Thursday, November 17, 2011

Death Hoax or the Ultimate Family Intervention (Part 2 of 3)

In Part 1, I talked a little about how things didn’t seem quite right with the death of Michael Jackson.  Now if you’ve been reading this blog you must know by now that there is a strong following of people who think Michael Jackson faked his own death, and that is why I have been writing this blog to try to dispel this rumor.  After a lot of research into this subject I found I could explain some things that people were saying about him faking his death, but there were some things I found I could not explain.  The court case against Dr. Conrad Murray had many open holes with no answers, to which I’m sure many of you reading this will agree. I know there have been a lot of death hoax beLIEvers who say that the reason we don’t have the answers we crave is because Michael Jackson is not dead.  I think this is a good debate that makes a person pause and think about whether they are on the right track or maybe not.

I want to talk in this blog entry about what I think might have happened with the ultimate family intervention.  I think there is a good chance that the family intercepted all of the craziness that was circling Michael at the time, and took him away from it by getting him out of the country and to the help he might have needed.  I say this because there is a video with Jermaine Jackson on a radio talk show states, “Michael was not with us way before he arrived at the airport.”  Although, he went on to correct himself to “way before he arrived at the hospital”, it is a strange video to watch especially when you view his facial expressions.
       (CLICK HERE to view video of the apparent slip up).

Then there was a claim that Joe Jackson, (father), had left the country and went to Germany three weeks after Michael’s supposed passing.  I find this interesting because there is a video of a coroner van that was identified later as a fraud of someone who looked like Michael Jackson and Conrad Murray coming out of the back that was filmed in Germany.  So is this video actually a fraud or not?  You have to decide for yourself. (CLICK HERE to view video).

Then in an earlier blog entry I talked about 3 coroner vans that have been a part of this story and how their license plate numbers are all in sequential order from each other.  (CLICK HERE to view this video again if you haven’t already from the previous blog entry when I wrote about this).

There is also another thing I have wondered about, and that is does all of the Jackson family members know about this possible intervention, or is it just a few selected members.  Let’s face it, this is one family from what I have been able to ascertain that doesn’t really talk to each other about everything that is going on in the family unit.  They also don’t agree with decisions that are made in the family, as we witnessed during the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert in Wales.  Some of the family members didn’t think there should have been a tribute concert during the Conrad Murray trial, and so because of this they didn’t attend the event.  Also, I believe that if this is an intervention of some sort all family members might not know because some family members actually act as if they are truly grieving the loss of a family member, whereas others do not.  Now I know people grieve in different ways and that it affects people differently, and so how much a person grieves or doesn’t grieve deviates from person to person.

Then there is another thing to note and it has to do with the Conrad Murray trial again.  I found it quite interesting that not all of the Jackson’s attended this trial.  I mean think about it, you never heard about Marlon Jackson being there.  You never heard about Jackie Jackson being there.  Also, there were some in the family that only attended the trial for a few days.  I understand people have lives and that you can’t run down to a court house every single day.  I also understand that Marlon and Janet do not live in California.  I can understand all of that, but think about this for a moment, when the jury went out to deliberate on the verdict don’t you think if this was your family member who had been killed that you would have wanted to be in attendance for that verdict?  Yes, you might not have known how long it would take the jury to make a decision, but you could have sorted out your life enough to pinpoint when you should be there, right?  I mean, after all, the Jackson family was all in attendance for Michael’s 2005” child molestation trial verdict, weren’t they? 

I just found it rather strange that the whole family wasn’t there for the Conrad Murray verdict.  Just some things for you to think about before I tell you my other theory in regards to all of this in Part 3.  So stay tune.

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