Friday, November 4, 2011

Is Michael Jackson's Death Hoax, "The Big Sleep"?

Here is yet another blog entry that ties Michael Jackson's death hoax with a classic film. We have of course in previous blogs covered the tie in with the film "Gilda", and the strange tie in with the classic horror film "The Corridors of Blood" so what film is next, well it's the 1946' Bogart film, "The Big Sleep."

Yes, you read that title correct: "The Big Sleep".  As eerie as that title may seem there was in fact a movie by that title.  Now before we go any further into why "The Big Sleep" is added, many of you might be wondering why I keep tying the death hoax in with classic films.  Let's remember as I have stated before in previous blog entries, like me Michael Jackson was a classic film buff. He loved classic movies, so it would stand to reason that some films could be tie into his death hoax, if he did indeed stage his own death. Also, I would like to take this moment to make a confession, although I am a classic film buff, I am not a fan of Humphrey Bogart.

Why is this important? Well, for one since I am not a fan of the actor I am not too familiar with his films including, "The Big Sleep", so I didn't see this tie in to the death hoax till someone brought it up on the Internet. This connection goes back to the video that Michael Jackson did for "Smooth Criminal", which was also featured in the concert film documentary, "This Is It."

For those of us who have seen the video we know that in it Michael is pursued by Bogart and that Bogart says this to Michael before the pursuit begins:

"What do want me to do count to three like they do in the movies?"

This is a clip directly from the film "The Big Sleep," so what does this film have to do with the death hoax you might still be wondering?  Well other than the strange title, the film "The Big Sleep", Bogart plays a detective Philip Marlowe who is investigating the disappearance of a man by the name of Sean Regan, but the more he digs the more he finds himself involved in web of lies, murder, and blackmail. (Basically a CONSPIRACY). All of this leading to what is an elaborate cover-up into Regan's apparent murder. If you want to read more on the synopsis of "The Big Sleep" you can go to the Turner Classic Movie database by Clicking HERE.

So what does any of this have to do with Michael and his death hoax? Once again, we have a film that was placed in the "Smooth Criminal" video that could be a sign of the death hoax if you really think about the coincidence associated to this film and the "This Is It" concert. Let's face it whatever happened on June 25, 2009, I am now of the belief that there is a cover up going on of some kind. I would like to believe that this cover-up has to do with Michael Jackson staging his own death, because well the alternative, which would be a possible murder cover up is something that I really don't want to consider. I do know that things aren't as cut and dry as the courts want us to believe. Things just don't add up, which is why there are BeLIEvers to the death hoax, because the other alternative isn't one that most of us want to contemplate or deal with.

Also, once again take a moment and look at the title of this movie. Isn't there a connection there in itself, "The Big Sleep"?  If you wanted to come up with a title to best describe what has happened to Michael Jackson, wouldn't this be a fitting title. That in itself makes the connection rather bizarre, wouldn't you say?

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