  Time will truly tell the story here.

Also, there are some that believe that if Michael did fake his own death then it's possible there were others involved. For example, the questionable behavior of the police officers who arrived at the scene, who didn't know exactly what had happened to Michael Jackson at the time but didn't label the place a crime scene in the beginning. Then there were the paramedics who took their sweet old time getting Michael to the hospital.  There are also those who still question the validity of the autopsy report. Do I need to go on? It does seem suspicious to say the least?

But the question still looms if in fact Michael Jackson did fake his own death, did he actually commit fraud? I guess it would depend on several factors; first and most important of all did he actually fake his own death? Second, did anyone actually collect on an insurance policy? It was reported they did, but do we know for sure that they in fact did; and if he did fake his own death who exactly was involved in this cover-up? These are all-important factors in whether or not fraud was actually committed here.  As I stated, time will tell us this story.

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