Thursday, November 10, 2011

Will The Defendant Please Remain Seated? Is This Court For Real???

Well, it's time for another oddity during the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray. By now you know that Conrad Murray was found guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter against his "alleged" victim Michael Jackson (which in itself was the subject of my previous blog entry), but there was something else that was very odd about the reading of the Dr. Conrad Murray's verdict. I'm sure most of us have seen at least one verdict being read on TV. I'm sure you've seen the defendant being told to rise and face either the judge or the jury. This is usually common court protocol, right?  The judge will first ask the jury if they have indeed reached a verdict; once the judge is told by the jury foreman that yes they have, the judge then proceeds to tell the defendant please rise and face either him or the jury. The defendant will then rise, and even the defense team will rise, and the verdict is read by the court clerk. This is common procedure from what I know and what I have witnessed in court cases, it's been done numerous times. Well guess what, we all know when the verdict of Dr. Conrad Murray was read not only did the judge not tell him to rise, and not only did he remain seated, that even after the verdict he was handcuffed sitting down.  What's with that?  Strange…strange…strange!

This brings up so many questions about this very odd court case from the alleged date to the alleged victim and now the defendant not rising to hear the verdict.  So my first question is why wasn't he asked to rise when the verdict was read? Second, why did they handcuff him sitting down?  It looked strange when they did this.  It looked stupid when he sat back after being cuffed on his hands.
The one thing I do know for sure is that this has been one of the strangest death investigations, followed by one of the oddest and strangest court cases I have ever seen televised. If this was a televised soap opera I might understand this, but this was real life, so I'm confused by all of this. 
So let's summarize this bizarre case, we had one of the oddest verdicts ever read, with the date being messed up to start, and the word alleged being used more than once in the wording of the verdict, and now we have a defendant who remains seated throughout the whole proceeding. Is there any wonder the death hoax beLIEvers continue to think that Michael Jackson is still alive.  All of this really does make a person stop and wonder if the death hoax beLIEvers are actually on to something. 

Something isn't right here, and even this blogger is willing to admit that.

Stay Tune.

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