Thursday, December 22, 2011

Celebrity Death Hoaxes, Not as Uncommon As Your Think!

I have already done a blog entry regarding Paul is Dead awhile back.  Just to remind all of you this was the death hoax regarding Beetle, Paul McCartney that was perpetuated by the Beetles for awhile to promote their last album. But, it may interest you to know that death hoaxes aren't so uncommon. In fact, death hoaxes have probably been going on since the beginning of time.  It would seem that someone being believed to be dead when they aren't is actually a common occurrence, especially among famous people.

Through my research I found some early death hoaxes that involved Benjamin Franklin and Jonathon Swift. Of course, back in those days death hoaxes didn't get as out of control as they do now. The Internet has allowed such folklore to get out of control to the point where the death could be all over the country, if not the world before you know it.

Here is a list of some of the recent death hoaxes I have been able to dig up:

Paris Hilton

Believe it or not, shortly after she went to jail in June of 2007' reports emerged that she had been killed in prison. In fact, there was a web page that closely resembled a CNN News Page that alleged that she had been stabbed to death. Another report made to look like a news source stated that she had committed suicide. Well as we know none of these reports were true, but that didn't stop it from becoming an Internet frenzy for awhile.

Will Farrell
In March of 2006', the actor and comedian was reported online as dying in a paragliding accident. As we all know this wasn't true and the actor is still alive and well.

John Goodman
An obituary for the actor circulated online stating that he collapsed from a heart attack in January of 2005'. Once again there was no truth to this rumor and Goodman didn't die as reported.

Rap star Eminem was reported back in December 2000' as being the victim of a fatal car crash.  Last time I check he was still alive and kicking.

Lou Reed
An American Rock legend musician, songwriter, and photographer was reported back in May 2001' as being found dead in his apartment after a drug overdose.  This, of course, never happened.
Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears                 

Back in June of 2001', a Los Angeles radio station reported that the couple had died together in a fatal car crash. But apparently, Britney Spears resurrected from this accident only to be reported dead in October of the same year in yet another car crash. We know that these mega entertainers are still very much alive the last time I checked.
Carl Lewis 
Athlete, Carl Lewis was reported as being killed in a bicycle accident in July of 2003'. It turned out Lewis was being used by a fellow bike enthusiast who wanted to draw attention to the danger of a certain bike trail he wanted fixed.
Michael Jackson
And, no I am not referring to June 2009'. Actually Michael was the subject of a couple other death hoaxes.  The first one happened five years earlier. It was reported by a radio station in April of 2004' that Michael had committed suicide by "consuming more than two-dozen sleeping pill", which is eerie when you stop to think about it. And, then there was the death hoax of another radio station in December of 2008' that I discussed in a previous blog entry.

These two hoaxes were definitely not true.  So I am not surprised that there are a strong percentage of people who believe that Michael Jackson is still alive today.
I could go on and on with this, but I think you can see my point here. Death Hoaxes aren't uncommon, and unless someone comes forward to say they are very much alive, or someone can answer questions related to the death without a lot of wholes in their story, these hoaxes can continue to fuel for years and years.

Just look at Paul is dead; it took month before McCartney came forward and admitted he wasn't dead. So if someone with celebrity status wanted to stage their death it wouldn't be too hard to do, after all these stories above were all false and made up by someone online. Now imagine if the individual themselves wanted to fake their own death, it wouldn't be too hard to do now would it? 

Let's remember what Michael Jackson wrote in the song, "Tabloid Junkie", "Just because you read it in a magazine or see it on the tv screen, doesn't make it factual."

Just some more food for thought...

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