Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Michael Jackson: Death Hoax = Why are non-beLIEvers out on Death Hoax sites?

I decided to write this blog entry to address something that I have found quite interesting since I started to research whether Michael Jackson faked his death or not.  I have found when I am out on Death Hoax sites that there seems to be a certain amount of people who have left comments being downright cruel and obnoxious to those persons who believe that Michael Jackson is still alive.  My question to them is if you believe he is dead, why are you on a death hoax site to start with?

 I know I'm not a 100 % convinced about him faking his death, but I have enough respect to know that I'm there researching and I feel everyone has the right to believe what they want.  I don't feel that it warrants mean, nasty comments to people who are trying to get answers to questions about Michael's death or not.  In fact, some of the death hoax beLIEver's questions have made me stop and pause at times.

This has fascinated me not just in regards to Michael Jackson Death Hoax sites but just on Michael Jackson in general.  I always think it's interesting how Michael Jackson haters always seem to be on Michael Jackson sites trying to cause havoc.  You would think that a lot of people don't have lives and they feel the need to stir the pot, so to speak.

Seriously, what harm is any of this doing, really?  If a person has a belief and they aren't hurting you, why don't you just leave them alone?  Also, remember there have been many who have laughed at various things throughout history and then later found out that what they were laughing at turned out to be true.

Think about that, and live and let live.  Remember what Michael always said: "It's all for love."

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