Monday, November 28, 2011

Death Hoax or the Ultimate Family Intervention (Part 3 of 3)

In Part 2, I gave you a rundown of what I believed could have been the ultimate family intervention for Michael.  There is, although, another explanation that is also plausible if Michael Jackson is still alive, and that is he is some place in a coma.  This has crossed my mind because when we first heard about Michael Jackson being taken to a hospital on June 25, 2009 many news outlets were reporting that he was in a coma before they finally announced he was dead.  I found a video on that this is discussed in more detail.  (CLICK HERE to view)
This could be a possibility if you think about the Conrad Murray trial and the alleged date and the alleged victim, because if Michael Jackson is in a coma then knowing if he will come out of it or not makes the date of his death and him being a death victim iffy, right?  So this might explain why the court was reading the verdict the way they did.  I know, some of you might be asking right about now why would a court try a case if the victim isn’t dead yet, right?  I thought about that question and then I thought about another video I saw on about a sting operation theory.  (CLICK HERE to view video)

The one think we learned in the Conrad Murray trial is pharmaceutical prescription drugs are killing more people then car accidents, and even the drug pusher on the street.  The so called Dr. Feel Goods are polluting the medical industry, especially where celebrities are concerned.  We are also starting to see how it is affecting our youth.  Many teens are becoming addicted as well as adult from prescription narcotics.  Once the drug pusher on the street was the culprit to fear, but today it’s the medical doctor who doesn’t track his patients enough and the medicines they are taking to know if there is a problem of addiction.  I can almost understand if Michael Jackson were somehow harmed this way by what we know as a Dr. Feel Good (in Conrad Murray), and he was in a coma due to this.  I can see how the District Attorney’s office would want to use Michael Jackson’s celebrity status to draw attention to this very disturbing statistical data in the war on prescription drugs. 

Think about all of this for a moment, Conrad Murray is a rarity in the area of being convicted for giving too much of a pharmaceutical drug to a supposed patient.  We all know there are more doctors just like this out there and that it is time to bring this very serious issue to the forefront, and someone with Michael Jacksons name as many of you know has brought this attention to all of us through this case and the court trial, right? It’s obviously time to put these doctors on notice.  Doctors promise to do no harm, but I am always amazed at how free many doctors are with prescribing a pain narcotic over an antibiotic.  It used to be when you got sick a doctor would instantly prescribe an antibiotic, but then so many people were becoming immune to them, and so now doctors don’t prescribe them unless you are showing signs of a secondary infection.  So why haven’t doctors become that way about pain drugs?  Yes, I admit when you are in pain you need relief, but often times doctors don’t survey the patient enough to really find out if they are truly in pain or just addicted to the pain medicine.  Where do we draw the line here folks, it is the year 2011’ and more people as I stated are dying from these types of drugs, and the state of California with all of its celebrities and such are on the higher percentage of this statistic. 

So I’m sure you can see why the District Attorney’s office in California might have got on board with this kind of sting operation, per say, and using someone with Michael Jackson’s statue to do it, I’m sure it can only help their cause.

Anyway, this is some of my thoughts in relation to whether Michael Jackson is in fact alive.  I’m sure you might have a few of your own.  But, as I stated when I first started writing this blog back in June of 2011’ I was 99% sure Michael Jackson was dead, but now five months later and a ton of research, I am only 50% sure that he might be dead.  The other 50% thinks that he could still be very much alive.

One last thing, remember Michael Jackson said it himself, "Just because it's written, it doesn't make it the Gospel".  So just because it's been reported that Michael Jackson is dead, it doesn't make it so.  (Just some food for thought).

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