Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Michael Jackson: Death Hoax - Who Is This Woman?

Mysterious woman!
Could this be Michael Jackson in disguise?
In my previous blog entry I talked about a mysterious man that was circling around at Michael Jackson's Memorial and Funeral Service.  In this blog entry I want to talk about a mysterious woman that seemed to be around Michael Jackson towards the end of his supposed death.  I even noted seeing her during the Funeral Service as well.

The question that has come to my mind is was she the woman that Michael's former bodyguard, Matt Fiddes alluded to in an interview for Sky News in the U.K.  (CLICK HERE to watch video interview), where he speaks about a woman who was in Michael's life.  He states in the video that there was someone special in Michael's life.

There have been even some Death Hoax BeLIEvers who think that this woman might in fact be Michael Jackson in disguise. (It's amazing how people keep seeing Michael Jackson in disguise, isn't it)?  The next thing you know they'll think Newt Gingrich is Michael Jackson in disguise. lol

I don't mean to make light of any of this, although I am curious about whom this woman is.  Maybe this is also none of my business, but here is another video I found on that shows how this woman has shown up in more places than one. (CLICK HERE to watch video.  The woman shows up on the video about at 10:29).     Then (CLICK HERE to watch video of her sitting at Michael Jackson's Memorial Service. I did through some research find a video where someone said that the woman's identity belong to someone named Ira Audigier.  But when I went to search engine and found a picture of Ms. Audigier I didn't see any similarities to this mysterious woman. (See below photo).
Ira Audigier - pictured
So if any of you can find out who this woman is, just like the man in the previous blog entry, I would greatly appreciate it.  Leave me a comment if you find out anything.  Thanks.

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