Friday, December 2, 2011

Hey Jackson Family Please Corroborate Your Story By Getting Your Math Straight!

Since Michael Jackson alleged death on June 25, 2009, the Jackson family has been seen doing interview after interview. Now we have discussed how this seemed to revive the family in the public eye so I’m not going into that, but there is something that has emerged as a strange pattern. In most of the interviews various family members have been asked when the last time they saw Michael alive. The first one to answer this question was Michael’s younger sister Janet.  She replied by saying that she saw him at her parents 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration on May 14th, three weeks before his death. (Now the first thing wrong with this was the fact that Katherine and Joe weren’t married in May but in November). But this can easily be explained, Katherine and Joe wouldn’t be the first people to choose to celebrate something early for one reason or another. Perhaps their reason was that they wanted the entire family there, and they knew that Michael would be in the middle of his performances at the O2 Arena in London in November of that year, so they decided to move up the party so he could be there.  That makes sense, right? But now look at the date May 14th and think about the next thing that Janet said, she said it was three weeks before his death, and then get out a calculator if you have to and figure out exactly what the date would be if we’re going 21 days after May 14th. (That’s right it's not June 25th but actually June 4th instead).

I could let this go as a Freudian slip as we discussed in another blog entry if it had only been Janet saying this. But guess what this was just the beginning of Jackson’s saying that they saw him last on May 14th, three weeks before his death. Jermaine would go onto say it, Latoya would say it, Tito would say it, and even  Katherine Jackson would go onto say it also.

Now at this point my reaction is either these people can’t count, or they have been rehearsing with each other about how to answer that question. I have a tendency to think it’s the latter, since no two people would answer this sort of question the same way. Yes, they would perhaps say that it was at their parent's 60th anniversary party on May 14th when they last saw Michael, but would they all go onto say three weeks before his death. But guess what they all used those words exactly, which leads me to think they all for one reason or another got together to go over how to answer this question. So why is that? Well some think that the Jackson family has been rehearsed and coached when it comes to fielding questions regarding Michael’s alleged death because they probably felt they had to get their stories straight so as not to reveal the truth that he is still alive. Now whether that is true or not I don’t truly know, but it does seem as if they all stand by the story of May 14th, and it only being three weeks since the last time they saw Michael before his death.  It's just too bad that three weeks after the May 14th date isn't June 25, 2009, as they want to claim unless they know something that we don't know about the date of Michael Jackson's supposed death.  After all, the verdict did read alleged date of June 9, 2009, before the jury foremen corrected it to June 25, 2009. 

It sure does make a person wonder, don't you think?  Another strange coincidence if you ask this blogger.

(CLICK HERE to view video which talks about this at - Time:  4:19)


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