Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Michael Jackson: Did He Really Fake His Death, and when is He Coming Back, if Ever?

While researching whether Michael Jackson really faked his death, the one question that always seems to come up is when is he coming back?  This is something that is highly discussed on the Internet through YouTube videos, Twitter, Face book, Forums, Discussion Boards, etc.  It seems that most death hoax believers believe that Michael is leaving clues behind to tell them when he will return.  I am sorry to say that some of the dates they predicted have come and gone with no sign of Michael Jackson in sight.

So, does this mean that Michael Jackson is in fact dead? As a blogger who has been researching this, I am sure many of you know by now if you have been reading my blog that I have gone from 99.9% sure that Michael Jackson was in fact dead to now only believing that he is only 50% deceased.  Some of the evidence that the believers of the death hoax have given have been pretty compelling, which is why I am hovering at 50/50.

So the question once again is if Michael Jackson faked his death, when is he coming back?  This blogger would have to say I don't really know.  The truth is, if Michael Jackson did in fact fake his own death he had to have had a good reason.  Personally, if he did fake his death, I would have to say it was because he didn't want to be Michael Jackson anymore and that he is probably living his life right at this moment as someone else.  Let's be honest, if Michael Jackson took his wig off and makeup, I'm sure many of us wouldn't know who he was.  Also, the man was the master of the disguise, right?  (Hey, as far as any of us know he might even be in our eyesight and just saying he is a Michael Jackson impersonator).  Think about that for a moment.  Interesting thought, right?

Sometimes a person believes they are worth more dead than alive.  You have to admit Michael and his estate has prospered greatly since his supposed death, right?  I mean, really think about it his whole family has even prospered off of his supposed demise.  I'm sure they definitely don't mind covering for him.  I am also sure if Michael is still alive that he is still in close contact with his family and his kids, but not with the name of Michael Jackson.

Some of you might not understand why Michael would have wanted to vacate his life.  After all, Michael Jackson was a person who was highly loved throughout the world, so how could he just do this?

I gave this a lot of thought and then I found this video on You Tube that kind of helped me to understand why he might have done it.  (CLICK HERE) to view video.  Think about it, was Michael Jackson really living?  I mean, he couldn't leave his house without a group of bodyguards, and he couldn't even go into a store without drawing a mob.  He couldn't make a move without the paparazzi or news media tracking his every move.  He had more lawsuits being thrown at him then any human being could ever deal with.  During the 2005' Child Molestation trial it was brought up that Michael was being sued by someone that said he looked at them the wrong way.  (I kid you not, folks).  Personally, I would hate to walk in this man's shoes for even a day.  It sounded like he might have had the ideal life, but think about it, was he really living?  Also, his financial issues were great, and although he stated he was doing the "This Is It" concerts to show his kids up, close, and personal what he did, his financial issues were many.  I think about my own financial issues with the economy of today keeping me up at times, but I can only imagine what weighed on Michael's mind.  If I would have had to deal with his issues I know I would have had a whole lot more sleeping issues that kept me up at night.

So, in all honesty I don't think Michael Jackson will ever come back.  It's not because I think he is dead, but more to the fact that he doesn't want to be Michael Jackson anymore.  I know what I am saying here can be hard to deal with, but this is how I am viewing this.  Think about it, Michael was fifty years old and he had built a life that wasn't really living.  It was more like a zoo exhibit and I am sure he felt extremely caged up at times.  I'm sure he felt as if he would never break out of this cage he had built around himself, until he got the idea of faking his death.  Yes, I think he got this idea from a radio station in Texas which announced that Michael Jackson was dead back in 2008'.  (Yes, this did happen), although the station apologized the next day for making such an announcement.  But, who's to say MichaelJackson didn't hear about this.

I could be wrong about this, and time will definitely tell this story, but I think if you are a death hoax believer you might just have to reconcile yourself to this.  Think about the recorded message that Conrad Murray had recorded of a drug induced Michael Jackson talking about how he hurt at not having a childhood. This message was heard through out the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial, and I'm sure if you heard it, it must have resonated through you.  I know it did through me.  Personally, I hope I am wrong about this. 

So Michael if you are reading this blog, please reconsider this decision and come back.  I know your fans definitely want you back no matter what.  They care about you more then you'll ever know.  They miss you and I'm sure many of them would tell you they need you to be living in this world with them, because nothing has felt right since you've been gone.

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