Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Michael Jackson: If He Did In Fact Fake His Own Death Did He Commit Fraud?

There have been those who have said that if Michael Jackson is indeed still alive, then he is committing fraud because faking your own death is against the law. Is this true? Good question let's look at this more carefully.

There is no doubt that if an individual fakes their own death they could be up on fraud charges because there are circumstances that could be constituted as perpetuating a fraud. (For example, if an individual is wanted by the law, and fakes their death in order to evade being arrested. Another example is when the individual fakes their own death, and a family member or members knows they are alive and collects on a life insurance policy. Even if the family member or members have no idea the individual is alive, it's still fraud because the person who faked their own death knows that the money is being acquired under false pretenses.

Tell me something is Michael Jackson in trouble with the law if he is still alive? Has anyone in his family collected on an Insurance policy? To my understanding the estate has collected on Michael's life insurance.  So does this mean that Michael is really dead and the death hoax believers need to give up their quest?  I don't really know how to answer that right now.  At one time I would have told them to fold up camp and go home, but as I told you after a lot of research I am sitting on the fence now with a 50/50 belief that he is in fact dead. 

There are some people who think Michael is working undercover in a sting operation to try and implicate the serious drug epidemic that this country is in.  They believe that the federal government knows about it and in some way believes that a man with Michael Jackson's name can bring strong attention to this very serious matter.  Let's face it the Dr. Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter case definitely educated us on this very serious matter plaguing this country.  I mean, when I heard during the trial that more people were dying from prescription drugs than car accidents that really bothered me. 

I'm not saying that I believe all of this, I'm just stating what has been rumored out there.  Time will truly tell the story here.

Also, there are some that believe that if Michael did fake his own death then it's possible there were others involved. For example, the questionable behavior of the police officers who arrived at the scene, who didn't know exactly what had happened to Michael Jackson at the time but didn't label the place a crime scene in the beginning. Then there were the paramedics who took their sweet old time getting Michael to the hospital.  There are also those who still question the validity of the autopsy report. Do I need to go on? It does seem suspicious to say the least?

But the question still looms if in fact Michael Jackson did fake his own death, did he actually commit fraud? I guess it would depend on several factors; first and most important of all did he actually fake his own death? Second, did anyone actually collect on an insurance policy? It was reported they did, but do we know for sure that they in fact did; and if he did fake his own death who exactly was involved in this cover-up? These are all-important factors in whether or not fraud was actually committed here.  As I stated, time will tell us this story.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Michael Jackson: Perry Mason and the Case of the Reappearing IV Tube!

We went into the classic version of the television show, "Hawaii Five-O", and how it could be linked to the Michael Jackson Death Hoax. Now, thank once again to Me-TV (Memorable Entertainment Television), I would like to link the death hoax to another classic series, "Perry Mason". If you are like me, you have no doubt seen this series, and have noticed that each episode has a title that begins with the words, "Perry Mason and the Case of…"  I would like to call this, "Perry Mason and the Case of the Reappearing IV Tube".

During the Conrad Murray InvoluntaryManslaughter trial there had been so many discrepancies that I found myself wondering why neither the defense nor the prosecution hadn't called anyone out on these issues. Going back to fictional character, I already said I wished Steve McGarrett from "Hawaii Five-O", had been handling the investigation, now I find myself wishing a cracker jack attorney, (preferably for the prosecution) like Perry Mason was involved in the Conrad Murray case. This way we would have had an attorney who would have been pointing out where the testimony and the evidence were falling apart.

We all heard Alberto Alvarez, (Michael Jackson's bodyguard in charge of Logistics), testify to the fact that Conrad Murray told him to dispose of the saline bag with the Propofol in it, although, his fingerprints were never found on the bag, but neither side pointed this out to Alvarez. Then there is the fact that Alvarez stated point blank that the IV drip was removed from Jackson's leg where it was hooked up, but according to the Paramedics the IV drip was still in his leg, but the Saline bag wasn't there. (The CSI team found it in the closet later). This was the reason why one of the Paramedics questioned Murray as to what he was treating Michael Jackson for. So, apparently the IV Drip reappeared on Michael Jackson's body. Then there was another thing that doesn't ring true with Alvarez, while he was on the phone with    9-1-1 he was told by the operator to put Michael Jackson on the floor. Then it can clearly be heard during the 9-1-1 call that Alvarez said that they had him on the floor. (CLICK HERE to listen to 9-1-1 call).

Well, according to the testimony of one of the Paramedics, when they arrived at Michael Jackson's home that they found him clearly on the bed and not the floor. Well guess what; yep once again this went completely under the radar of the prosecution and the defense.  No one called Alvarez out on this.  In fact, I was really surprised that they never recalled Alvarez, but neither side did in the end.

Gee, I really wish Perry Mason had been handling this case because I'm sure he would have cornered Alvarez on all this.

I realize that I keep bringing up TV programs and that real life isn't TV. However, I have seen enough real life court cases besides Conrad Murray's, such as most recently the Casey Anthony Case, and even compared to this the Conrad Murray case just didn't add up to being believable. Think about this for a minute, in the Casey Anthony case her mother Cindy was caught in a lie about doing the Chloroform searches on the Internet after the Prosecution did some digging and discovered she was lying about being the one to make those searches.

Yet, in the Conrad Murray case it seem like we have everyone contradicting everyone else and no one is being called out on it. These contradictions are so blatant that people are discussing them out on the Internet. Cindy Anthony wasn't at all this transparent in her lie and yet she was caught. What is going on here? Is it any wonder that the death hoax continues? I went into the Conrad Murray case hoping that I would have some answers to fill in the pieces of the puzzle that were missing. Instead, I have even more missing pieces and even more questions.

I'm starting to seriously wonder if this is all a staged production that has been orchestrated, what else can I think? Sad thing is if this is all staged then those in charge should have taken more time to study shows such as "Perry Mason" or even "Law & Order", to see how this should really be done to make it believable. But then again, if Michael Jakson is behind this as some suspect, maybe he's making it look ludicrous on purpose so his fans would know it's all an illusion.

 Just some more food for thought.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Celebrity Death Hoaxes, Not as Uncommon As Your Think!

I have already done a blog entry regarding Paul is Dead awhile back.  Just to remind all of you this was the death hoax regarding Beetle, Paul McCartney that was perpetuated by the Beetles for awhile to promote their last album. But, it may interest you to know that death hoaxes aren't so uncommon. In fact, death hoaxes have probably been going on since the beginning of time.  It would seem that someone being believed to be dead when they aren't is actually a common occurrence, especially among famous people.

Through my research I found some early death hoaxes that involved Benjamin Franklin and Jonathon Swift. Of course, back in those days death hoaxes didn't get as out of control as they do now. The Internet has allowed such folklore to get out of control to the point where the death could be all over the country, if not the world before you know it.

Here is a list of some of the recent death hoaxes I have been able to dig up:

Paris Hilton

Believe it or not, shortly after she went to jail in June of 2007' reports emerged that she had been killed in prison. In fact, there was a web page that closely resembled a CNN News Page that alleged that she had been stabbed to death. Another report made to look like a news source stated that she had committed suicide. Well as we know none of these reports were true, but that didn't stop it from becoming an Internet frenzy for awhile.

Will Farrell
In March of 2006', the actor and comedian was reported online as dying in a paragliding accident. As we all know this wasn't true and the actor is still alive and well.

John Goodman
An obituary for the actor circulated online stating that he collapsed from a heart attack in January of 2005'. Once again there was no truth to this rumor and Goodman didn't die as reported.

Rap star Eminem was reported back in December 2000' as being the victim of a fatal car crash.  Last time I check he was still alive and kicking.

Lou Reed
An American Rock legend musician, songwriter, and photographer was reported back in May 2001' as being found dead in his apartment after a drug overdose.  This, of course, never happened.
Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears                 

Back in June of 2001', a Los Angeles radio station reported that the couple had died together in a fatal car crash. But apparently, Britney Spears resurrected from this accident only to be reported dead in October of the same year in yet another car crash. We know that these mega entertainers are still very much alive the last time I checked.
Carl Lewis 
Athlete, Carl Lewis was reported as being killed in a bicycle accident in July of 2003'. It turned out Lewis was being used by a fellow bike enthusiast who wanted to draw attention to the danger of a certain bike trail he wanted fixed.
Michael Jackson
And, no I am not referring to June 2009'. Actually Michael was the subject of a couple other death hoaxes.  The first one happened five years earlier. It was reported by a radio station in April of 2004' that Michael had committed suicide by "consuming more than two-dozen sleeping pill", which is eerie when you stop to think about it. And, then there was the death hoax of another radio station in December of 2008' that I discussed in a previous blog entry.

These two hoaxes were definitely not true.  So I am not surprised that there are a strong percentage of people who believe that Michael Jackson is still alive today.
I could go on and on with this, but I think you can see my point here. Death Hoaxes aren't uncommon, and unless someone comes forward to say they are very much alive, or someone can answer questions related to the death without a lot of wholes in their story, these hoaxes can continue to fuel for years and years.

Just look at Paul is dead; it took month before McCartney came forward and admitted he wasn't dead. So if someone with celebrity status wanted to stage their death it wouldn't be too hard to do, after all these stories above were all false and made up by someone online. Now imagine if the individual themselves wanted to fake their own death, it wouldn't be too hard to do now would it? 

Let's remember what Michael Jackson wrote in the song, "Tabloid Junkie", "Just because you read it in a magazine or see it on the tv screen, doesn't make it factual."

Just some more food for thought...

To read more on death hoaxes: (CLICK HERE)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Michael Jackson: Death Hoax - Who Is This Woman?

Mysterious woman!
Could this be Michael Jackson in disguise?
In my previous blog entry I talked about a mysterious man that was circling around at Michael Jackson's Memorial and Funeral Service.  In this blog entry I want to talk about a mysterious woman that seemed to be around Michael Jackson towards the end of his supposed death.  I even noted seeing her during the Funeral Service as well.

The question that has come to my mind is was she the woman that Michael's former bodyguard, Matt Fiddes alluded to in an interview for Sky News in the U.K.  (CLICK HERE to watch video interview), where he speaks about a woman who was in Michael's life.  He states in the video that there was someone special in Michael's life.

There have been even some Death Hoax BeLIEvers who think that this woman might in fact be Michael Jackson in disguise. (It's amazing how people keep seeing Michael Jackson in disguise, isn't it)?  The next thing you know they'll think Newt Gingrich is Michael Jackson in disguise. lol

I don't mean to make light of any of this, although I am curious about whom this woman is.  Maybe this is also none of my business, but here is another video I found on that shows how this woman has shown up in more places than one. (CLICK HERE to watch video.  The woman shows up on the video about at 10:29).     Then (CLICK HERE to watch video of her sitting at Michael Jackson's Memorial Service. I did through some research find a video where someone said that the woman's identity belong to someone named Ira Audigier.  But when I went to search engine and found a picture of Ms. Audigier I didn't see any similarities to this mysterious woman. (See below photo).
Ira Audigier - pictured
So if any of you can find out who this woman is, just like the man in the previous blog entry, I would greatly appreciate it.  Leave me a comment if you find out anything.  Thanks.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Will Someone Please Identify This Man? He Just Might Be Michael Jackson!

Could this be Michael Jackson on the
 Right in disguise?
Awhile back I wrote a blog entry about this, but apparently it got lost when my previous laptop crashed and burned. The reason I bring this up is because it may seem like old news to some of you, because it goes all the way back to Michael's memorial service at the Compact Center, and his funeral a few months later at Forest Lawn Cemetery. At both events there was someone sitting near the family that closely resembled Michael Jackson in one of his many disguises. Those of you who haven't heard anything about this, here is some video proof for you to look at.  (CLICK HERE to view video of man at the memorial service.  Then CLICK HERE to view video of man at the funeral service).

Now at the time when I wrote my very first blog entry I firmly believed this wasn't Michael Jackson, and I wasn't a real believer in the Death Hoax. Heck, at the time I was out to dispute it and prove that there was nothing to it, but like I stated since researching and writing this blog for the past six months I have changed my mind to being about to join the believers because there is just too much that I can't explain.

So is this man one of those things that I can't explain? Well, I have to admit I still stand by my belief that this isn't Michael Jackson.  It's not because I still believe that he is dead but because I know Michael would be way too smart to do this. Think about this for a moment, this guy shows up at the memorial service and funeral, and sits near the family, if that is Michael why doesn't he just put a sign on that says, "Hey, everyone I'm Michael Jackson". No, if Michael had appeared at both services odds are I believe he wouldn't have sat near the family but somewhere towards the back in his disguise. Let's remember Michael was the master of the disguise so he could have blended in with the crowd.  But, then again he might have decided to disguise himself and show up the way he did with the family.  Let's remember in the movie Michael did, "Moonwalker", where he puts the rabbit mask on so that he can escape only to whistle at his would be stalkers to draw their attention to him.  (CLICK HERE to view this part in the "Moonwalker Movie" it happens around the time of 7:06.

Whatever is going on here, I would sort of like to know who this man actually is if he isn't Michael. I am amazed that he managed to get over looked by the eagle eyed media. (No, the media was too busy looking at Michael's kids during the memorial and funeral service then scrutinizing whether this person was actually Michael Jackson or not).

Seriously, for once I wanted Diane Diamond (Michael's nemesis), to be poking her nose into the identity of this man, and yet she was nowhere to be found. So I have to ask you the fans to try to find out who this person actually is.  Maybe you can do it through social media, or Face book or twitter.  See if you can't try to find someone who may have sat near this person during the memorial service or the funeral, who can identify him. Maybe this may seem like something that isn't our business, but let's face it unless this person comes forward there will be those who think that he is indeed Michael Jackson in disguise. 
But, just for the sake of argument, what if this person is in fact Michael Jackson?  Wouldn't you all like to know one way or the other?  So start researching and investigating, and then comment back on any of your findings.  I would greatly appreciate it, and I'm sure the rest of Michael's fans would also.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Did Michael Jackson Choose His Date of Death to Help Farrah Fawcett? (Part 2 of 2)

In the previous blog entry I started to go into the fact that there could be a reason why Michael Jackson chose the day that Farrah Fawcett died to stage his death. I went into the fact that it's possible he chose that day in order to take the attention away from her, not because Michael Jackson wanted the spotlight but because he wanted to give Farrah the opportunity to die in peace. Now why would this matter so much to Michael? Well we know that Michael was a very caring person, regardless of what a few choice people might have said otherwise. There was a possibility that something might have made him feel great empathy for Farrah, and made him plan his death on the same day as hers.

Let me try to explain a little more about what I am referring to. I was watching a video awhile back where I had to stop dead in my tracks.  The reason being was that it showed Michael Jackson coming out of a toy store with his children back on May 15, 2009, just about a month before his so-called passing. Someone in the crowd of press people yelled and I quote, "Are you going to watch Farrah Fawcett?  Are you going to watch Farrah Fawcett tonight?" At first I wasn't sure what he was talking about, but it just seemed strange to hear Farrah's name come up around Michael Jackson and it had nothing to do with both of them dying on the same day. When you view this video listen carefully to what is being said.  You might have to put up your volume in order to hear it. It occurs around the time of: 11:36 on the video.
(CLICK HERE to view video)

What I have since discovered through some research, that the member of the media had to be referring to Farrah Fawcett's documentary that she did chronicling her battle with cancer called, "Farrah's story", which was shown around this time.

Redmon pictured with his parents
Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett
So what if Michael did watch it? What if not only did he feel such empathy for this woman, but also understood all too well what she was saying about how precious life was and how we shouldn't waste a single minute of it? This might also explain that if he did stage his death why he chose the day she died. Think about this carefully for a moment, what did the news media keep going back to when it came to Farrah's impending death? Not her career in acting, not her valiant fight with Cancer; no they kept going back to the fact that her son Redman was in jail while she was dying. Couldn't you just see it now the day she died, it was all about how was Redman taking this? How does he feel knowing that he let her down because he was in jail and was not with her when she died?

Michael knowing full well what the news media could be like and how they always wanted to sensationalize everything could of decided that if he was going to stage his death, he would do it on the same day Farrah died. Then she could die in peace without dealing with all that media attention, while he took on the scrutiny of the media. Anyway, if Michael did see the documentary I could see him relating so much to all of this, and maybe wondering if it was all really worth it. Yes, Michael loved his fans, they were probably the only thing that made it all worthwhile, but there was a whole lot of other stuff that made being Michael Jackson unbearable.

Plus, one last thing there was speculation that Michael was going to stage his death earlier in the month because of the strange things that had happened regarding early June. Such as the fact that the Jackson family kept saying three weeks in interviews when they are referring to the last time they saw him. The fact that the date of death was changed during the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter court case from June 9th to June 25, 2009, and the fact that the Judge felt the need to bring public attention to this. Also, for those who don't know at the time of the documentary, doctors weren't giving Farrah much longer to live. They were giving her a matter of weeks which would put her death somewhere at the beginning of June; but of course, she lasted a little while longer.
Farrah Fawcett with son, Redmon
shortly after his birth.

So it's possible that when Michael chose to stage his death for whatever reason, he decided to do it on the day she died, to give her what he and so many others knew she would want, a chance to die in peace without the media going on a frenzy against her one and only son.

One last connection that I found.  I found a photo of Farrah Fawcett, Ryan O'Neal, and Liza Minnelli.  If you've been following Michael Jackson over the years you have to know that Michael and Liza Minelli were good friends, so it only makes sense that Michael somewhere along the line would have known Farrah on a personal level.  So the question lingers did Michael fake his death on the day that Farrah died to help her?
Pictured:  Liza Minnelli, Ryan O'Neal, and Farrah Fawcett

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Did Michael Jackson Choose His Date of Death to Help Farrah Fawcett?

If Michael Jackson chose to fake his death the question to why he decided to choose the date of his death has always been in questioned. There is speculation that he did it because he realized he couldn't go through with the "This Is It" tour; so at the last minute bailed out. There has also been speculation that Michael has gone undercover in some sort of a sting operation to fight the abuse of drugs by the medical profession. But, what if there was another reason that recently I started to wonder about.

Farrah Fawcett
There have been those who have criticized Michael for dying on that day (as if he had a choice if he really did die), because it took the attention away from Farrah Fawcett, who we all know also died on that day after battling anal cancer for several years.

Let's suppose for a minute that he did stage his death, and let's suppose that he chose that day as a way to take the attention off of Farrah; not out of spite but out of respect for her. I want you to bear with me here as I explain. First of all, why would Michael care, did he even know Farrah? That's a very good question and one I wish I could answer.  However, there are some connections between them that are not only associated with June 25, 2009, which I am about to go into.

First, when Michael was young he made a guest appearance on the television show, "The Dating Game", which you can watch on YouTube. This is really priceless to watch so I really recommend doing so. But while you're watching pay close attention to the very end where the second couple is shown, and look at the woman carefully. Does she look familiar? (CLICK HERE to watch)

Tatum O'Neal and Ryan O'Neal
Yes, that was Farrah at a younger age at the beginning of her career. So apparently she and Michael appeared on the same Dating Game. Also, Michael knew and at one time dated Tatum O'Neal, the daughter of Ryan O'Neal, who was the long time boyfriend of Farrah, and the father of her one and only child, son Redman. So there are connections between Michael and Farrah, but are they enough for Michael to want to plot to die on the same day that she did, and if so how did this help her?

Stay tune.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Michael Jackson: Death Hoax and the Ian Halperin Connection

Yes, you read the title correctly.  Believe it or not I truly believe that author Ian Halperin might have instigated what I believe was Michael Jackson's exit from this life.  In Ian Halperin's book, " Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson", it was stated that Mr. Halperin had gone on record before Michael's death as stating that Michael Jackson was deathly sick and only had six months to live.  And, low and behold Michael Jackson was dead six months and one day later.

Now, unless Ian Halperin is psychic I don't know how he could have guessed six months later so precisely.  So, did Michael Jackson get an idea to fake his death from Ian Halperin?  Did he choose his date based on Mr. Halperin's six month prediction, or, maybe Mr. Halperin is a part of the death hoax?
Ian Halperin pictured above.
Let's take a close look at Ian Halperin's claim which just might have given Michael Jackson his idea to fake his own death.  It was late in December of 2008' when Ian Halperin alleged that Michael Jackson was seriously ill with a large array of deadly health conditions.  Mr. Halperin went on to state that the legendary King of Pop was suffering from a condition called Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, acute emphysema, gastrointestinal bleeding, and that he was basically blind in his left eye.  He went on even to say that Michael Jackson was near mute, had lung and liver diseases and was in desperate need of a transplant, and continued to tell of the severe back and leg pain that the superstar was living with.  Mr. Halperin alluded to Jackson as being virtually bedridden and wasn't able to get out.  The list that Mr. Halperin gave seemed to grow with every passing day.

The claims were, of course, denied by Michael Jackson himself, and his camp.  This denial did not stop Mr. Halperin, because he promised to show us evidence by showing us Michael Jackson's medical records to support what he was saying. (I personally don't know how he was going to do this since medical records are highly private.  Of course, Mr. Halperin never did provide this to the public at any time).

In turn, as many of us know Michael Jackson went through a mandatory five hour medical exam to obtain insurance for his "This Is It" tour.  It was stated through this examination that Michael was only suffering from a slight case of hay fever, but was otherwise in good health.  The only illnesses that were known about were his skin condition Vitiligo and Lupus.  And, if you were watching the Doctor Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial you know that the autopsy that the coroner testified to stated that Michael Jackson didn't die from natural causes or any other illness but from acute Propofol Intoxication, and most definitely not from any of the things that Mr. Halperin had alluded to.

So the question remains did Mr. Halperin give Michael Jackson his idea to fake his death?  In my previous blog entry I mentioned a radio station that reported that Michael Jackson had died back in December 2008', and then later recanted their claim.  Maybe both of these items pushed Michael Jackson into vacating his life once and for all.

Just some more food for thought. . .

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Michael Jackson: Did He Really Fake His Death, and when is He Coming Back, if Ever?

While researching whether Michael Jackson really faked his death, the one question that always seems to come up is when is he coming back?  This is something that is highly discussed on the Internet through YouTube videos, Twitter, Face book, Forums, Discussion Boards, etc.  It seems that most death hoax believers believe that Michael is leaving clues behind to tell them when he will return.  I am sorry to say that some of the dates they predicted have come and gone with no sign of Michael Jackson in sight.

So, does this mean that Michael Jackson is in fact dead? As a blogger who has been researching this, I am sure many of you know by now if you have been reading my blog that I have gone from 99.9% sure that Michael Jackson was in fact dead to now only believing that he is only 50% deceased.  Some of the evidence that the believers of the death hoax have given have been pretty compelling, which is why I am hovering at 50/50.

So the question once again is if Michael Jackson faked his death, when is he coming back?  This blogger would have to say I don't really know.  The truth is, if Michael Jackson did in fact fake his own death he had to have had a good reason.  Personally, if he did fake his death, I would have to say it was because he didn't want to be Michael Jackson anymore and that he is probably living his life right at this moment as someone else.  Let's be honest, if Michael Jackson took his wig off and makeup, I'm sure many of us wouldn't know who he was.  Also, the man was the master of the disguise, right?  (Hey, as far as any of us know he might even be in our eyesight and just saying he is a Michael Jackson impersonator).  Think about that for a moment.  Interesting thought, right?

Sometimes a person believes they are worth more dead than alive.  You have to admit Michael and his estate has prospered greatly since his supposed death, right?  I mean, really think about it his whole family has even prospered off of his supposed demise.  I'm sure they definitely don't mind covering for him.  I am also sure if Michael is still alive that he is still in close contact with his family and his kids, but not with the name of Michael Jackson.

Some of you might not understand why Michael would have wanted to vacate his life.  After all, Michael Jackson was a person who was highly loved throughout the world, so how could he just do this?

I gave this a lot of thought and then I found this video on You Tube that kind of helped me to understand why he might have done it.  (CLICK HERE) to view video.  Think about it, was Michael Jackson really living?  I mean, he couldn't leave his house without a group of bodyguards, and he couldn't even go into a store without drawing a mob.  He couldn't make a move without the paparazzi or news media tracking his every move.  He had more lawsuits being thrown at him then any human being could ever deal with.  During the 2005' Child Molestation trial it was brought up that Michael was being sued by someone that said he looked at them the wrong way.  (I kid you not, folks).  Personally, I would hate to walk in this man's shoes for even a day.  It sounded like he might have had the ideal life, but think about it, was he really living?  Also, his financial issues were great, and although he stated he was doing the "This Is It" concerts to show his kids up, close, and personal what he did, his financial issues were many.  I think about my own financial issues with the economy of today keeping me up at times, but I can only imagine what weighed on Michael's mind.  If I would have had to deal with his issues I know I would have had a whole lot more sleeping issues that kept me up at night.

So, in all honesty I don't think Michael Jackson will ever come back.  It's not because I think he is dead, but more to the fact that he doesn't want to be Michael Jackson anymore.  I know what I am saying here can be hard to deal with, but this is how I am viewing this.  Think about it, Michael was fifty years old and he had built a life that wasn't really living.  It was more like a zoo exhibit and I am sure he felt extremely caged up at times.  I'm sure he felt as if he would never break out of this cage he had built around himself, until he got the idea of faking his death.  Yes, I think he got this idea from a radio station in Texas which announced that Michael Jackson was dead back in 2008'.  (Yes, this did happen), although the station apologized the next day for making such an announcement.  But, who's to say MichaelJackson didn't hear about this.

I could be wrong about this, and time will definitely tell this story, but I think if you are a death hoax believer you might just have to reconcile yourself to this.  Think about the recorded message that Conrad Murray had recorded of a drug induced Michael Jackson talking about how he hurt at not having a childhood. This message was heard through out the Conrad Murray Involuntary Manslaughter trial, and I'm sure if you heard it, it must have resonated through you.  I know it did through me.  Personally, I hope I am wrong about this. 

So Michael if you are reading this blog, please reconsider this decision and come back.  I know your fans definitely want you back no matter what.  They care about you more then you'll ever know.  They miss you and I'm sure many of them would tell you they need you to be living in this world with them, because nothing has felt right since you've been gone.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

When do all of the Coincidences Stop being just Coincidences?

It's interesting the amount of times I've heard someone on a blogs, a forum, twiter, Face book, and other discussion sights that the Michael Jackson Death Hoax BeLIEvers are just creating a bunch of stuff from things that are just coincidental.

So when does a coincidence have merit?  When does a coincidence stop being just a coincidence?  Since probing into the Michael Jackson Death Hoax, I have found more than my fair share of coincidences, many of which have been made into blog entries here on this sight and throughout the Internet.  Since it's been around six months when I started this blog, I thought it was time to recap some of those coincidences.  Believe me when I tell you there are plenty of them.  Some of them I can explain and some I cannot. 
Coincidence Recap:

·         The parallels to Elvis Presley not just in life but in death.
·         The fact that Michael Jackson videotaped all of his rehearsals for his "This Is It" Concert. Something he never had done before, and this footage, of course became the film documentary.
·         The fact that Michael Jackson apparently died just days before he was scheduled to leave for the concerts at the 02 Arena.
·         The fact that Conrad Murray has been labeled negligent and with good reason. This man violated not one but six standards of care in his so called care of Michael Jackson.  Yet, Dr. Murray's past patients will say he is an outstanding, caring, and very talented doctor.  (Say What?  Are we talking about the same man?)
·         The fact that 9-1-1 wasn’t called right away; this was brought up in the court case and with good reason. Even the fact that a doctor is on the scene is no excuse not to call 9-1-1 immediately.
·         The fact that the police didn’t tape off the area as a crime scene at the very beginning.
·         The fact that there are those who have changed their stories, (Kai Chase, Cherilyn Lee and others), can’t seem to get their story straight about the events leading up to and on the day of Michael Jackson’s death.
·         Classic movie connections, we know Michael Jackson loved films, I can now point to three films that seem to be connected to his death or death hoax: "Gilda", "Corridors of Blood", and "The Big Sleep". I have to wonder what movie will be next.  Oh, wait Latoya Jackson told us to watch the movie "The Illusionist", and she told us to read between the lines.  (Why?)
·         The slip ups of some of the Jackson family during interviews. I did a blog entry where Jermaine said Michael arrived at the airport, then quickly corrected himself and said hospital on June 25, 2009, Then they all stand by the "we saw Michael three weeks ago on May 14, 2009.
·         The surveillance tapes being erased by the police.
·         Michael’s middle name is Joe not Joseph, so why are all the legal documents pertaining to his death with the name Joseph as his middle name.
·         The death photos emerging in court after two years when there was no reason for showing them.  I mean, this wasn't a murder case.
·         The gurney in one photo was no longer used at UCLA at that time.
·         Why was Conrad Murray sitting during the verdict, even TV shows the defendant is made to stand for the reading of the verdict? While we're at it why was this an alleged victim and alleged date when the verdict is now final?
I could go on; in fact I’m sure some of you could come up with more coincidences. I know there is such a thing as a coincidence but in the death of Michael Jackson we have had more than our fair share of them, don't you think? 

The real question I think we should all be asking is, what is truly going on here?  Is Michael Jackson really dead or are all of these coincidences actual clues to him still being very much alive.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Hey Jackson Family Please Corroborate Your Story By Getting Your Math Straight!

Since Michael Jackson alleged death on June 25, 2009, the Jackson family has been seen doing interview after interview. Now we have discussed how this seemed to revive the family in the public eye so I’m not going into that, but there is something that has emerged as a strange pattern. In most of the interviews various family members have been asked when the last time they saw Michael alive. The first one to answer this question was Michael’s younger sister Janet.  She replied by saying that she saw him at her parents 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration on May 14th, three weeks before his death. (Now the first thing wrong with this was the fact that Katherine and Joe weren’t married in May but in November). But this can easily be explained, Katherine and Joe wouldn’t be the first people to choose to celebrate something early for one reason or another. Perhaps their reason was that they wanted the entire family there, and they knew that Michael would be in the middle of his performances at the O2 Arena in London in November of that year, so they decided to move up the party so he could be there.  That makes sense, right? But now look at the date May 14th and think about the next thing that Janet said, she said it was three weeks before his death, and then get out a calculator if you have to and figure out exactly what the date would be if we’re going 21 days after May 14th. (That’s right it's not June 25th but actually June 4th instead).

I could let this go as a Freudian slip as we discussed in another blog entry if it had only been Janet saying this. But guess what this was just the beginning of Jackson’s saying that they saw him last on May 14th, three weeks before his death. Jermaine would go onto say it, Latoya would say it, Tito would say it, and even  Katherine Jackson would go onto say it also.

Now at this point my reaction is either these people can’t count, or they have been rehearsing with each other about how to answer that question. I have a tendency to think it’s the latter, since no two people would answer this sort of question the same way. Yes, they would perhaps say that it was at their parent's 60th anniversary party on May 14th when they last saw Michael, but would they all go onto say three weeks before his death. But guess what they all used those words exactly, which leads me to think they all for one reason or another got together to go over how to answer this question. So why is that? Well some think that the Jackson family has been rehearsed and coached when it comes to fielding questions regarding Michael’s alleged death because they probably felt they had to get their stories straight so as not to reveal the truth that he is still alive. Now whether that is true or not I don’t truly know, but it does seem as if they all stand by the story of May 14th, and it only being three weeks since the last time they saw Michael before his death.  It's just too bad that three weeks after the May 14th date isn't June 25, 2009, as they want to claim unless they know something that we don't know about the date of Michael Jackson's supposed death.  After all, the verdict did read alleged date of June 9, 2009, before the jury foremen corrected it to June 25, 2009. 

It sure does make a person wonder, don't you think?  Another strange coincidence if you ask this blogger.

(CLICK HERE to view video which talks about this at - Time:  4:19)