Sunday, December 18, 2011

Did Michael Jackson Choose His Date of Death to Help Farrah Fawcett?

If Michael Jackson chose to fake his death the question to why he decided to choose the date of his death has always been in questioned. There is speculation that he did it because he realized he couldn't go through with the "This Is It" tour; so at the last minute bailed out. There has also been speculation that Michael has gone undercover in some sort of a sting operation to fight the abuse of drugs by the medical profession. But, what if there was another reason that recently I started to wonder about.

Farrah Fawcett
There have been those who have criticized Michael for dying on that day (as if he had a choice if he really did die), because it took the attention away from Farrah Fawcett, who we all know also died on that day after battling anal cancer for several years.

Let's suppose for a minute that he did stage his death, and let's suppose that he chose that day as a way to take the attention off of Farrah; not out of spite but out of respect for her. I want you to bear with me here as I explain. First of all, why would Michael care, did he even know Farrah? That's a very good question and one I wish I could answer.  However, there are some connections between them that are not only associated with June 25, 2009, which I am about to go into.

First, when Michael was young he made a guest appearance on the television show, "The Dating Game", which you can watch on YouTube. This is really priceless to watch so I really recommend doing so. But while you're watching pay close attention to the very end where the second couple is shown, and look at the woman carefully. Does she look familiar? (CLICK HERE to watch)

Tatum O'Neal and Ryan O'Neal
Yes, that was Farrah at a younger age at the beginning of her career. So apparently she and Michael appeared on the same Dating Game. Also, Michael knew and at one time dated Tatum O'Neal, the daughter of Ryan O'Neal, who was the long time boyfriend of Farrah, and the father of her one and only child, son Redman. So there are connections between Michael and Farrah, but are they enough for Michael to want to plot to die on the same day that she did, and if so how did this help her?

Stay tune.

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